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The Post Where I Found a Pig

So, Christmas is over. I never really got into the Christmas spirit this year. No family plus no time off of work plus 80 degree weather equals any other weekend where I binge eat and drink. I had a nice weekend and all, it just didn’t seem like Christmas. I’m already making plans to enjoy next Christmas by eliminating some stress. I hearby declare Christmas 2012 “Year of the Gift Card.” If I buy you a gift, expect one of those. No one is excluded.

By the way, that’s still the same Macaroni Grill gift card that hubs and I tried to use but failed. Is there a rule on re-gifting gift cards that look like they were stuck to the bottom of your shoe all night?

Anyway, yesterday at work, everyone decided to notice that my hair is darker. Two people even told me that they barely recognized me, which is interesting because my hair has been this color for over a month. It’s not like I was seeing these people for the first time or  suddenly wearing a disguise.

Either way, not people you want to be playing Memory with. (Anyone remember that game?)

After work, hubs and I met our trainer for a Crossfit workout.

4 sets of:

  • 50 lunges holding a dumbbell overhead
  • 50 squats holding a PVC pipe overhead
  • 100 jump ropes

That took us about 30 minutes. It was a little easy compared to his other workouts but I didn’t really mind since I was pretty sore from a workout on Monday.

When we got home, I noticed a gigantic stuffed pig sitting on the curb two houses down. No one was around and he was just laying there all sad and alone. Calling for me.

My GOD I’ve never wanted a stuffed pig so bad. Just look at that face. Our neighbors were trying to figure out who’s pig it was and moved him off the curb so people wouldn’t think he was trash. I guess he had been outside all day and now he’s laying on our neighbor’s lawn with no one to love him. And yes, I have decided that pig is a boy. And if he’s there when I get home tonight, expect to see a stuffed pig photo shoot blog post.


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The Rundown

The past week has been super busy and this weekend isn’t any different. I’ve wanted to write about so many things but haven’t had the time, so now you’re going to be the abridged version.

1.  I have been running. I just haven’t been talking about it. Besides the Vegas RnR, I knocked out 3.5 miles at the gym earlier in the week and did 7 super slow miles (over 11:00 minute pace) on my treadmill at home last Sunday. I’ve even fit in some personal training workouts.

2.  I watched Bride Wars during that slow run. I would have ran 8 miles but the movie ended and then…eh. Taking a shower sounded more appealing. Bride Wars was really cute. I loooooove movies about best friends. If you ever need a professional Beaches quoter to follow you around all day or someone to sing you every song from the soundtrack, give me a call because I’m your girl.

By the way, have you ever seen Bette Midler’s daughter, Sophie? They are carbon copies of each other.

3.  Hubs and I went out to see the Muppet Movie. I’ve never been a fan of the muppets. I know, I know. I’m un-American. I did like the Muppet Babies but I was more of a Scooby Doo girl growing up. With that said, it was a really cute movie. I still can’t get into Gonzo or Animal. I mean, who thought those would be cute Muppets? Honestly.

Also, Miss Piggy is annoying. I know that’s her thing and that’s fine, but if I was a muppet, I could not be her friend. She is too high-maintenance. However, she does get points for not caring that she’s taller and weighs considerably more than her boyfriend. I can relate to that.

No Piggy. The frog does.

4.  Our work holiday party happened last weekend.

That dress is a steal for $25 at Target and it comes in navy blue too. You hear that J’s Everyday Fashion? 😉 (I did style my hair even though it looks like a rat’s nest there.)

More important than the dress is the fact that I won $250 at the party because I had a Jack playing card taped underneath my chair. A Jack that I thought was a Joker at first glance and just stood there not claiming my prize while they called for me. Awesome. Eventually I saw hubs frantically waving at me to signal the big boss was calling my card and got with the program.

When I got up to him, I told him I thought it was a Joker and he told me not to go to Vegas. <—– too late   So, I looked like a douche in front of all my co-workers but it was worth it because now I’m richer than them.

If winning $250 isn’t enough, the next best part about my work holiday party is how I strategically befriend all the people that don’t drink. Because then they OFFER you their drink tickets. Don’t mind if I do!

And of course, there were also dessert shots.

Overall, it was a good time. But my work holiday parties are always a good time.

