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The Post Where I Give You the Gift of Time

Awhile ago, Julie posted a link to a video on how to make a sock bun. I tried it but my hair looked like crap and I really couldn’t get it to work, but I remember reading a comment from one of her readers that if you leave a sock bun in your hair overnight, you’ll have pretty waves in the morning.

Queue me being sick of my straight hair but not enough to actually wake up even earlier to curl it, so I decided to give the sock bun test a go last night.

Trust me when I say, this is a terrible sock bun. For one, you’re not supposed to see the sock. Also, I didn’t use the elastic at the base like in the video because those put weird dents in my hair so it was falling out all over the place. Then I had to use eight large bobby pins to get it to stay in place.

And holy crap, is my hair really that red?

Every time I decide to grow out my natural color, I end up hating it because I feel like red doesn’t match anything except black or green. Of course, I love red hair on everyone else so I don’t get it.

So anyway, when I woke up, I took the bun out and did nothing else to it. No brushing, no scrunching, no nothing.

Yeah. Easiest hair style ever.

So thank you random PBFingers commenter. You have just made my mornings so much better. I will be sleeping in from now on.


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