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Cushions for Your Feetsies (It's a Giveaway)

Remember the whole running burnout and future lazy that I talked about awhile back? Yeah, that hasn’t changed. I ran twice in the past 2 days and wasn’t really feeling it:

  • 3.5 miles at the gym on Sunday (9:30 pace maybe but I kept changing it)
  • 4.0 miles last night outside (8:58 pace)

I put a lot of effort into last night’s run. There was a headwind and my legs felt heavy. Of course, it was faster than normal. So, it figures that I’m finally getting a little bit faster and I want to take a break. I’ll probably have to write running an 18 page letter (back and front) to see if it will take responsibility for this burn out when I want to get back together.

I have a race on Saturday that I would actually like to enjoy so I won’t be running again until then. Then my official running break begins. It might be 2 weeks, it might be a month. But chances of me running more than 3 miles a week are slim. I’m ready to love running again and only a break from it will do that.

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping up with weight training, my martial arts fitness class, and spin.

Speaking of running, I forgot to mention that ProFoot sent me some inserts to try out last week.



You’re probably thinking, “my God, not the shoe thing again.” But yeah. Still haven’t found the right pair or the right inserts. So, I put these inserts in my old Mizunos Wave Creation 11s and did one of my speed runs from last week in them.


The only problem I had is that these inserts are for shoe size 6-10. I wear a size 10 in normal shoes, but I buy a half size or size larger in running shoes. So the inserts were a little small for my size 11 Mizunos and my toes hung off the edge just a bit. But, other than that, I didn’t even notice they were there. That’s got to be a sign of a good insert, right? I didn’t get any of the calf pain that I had with the SuperFeet inserts or any new pains. Honestly, I like these inserts better so far but I haven’t used them for longer runs because they aren’t the right fit.

In better news, Profoot sent me an extra pair for one of you to try out. So if your foot is women’s size 6-10 and you would like to win a pair, leave me a comment and let me know. I’ll pick someone with a random number generator Monday. 🙂


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