5. One of my co-workers, Tim, made me an awesome robot.

He makes these things out of scraps he finds as a HOBBY. I don’t even have 1/4 of the talent it takes to make something that creative. It blows my mind. I have been admiring all the robots at his desk forever now and he’s always changing them out. Every one he makes is original and he sells them when he has spare time and even has a blog about them. I’m not even a big robot fan but what he makes is so cool. Here are some of the other ones he’s made.

6.  I have another holiday party to attend this weekend, Christmas shopping to get done, and I need to fit a trip to Jacksonville in there somewhere, so it should be interesting. Next week, everyone at work is on vacation except me, which means I get to do all the work. That shouldn’t add to my holiday stress. I’m going to have to figure out a way to get through the week without going bald.


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Six Things

Time for a little bit of random since that’s what I do best. Also, I realize that’s the worst blog post title ever.

1. So, that hair thing. I decided not to go back to my stylist. I know you all said I should but I kinda agree with Verlin – I can’t sit there for another 1.5 hours much less 3.  I’ve been saying I don’t want to go back to her for the past 4 years and I keep doing it for some reason. Basically, I’d rather pay full price to get my hair done somewhere else than have her fix it for free. In the meantime, I re-cut my bangs because the highlights underneath look like crap if they are swept to the side. So until I get off my lazy ass at some point and have my hair redone, it shall look like this.

I don’t love it. I don’t hate it. However, I do look like I should be meeting up with the gang at the Peach Pit after school.

2.  I put up the Christmas tree over the weekend. It’s one of those pre-lit trees and this year hubs decided that because it has lights, it doesn’t need decorations. How do men come up with this stuff? Last time I checked, Christmas trees have both, but he purposefully left the ornaments in the attic when he got all the decorations down. Luckily, I found a few in our big box of decorations, so now our tree has about 10 ornaments on it and looks like I gave up decorating half way through.

3.  I did a little Christmas shopping this weekend. Things aren’t looking so hot for my friends and family but Christmas is looking up for me because I ended up buying 3 things for myself.

I haven’t seen any of those but I want to and they were all cheaper than a rental. Now, hopefully season 7 of Weeds will stay on Showtime On Demand long enough for me to get through Season 6.

4. Last night I ran 6 gun-free miles in 57 minutes. They felt pretty good even though I was casing old ladies and children the whole time to see if they were packing heat.

5. I found what I want for Christmas. It’s this bra from Victoria’s Secret. I hope it’s not too much.

6.  I’m pretty sure I could have written this season of Dexter since I guessed Sunday’s plot twist on the blog’s Facebook page after the second episode. I never see anything coming when it comes to plot twists, so the fact that I guessed this one makes me think some writers should be fired.

So anyone who saw that prediction or anyone who sent me scolding text messages at the end of the episode (Kim!)  – sorry about that. I swear I’m never right about this stuff!

Are you good at predicting plot twists? (I suck at it. Although, the hubs is good. He ruined Inception for me by predicting the end in the first 10 minutes.)


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Saturday Seven

1. On Wednesday, I went out for an easy run that turned into a speed run. I did 5 miles at a 9:39 average pace. I ran 2 miles and then stopped at a water fountain in the park. Then I got the bright idea to run as fast as I could (when there’s not someone chasing me with a knife) to the next water fountain, get a drink, take a minute or two walk, and then repeat. So my run ended up looking like this:

  • Mile 1: 9:54
  • Mile 2: 9:37
  • Mile 3: 9:31
  • Mile 4: 9:16
  • Mile 5: 9:07

That’s pretty fast for my slow ass. And it wasn’t even on a treadmill. <—-progress

2. I went to see Breaking Dawn yesterday. I’m gonna stop talking about things I’m looking forward to on the blog because they turn out shitty. First my marathon, then Breaking Dawn. From now on, I’m only talking about Carrot Top and Yanni.

So, yeah, I thought Breaking Dawn was the worst movie in the series so far. I was pretty disappointed because it was my favorite book of the four. Also, I thought Eclipse was the worst book and it was my favorite of the movies.

There were things about Breaking Dawn that I liked but a lot of things I didn’t.

