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The Other Stuff

With all the birthday talk going on, I’ve completely forgotten to talk about all the other meaningless stuff in my life. So let’s do that, shall we?

1. HBO – Got it

I’ve been telling myself for a year that I wasn’t going to watch this season of True Blood because the last one sucked so bad. Plus, Alan Ball (the creator) left and that’s never good news for a show when someone that pivotal leaves (I’m looking at you, Supernatural). Then I contemplated if $17 a month is worth it for the next 3 months and just when I decided it wasn’t, I gave in 5 minutes before the season premiere.

I’m not even sure I liked the season premiere. I officially don’t like Sookie and they’re making Jason a complete p-whipped idiot when he was much more entertaining as just an idiot. But it seems like Tara might get interesting (for once) and as long as Alcide hangs around, there’s something to look at.

I am not a big fan of beards or mustaches, but I am a fan of him. Mmmm…6’5″.  Also, I just found out I am 6 months older than him. So that means I can add him to my future husbands list and it wouldn’t be weird.

In the meantime, I’m getting my monies worth by catching up on season 2 of Game of Thrones.

2. Workouts – Did it

I’ve been eating a lot but I’ve been working out a lot too. On Friday, I did a workout that had me limping by Sunday. I did 150 low squats with 65 lb barbell and then when my trainer saw that was “easy” for me, he added another 50 with 75 lbs. Pretty sure that last 50 was a real bad idea.

On Sunday, I decided to go to spin to “loosen up my legs.” Note to self: spin does not loosen up your legs. Luckily, I felt 60% better yesterday and able to do this workout.

This one is really good cardio and it seemed to go by really fast once I got used to the motions to get to each exercise. Make sure to roll one way into the supermans for the first 25 sets and roll the other way for the second 25. It took me about 25 minutes.

Oh, I’m on Daily Mile now if you wanna be my friend, by the way. I mostly remember to add my workouts after I do them and you’ll definitely see them there before I post them on the blog.

3. Prometheus – Saw it

Alright. I didn’t like it. And I normally love these types of movies. Aliens is in my top 5 favorite movies of all time even though I’m not supposed to be comparing the two because Prometheus technically isn’t part of the Alien franchise.


It started out s.l.o.w and by the time it picked up, it just wasn’t enough for me. Plus, there were so many ridiculous scenes that I just couldn’t get into it. I also did not like the cast and didn’t give a shit if they lived or died. So there were a lot of things working against it for me. With that said, hubs loved it and he’s convinced that if I watch it again, that I will like it more.

4. New email icon – Scored it

Now when you look for my email address on the left sidebar of the blog, you’ll see the most adorable thing ever.

5. Flying roach – Killed it

Hubs and I went out to dinner with my in-laws on Friday. For some reason, the conversation lead to pest control and I mentioned that since we’ve been in our new house (almost 2 years), I’ve never seen a roach.  < — foreshadowing

Enter Sunday. I’m watching True Blood and I see a roach hauling ass on the wall. Hubs tries to swat at it to knock it down so he can get close enough to kill it when it starts flying all over the place. I hate roaches but flying roaches are the things of nightmares. Why would anyone think that wings on those things are a good idea? My God, what next??


It seriously became this 15 minute ordeal of searching for a flashlight and then bug spray. Then we lost him and couldn’t relax until we found him. It was ridiculous. I cannot handle bugs with superpowers.

So that about covers everything else about the weekend. Tonight I plan to test out my new running shoes (yay!) and catch up on Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef. I love me some Gordon Ramsey.



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