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By the Numbers

*This post was deleted somehow today (8/31). I was able to restore the post but unfortunately lost all of your comments. 😦 *

It’s a random one today.

1. I had a great run last night. I think there’s something to knowing that I’m going to the gym and will only be there for 35 minutes, because shorter workouts are really doing it for me lately. The run wasn’t anything special, just three miles, but it felt awesome and ended up being the tiniest progression run in the world.

It’s possible only I find that funny. Tiniest violin? Anything? Fine, here was the run.

  • 1 @ 10:00 (.05 incline)
  • 1 @ 9:40 (.05 incline)
  • 1 @ 9:22 (1% incline)

That extra .05% incline in the last mile was unusually hard. Am I just a big baby? Because you wouldn’t think half of a percentage would make that much of a difference. I need to gradually increase my incline anyway so I figured I would do it during my easy runs to make them a little more challenging.

2. Our dryer stopped working last weekend. Well, it spins but it doesn’t heat up, so now our entire house is being used as a ghetto clothesline.

I made a service appointment at Sears online a few days ago and the confirmation page said that someone would be calling to confirm the appointment. Well, they are supposed to arrive today and I haven’t heard from them. So I called and spoke to someone named Caramel and the extremely helpful conversation went like this:

Caramel: Thank you for calling Sears, this is Caramel.

Me: Hi there. I made a service appointment online but never received a confirmation call, so I was just calling to confirm someone would be coming out today.

Caramel: *silence*

Me: Hello?

Caramel: Yes.

Me: Can you hear me?

Caramel: What is your number?

Me: *gives her number*


Caramel: For your dryer?

Me: Yes.

Caramel: Yes

*Silence for a good 20 seconds*

Me: So you have my appointment and I’m good to go and should expect someone today?

Caramel: Yes.

Is it too much to ask for…more words? That’s all I want. Just a few more words so that wasn’t the most awkward conversation ever. And honestly, if your name is Caramel, people expect more of you. That’s just how it is.

3. Hubs and I had a double date with the in-laws this weekend. We went to dinner at Ale House (one of my favorite chains in Florida) and then went to see Premium Rush, along with the other 10 people in America.

Alright, so it bombed at the box office but we all liked it. It was good fun. I’m not saying you need to (premium -ha?) rush out to the theatre to see it, but if you’re looking for something to do on a Friday night when it’s on video, pour yourself a frosty beverage and check it out. Plus, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is adorable so even if you hate it, you’ve got that.

4. Speaking of Friday nights at home and nothing to do, hubs and I found this movie On-Demand, watched the trailer, and decided we had to see it. The trailer gave us chills.

The movie was really good. It’s not gory and it’s not really scary but it makes you feel so tense the entire time because you know something is going to happen. It was filmed as if it was shot with one camera in one take, so that makes it even creepier when you can hear things happening in other rooms but can’t see them. Plus, I think the camera work was really well done and that’s not something I normally notice in a movie. So, if you like thrillers, check this one out.

It stars Elizabeth Olsen (the Olsen twins’ younger sister), who I’ve never seen before but I thought she was really good. Also, I’m pretty sure she is what the Olsen twins would look like if they were remotely attractive. Or at least brushed their hair and stopped looking like hobos. Elizabeth definitely got the looks in the family.

I guess Elizabeth just didn’t get all the money. Maybe that’s why the twins are the multi-millionaires? It’s like karma evening things out.

5. I don’t have a number five for you but I can’t just leave it at four because that feels wrong. So, here’s a picture of Pants that I took today.

Remember when hubs and I got that video of Pants growling? Well, I’m working on getting another video of her latest adorable thing. We had a jacket on the floor (that was going to Goodwill) and when she was playing one day, she jumped on it and tried to smooth out all the lumps with her paws to make it flat. It was so damn cute. Of course the jacket never made it to Goodwill and is still on the floor because we want to see her do it all the time, but it never happens when we have the camera ready. What a sneaky minx. I’ll keep trying.

Hopefully I can get more adorable Pants videos and then I can go viral just like this girl.


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