*Spoilers in the next paragraph if you haven’t read the books*

The first half of the movie was pretty boring. The wedding was drawn out and they downplayed Bella’s injuries big time after the first honeymoon night, probably for the pg-13 rating. There was a scene with the wolf pack talking that was just ridiculous and I swear it didn’t seem that lame in the book. I did like how they handled Bella’s transformation, but they downplayed the pain she went through. I just think they could have shown more with the transformation and nixed some of the wedding stuff including a dream sequence that wasn’t even necessary.

I’m hoping Part 2 will be awesome. And now I’ve become one of those annoying people that complain the movie isn’t as good as the book and get all snobby about it.

3. I noticed on the last post a lot of you are big Hunger Games fans too. 🙂 Has anyone seen Battle Royale?

It was made in 2000 and is basically the Japanese (i.e. subtitles), bloody version of Hunger Games. The movie is really good (except the very end kinda sucks).

4. I met my group for a 14 mile run this morning that turned into a 10 mile run (10:19 pace). Brad and I were killing it pace-wise and then my knee started hurting at mile 7.5. That would be the same pain I had during the marathon and it started during the same mile. Awesome. I made it to mile 10 and backed out of the last four. When I got home, I iced my knee for a half hour. Incidentally, my shoulder didn’t hurt at all, which is the one thing that’s been hurting all week. WTF body?

5. I went for my second laser hair removal appointment today. I asked all sorts of questions like why they don’t use numbing cream and where babies come from. The technician told me that other clients said they feel no difference when using the cream so she doesn’t use it (hmm). She said I could use it next time if I wanted to come in 45 minutes earlier than the appointment time. Since it takes about 12 seconds to do each underarm, and women all over the world are giving birth without drugs, I figured I could handle 12 seconds of the death laser.

They didn’t even ask for a tip this time! And the lady that does the lasering complimented my hair again. Really, all you need to do is compliment me to make me forget why I was mad to begin with. Nicely done, laser lady. Nicely done.

6. I hate coffee and my best friend made me drink a Starbuck’s coffee yesterday. Ok, so it wasn’t called coffee. It was a Peppermint Mocha Frapucchino Light. It was free. And it was magnificent. I do not need Starbucks to be my new money vacuum.

7. In my quest to try every vodka flavor in existence, I bought this today.

I have no idea what to do with it, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out. There was also “Gummy” flavor. I couldn’t think of anything to mix with it so I didn’t buy it, but now I need it.  *cough*Christmas present*cough*

What would you mix with Marshmallow vodka?

What’s your favorite Twilight movies in order of most to least favorite? I vote Eclipse, Twilight, New Moon, Breaking Dawn.


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Things That Make You Go Hmm

 1. Kirk Cameron’s birthday picture.

Ok, I know this picture is a few weeks old, but bagel Friday at my work is more exciting. At least his friends sprung for the foot longs, but I really think Mike Seaver deserves more. Like a Chick-Fil-A platter.

2.  My fish hated the new, large, awesome aquarium I bought for him. He basically freaked out all the time and stopped eating. I gave him two weeks to get used to it. And really, how long is a fish’s memory anyway? He couldn’t possibly remember his old, small, crappy bowl. So, I returned the aquarium (the filter didn’t work well anyway) and put him back in his NYC apartment of a fish bowl. Now he’s eating and being his usual lazy non-swimming self. See if I try to make a fish happy again.

3.  I went out Friday night to celebrate my best friend’s birthday. I ordered a beer and a bottle of water and got an actual glass bottle of water.

Who orders this stuff? I felt like I was destroying the Earth even accepting it. But then I quickly forgot that the bottle wasn’t plastic, drank every drop, and then threw the bottle at a baby seal.

4. This dress on Rosanna Arquette. (When did she start looking like that?)



Thanks to Carol for sending this one. Does she know my personal style or what? I’m thinking Christmas party.

5.  I had a new garbage disposal installed on Friday. The guy installing it asked me what I thought about the economy and then preceded to tell me how much he hates Obama and how he thinks we need to “go back to the Constitution.” He made sure I understood that “back to the Constitution” meant when women and non-business owners couldn’t vote. WTF plumber?


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On My Mind

My mind is all over the place this week. I’m trying to make lists of what I need to take to Savannah and figure out what I need to get done at the house before I leave on Thursday. We were also asked to put in extra hours this month at work which doesn’t help me get things done. It’s nerve wracking because I always think of 80 things to do at the last minute and get super stressed out. So with that, I give you the random things on my mind today.

