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Bobby Lee at the Improv

Saturday night, hubs and I met up with our friends Nicole and Kevin to see Bobby Lee at the Orlando Improv. Bobby Lee is from MadTV and was recently in The Dictator (which I will never see because I can’t stand Sasha Baron Cohen).

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know we saw Bobby Lee last year and he showed me his balls. I couldn’t miss out on the possibility of that happening again, so when hubs heard he was coming back, we had to get tickets.

Hubs and I left pretty early so we could get dinner beforehand. We ate at Adobe Gillas, one of our faves, which is about 50 steps away from the Improv. After we were done, Nicole and Kevin had arrived so we made our way into the Improv and got our seats.

We weren’t really close to the stage this time but we were in the center so we had a good view.

Kevin and Nicole also had a good view. Of something.

(By the way, Nicole has a new blog you should check out. She writes stories of ridiculous things that happen to her. And they’re all true. Which makes them awesome and sad all at once.)

Before the show, I really tried to get some nice pictures of the four of us, but they all came out like this.

So I stopped trying.

There were a few comedians that opened for Bobby. One of them was a girl that is on some show on TBS. (I know, helpful information there.) I can’t remember her name (also helpful) but she was actually pretty funny and I’m not usually a fan of female comedians.

Bobby was hilarious as usual. He got naked as usual. And gave a random man from the audience a lap dance as usual.

Before the lap dance, he asked the audience to give him a stipper name. Nicole shouted “Asian Orange” and Bobby was so impressed with how awesome and clever she was, he used it. 🙂

While still naked, he thanked us all for coming out. It’s more heartfelt when you’re naked.

Bobby is still in my top three favorite comedians that I’ve seen live. If he comes to your town, you need to see him. He’s so hilarious, you’ll either pee your pants or get a good ab workout trying not to.

I think his tour ended this weekend since he’s in some new show on NBC called Animal Practice. I can’t say if the show is good or not. I mean, it has Justin Kirk from Weeds which is awesome but it also has a monkey which is not awesome. <—- not a fan of monkeys

Anyway, after the show, we hung out at the bar at Fat Fish Blue, which is the restaurant attached to the Improv. I’m not even sure what happened there but this is one of my only pictures.

I feel like I missed something good on the ceiling that night.

Once everyone filed out of the show and the next show was seated, the restaurant was pretty empty. We looked up and saw Bobby at the opposite end of the bar talking to a waitress. So of course, we all shouted “Asian Orange!”  And he didn’t even look at us.

So we walked down to the end of the bar and asked him for a picture.

So awesome.

The show was over by 9:30pm and by 10:30pm, I felt like it was already two in the morning. I was done. I chugged a Red Bull before the drive home, we said our goodbyes, and I was in bed by 11:30pm on a Saturday. I think that’s a first for me – even during marathon training. *so old*


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When in Greece

Saturday night, the birthday celebrations continued because my birthday doesn’t stop until I say it stops! Hubs and I met up with a group of our friends at Taverna Opa, a Greek restaurant in Pointe Orlando. Pointe Orlando is a large outdoor shopping/dining area that is super touristy because it’s really close to Universal Studios, but it has a lot of cool places so we try to forget how annoying the parking garage is and go there once in awhile.

From left: Klainie, Chris, Moi, Lisa, Tom (Lisa’s husband making a rare appearance!), Hubs, Michelle, Susan, Elton)

Opa features belly dancers, (extremely) loud music, and a staff that encourages everyone to dance on the tables and waste all the napkins.


Chris really liked the belly dancers.

So did Michelle.

Michelle also liked other things. I can’t take her anywhere.

When we sat down, I couldn’t hear anything including those sitting next to me. The music was so loud that I wasn’t sure I liked the place. I’m not even sure why the waitress bothered to tell us about the menu because no one heard her. So, we winged it and decided that if we were going to be at an authentic Greek restaurant, we should order authentic Greek food.

The table had some pita triangles with hummus that was insanely garlicky but really good. The entrees were also exceptionally delicious, so I think that helped counter the annoyingly loud music.

Hubs had a steak he declared the best steak he’s ever had (!!) and I had the Mousaka (eggplant, ground beef, potatoes, Greek cheese).

For about a half hour, I thought my dish was named after a character in Lion King. Anyway, we tried each others meals like germs didn’t exist and they were all equally delicious. I’d go back again because the food is that good and it’s reasonably priced, but I would sit outside. It’s too crazy inside for my old ass.

Speaking of crazy, someone took it upon themselves to let the server know it was my birthday. Then this happened.

My signature dance move coming up.

You can’t contain that talent.

After we created America’s Saddest Dance Crew, we left for a more quiet place to hang out so I could enjoy getting old and discovering new wrinkles in peace. I was getting a serious headache in there.

And with that, the birthday celebrations were over. After four days of celebrating, I think I’m gonna need that year to recover until the next one.


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