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Garmin 405 Review

I’ve had my Garmin for over six months now and feel like it’s a good time to do a review. I have the green Garmin Forerunner 405. I bought it off of BodyTronics.com for $194.00 (I think) although, it’s a few dollars cheaper now. (I do not have the heart rate monitor.)

This post was updated on 4/19/11.

The Good:

  • This has been an awesome replacement for what I was using – a Nike ID and iPod. I also used the free Runkeeper app on my Droid (which I liked, but carrying my phone all the time was a hassel).
  • It’s smaller than most GPS watches.
  • Personally, I like that it’s green. There isn’t much variety when it comes to color I’ve noticed, so this one caught my eye.
  • It’s accurate. I’ve run with this and other GPS trackers and it seems like this one is the closest to measuring the actual distance.
  • It’s super easy to upload your runs to your computer where you can view your pace per lap, average pace, map of your run, and more.

The Bad:

    • You can change the display to track 1, 2, or 3 items such as distance, time, pace, etc. The screencap below has three items tracked – the time, pace, and distance. The size of the time is great, but it’s difficult to take a quick glance and see your other stats.
  • The bezel (the silver ring around the watch) is what you use to scroll through menu options. I’ve had a problem with it since the beginning. It’s really hard to get the bezel to go to the menu option I want. I have a hard time viewing my laps because I can’t get to the next one.
  • Loose clothing can change the screen if you don’t have the bezel locked. I’ve had difficulty getting back to the main screen during a run and have had to forfeit looking at my pace. 
  • Keeping the bezel locked is a good way to prevent the screen from changing, however the back light cannot be turned on if the bezel is locked. Not a problem unless you do a lot of nighttime running like me.
  • I wear the watch on the underside of my wrist because the watch aggravates my wrist bone if I don’t.
  • If you sweat heavily (which I often do), the bezel isn’t as reactive. I’ve had a lot of problems with this lately on my runs now that the weather is getting more hot and humid.

Overall, if you are looking to buy a Garmin, I would say definitely do it. But I would suggest getting the Forerunner 305 instead. It’s bigger, it’s uglier, but it’s more user friendly. And it costs about half the price. Most importantly…no bezel. The function buttons are on the side.


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