1. Holyshitmymarathonisin4days.

2. DVR cut #3 is in.

Ok, to be fair I haven’t watched the second episode yet (and I will), but the show is a little too cheesy for me. The commercial made it look like a more tame Game of Thrones and instead it’s just silly. Also, I thought Ginnifer Goodwin was exceptionally horrible in the first episode which was disappointing because I like her. I’ve heard from several friends that Grimm is much better. Has anyone seen that one yet? I’m thinking of giving it a shot.

3. Max finally made it into his new house.

I need to get him some type of plant to do fishy things with since it’s so empty. But seriously, that’s pretty sweet digs for a stupid fish that doesn’t even like to swim. When I put him in the tank, he was swimming all over the place freaking out. Hubs thinks he’s on the verge of fishicide. I just think he looks really worried.

4. I dressed up as Buffy the Vampire Slayer at work yesterday for Halloween.

(That picture is from the last time I wore the costume. Picture edited to protect identities of the innocent.)

One guy asked me if I had my hair done (it’s a wig) and another guy asked where my costume was. I told him I was wearing it and then he asked if I was dressed up as a Technical Writer. Awesome. So at least 2 people think I look like that on a regular basis. At least I won a $25 gift card for guessing the amount of candy in a jar. I have Rainman-like abilities when it comes to candy.

I was the last person to make a guess, so that had to suck for other people. When I was on the cruise to the Bahamas, I was the last person that entered to win the spa treatment too. So let this be a lesson to you all. If I enter a contest last, I’m going to win.

5. I’ve had several of your comments go to spam lately, so if they’re not showing up, that’s why. I always forget to check my spam folder. I’ll try to be better about it!

6. My marathon playlist is coming together. I keep making changes because a song that sounds good now doesn’t mean it will sound good when I want to start listening at mile 16. Here’s what I have so far, but I’m sure it will change again.

7. I haven’t had any pop for SEVEN days. Ok, that’s not totally true. I had 3 alcoholic drinks that had Diet Coke in it and I had half a Diet Coke at the movies. But usually I have 3 cans a day on top of that. So by that standard, it’s a vast improvement. By the way, when you’re from Chicago, you call it pop. Not because you’re from the 50’s.

8. I came back from lunch today and saw this guy on the street.

I could have sworn he was planking, which is why I busted out the camera. Nope. He was strapped to that sign and the wind blew him over. He had to call someone to come out and lift him back up, sign and all. It was hilarious.

9. My favorite spam comment of the day.

Thank you. That is my goal. To make everyone happy right after a Schindler’s List viewing.


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The Post with no Purpose

I wish I could say this post has a theme, but it doesn’t. You’ve been warned. How about I number everything so it seems like it has some type of purpose?

1.  I almost never go to Ulta. Mainly because I’m not that girly and I just don’t care to be in a store full of makeup when I only buy items as I run out of them. Then I step into Ulta to buy one item and realize I really am that girly and could probably spend a couple hours there. Dammit. I went in for glitter liquid eyeliner from Urban Decay (which was out of stock) and came out with 3 things I didn’t need instead.


That’s 3 items. And it was $100. Kill me.

2.  The all nighter make-up setting spray instantly made me think of The Allnighter starring Susanna Hoffs from The Bangles. I mean, who doesn’t think of this movie? Oh. Everyone?

3.  Someone found my blog today by searching, “Why is Christian Slater so awkward?”  My friend, you have found the wrong place. I am going to pretend by “awkward” you meant “awesome” and “still hot after 20 years.”


4.  I found cake flavored vodka…and then bought it. This might be the best invention since cotton candy flavored vodka. I swear you can put the word cake on anything and I’ll buy it. I don’t even know what to do with it yet.


What would you mix with it?

5.  I’m totally slacking on the Summer Photo Challenge for this week. The picture is supposed to be “splash.” That sounds hard. So, I didn’t do it. Unless this can count as an original photo:

6.  My best friend is living up to her title in a big way. She bought me these and they are magnificent. Magnificent!

7.  My recovery from the 18 miles on Saturday is going well. It caused some pain in my left shin that is almost gone today. I need to get off my butt and buy some new shoes since mine have close to 600 miles on them. It’s a good thing I don’t have kids because I would do the same thing to them. Even though they wear out and outgrow their old clothes, I’d try to fit them in those clothes like they are little sausages until their shins hurt.

8.  My bunny does this cute thing when you start petting her while she’s playing in her box. She crouches down really low and shoves her face in the corner. She won’t move until you’re done petting her and even then she waits a little bit to see if you’re really done.

9.  I got to see my second mom (also known as Lisa’s mom) over the weekend. I probably spent more time at Lisa’s house than my own growing up and our moms had a system where one would pick us up and one would drop us off whereever we wanted to go. However, Lisa’s mom always made one of us rub her back before she took us anywhere. So cruel. I fully plan on doing that to Lisa’s kids.

I like to call that picture, the human butterfly.

10.  Last night, I had a dream that I was one of the new stars of Two and a Half Men and that they killed off Charlie Sheen’s character through a skydiving accident. I jumped out of the plane with him (I do real stunt work in my dreams) and felt bad that Charlie didn’t have a parachute, but I didn’t help him out because it wasn’t in the script.

11.  I went to a few new places on Saturday night. First we hit up Luma on Park Ave. It’s an upscale bar and restaurant. I took a bunch of pictures of the place but they came out dark. So instead, check me out coordinating my drinks to my outfit.

12.  We also went to Drake’s Boathouse on Fairbanks. This place was half restaurant/half bar and the areas were sectioned off from each other. The bar area looked very gothic and “churchy” inside and they had a live band that played a lot of cool cover songs. 


The place was a LOT of fun. My pictures of the place came out pretty dark there too. 😦 Instead, here’s a picture where I look like I’m wearing no pants.

 Lisa’s husband, Tom, was with us but I think we were too busy making him take pictures of us to get many pictures of him. Photo fail.

13.  Speaking of Lisa, she has lost more than 30lbs since she started Weight Watchers in January. Let’s oogle her progress:

She looks fab, no? The best part about her weight loss is there’s something in it for me. And really, that’s the only reason for anyone to lose weight. For it to benefit me. Forget health. I get her fat clothes!

Thanks for the cute top, Lisa!

14.  Also, in case anyone was wondering, Hubs sent an email to our personal trainer and kinda worked things out. Hubs told him basically what I wrote in this post and he wrote back saying that he was sorry and he can see how it would seem that way and he’d like to work out a schedule. Hubs even worked out with him on Saturday morning. However, I’ve sent him a schedule three times and still haven’t heard from him. Which still annoys me because I hold grudges forever. By the way, being a grudge holder is super annoying. So if you are not one of those people, consider yourself lucky. It is no fun.


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Doing Nothing is Hard

This weekend was tiring and I’m not even sure I did that much. Yesterday, Morgan, Don, and the hubs went to Cocoa Beach for the day. I decided to stay home and be lazy. I did close to nothing and I’m still tired. Interesting how that works.

I hung out by the pool with my Nook.

Bring the eyes up, folks. Nothing to see there.

At the pool, I started reading Bossypants by Tina Fey.

I’ve only read about 30 pages so far, but I have to say I’m not that into it. While I love Tina Fey and think she’s hilarious, I don’t really care about her “yellow” versus brunette hair rant or who she hung out with at summer camp when she was 12. I’ll give it one more chance, but so far it’s just not engrossing enough for my ADD.

Reading for a half hour by the pool took a lot out of me, so I immediately took a nap afterwards. When I got up, I ran 4 miles on the treadmill at a 10:00 pace just so I can say I did something other than drink beer and shove food in my mouth all weekend.

After my run, everyone was home from the beach. So we all met up with our friend Carolyn for dinner at Fuji Yama Sushi where I resumed shoving food in my mouth.

When I was about to pay the bill because I am a sugar mama, I realized I left my debit card at Stigma the night before. So we had to drive downtown to get it. 😦 I blame the big, delicious beer.

This morning a guy at work that I don’t know told me I look very “Bohemian.” When I had no response, he told me that was a good thing. I think I made him uncomfortable because he then told me about a movie he saw over the weekend. It was about some kid that could only understand people through music and the dad had to learn to talk to his son in his own “music” language. I thought this was going to relate to Bohemians at some point, but it didn’t. He just told me the movie was good and walked away. Now I can’t get “What I Am” from Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians out of my head.

And because this post doesn’t have nearly enough pictures of me, this is for you, Angie. Bohemian?

Oh, and someone special has a birthday today. This little girl!

We got that sweet thing on September 24th two years ago when she was 8 weeks old, so I designated August 1 as her birthday since we don’t know the actual date. Happy Birthday Pants!

For her birthday next year, she’s really hoping to have three chins. She was only able to manage two this year.


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Things That Happened This Weekend

Besides the wild party Friday night, the body fat percentage win on Saturday, and the great run Sunday morning, here are the things that happened this weekend.

Hubs and I liked Red Star Tavern so much the first time, we went again and took some friends. Food happened.

The most amazing Greek Chicken Sandwich happened (topped with spinach, tomato, goat cheese, tzatziki, black olives, cucumber, and puppy souls). Also, eating that sandwich so fast I forgot to take a picture until it looked like a huge steaming pile happened:

At Gators, my first salad with fruit on top happened.

Note #1: Normally, I hate fruit on salads but today I was feeling saucy. Or fruity, I guess.
Note #2: Raisins and Craisins are not fruit. They are “happiness beans.”

Finding the one thing I will leave my husband for happened:

Try it. You won’t want your husband anymore either. Anyone know where I can find that stuff so I can make it legal? (Oh, and don’t say Trader Joes because we don’t have one here.)

Cake Batter frozen yogurt with Oreos, brownie bites, and cheesecake bites happened. Twice.

Movie watching happened:

Movie ratings at their finest, right there. I think they should do that with all movie posters so we know what were getting into. Oh, and there totally were strings attached.

Reading happened:

Bangs happened:

Asking my husband to take a picture of me happened:

I like how I look like I’m either being drawn into the light or probed.
The third one is the “probed” one. I’m all smiles for that.

Do you like fruit on salads? (I’ll admit, I ate most of the Mandarin oranges seperate from the salad (and dipped them in the hub’s apple vinaigrette). I’m still not used to salads being sweet.)


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Well, THAT was Awkward

I’m no expert on massages. I mean, I’ve had three in my whole life, including the one I got today. But I’m pretty sure I was violated in some way. I knew something was awry once my bestie and I met our masseuses. (I have never typed masseuses before. Masseuses!) She got the normal looking female. I got the short Portuguese dude with the thick accent.


We arrived at The Spa for our 11:30 appointment. The Spa is located downtown on Orange Avenue.

We were ready to get our relax on.

We were quickly greeted at the door, filled out some paperwork, and taken on a tour of the facility. The tour lasted two minutes. They showed us the waiting room – which we had already been sitting in – the pedicure area, and the rooms where massages are given.

NOTE: They did not open the doors to the massage rooms. They just showed us the closed doors.

Lisa went into her room for her normal massage from the normal female masseuse and Jose (pronounced “JOE-ZAY” for cryin’ out loud) and I went into our room.

This was the room. That silver thing might be a crock pot.

First, JOE-ZAY explained how he does massages, while touching my body parts as he was describing them. Ok. That’s a little weird that he just rubbed my calf, grabbed my thigh, and patted me on my abs but I’ll go with it.

Then he was sad to see that I don’t like scalp massages on my paperwork because that’s “his favorite.” He asked me if I was sure I didn’t want to try one of his scalp massages.

I’m sure. I’m very sure.

After the explanation, he left the room. I got undressed and layed on the table under the sheet. The massage started out normal enough. He put his hands on my neck, took a very long deep breath, exhaled, and did some chant under his breath.

Did Lisa get a chant?  No.

After that, he started the massage – with my ears. I mean, he really got in there. It made me self-conscious that my ears weren’t clean enough. Note to self: I do not like ear massages.

He kept telling me to relax, which all three masseuses I’ve been to have told me. I don’t relax easily. Then he said…

After I flipped over and he was massaging my IT Band, he actually moved my underwear over so I had a cheek showing.

Did Lisa have her underwear moved over? No.

At the end of the massage, there was some weird sinus clearing thing he did on my face and then he started thumping on my forehead with his fingers for like, 15 seconds. Is that even normal? I felt like Joey on Friends.

After the thumping, there was another deep inhale, exhale, and chant. He let me know he spent his 15 minute break on me and that I got “extra time.” Awesome.

The massage was mostly painful because I have a lot of knots in my muscles, but I will say that my IT Band feels better already. I think a couple days of rest and foam rolling is due.

And a cold shower.


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