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I Didn't Do It

In case you were wondering, I didn’t run the race yesterday.

Almost all of you said I should run it and I really tried to talk myself into it, but I just didn’t feel physically able to run.

When it comes down to it, my health is more important to me than running and I definitely do not regret skipping it. There are other races in the sea. (Like my next half this weekend.)

I am still super sick today. I went from a hacking cough/fatigue to a full blown head cold with sniffles, so I  can’t imagine how I’d feel if I actually ran 13 miles.

I am exactly like Cameron when I’m sick. I think it’s the end of the world, I make whiney noises, and I give people puppy dog eyes until they feel sorry for me and give me treats. I probably shouldn’t be at work today.

Just before I got super sick on Friday, I went to see Breaking Dawn 2.

For me, it’s tied with Eclipse as the best movie in the series. I wasn’t expecting much since I hated Breaking Dawn 1 and New Moon, so I’m glad at least it ended on a high point. Plus, they finally gave RPattz a normal haircut in this one, so once you get rid of all the pasty white that is Edward, he looked pretty good.

Also, if I wasn’t sick, I wouldn’t have been able to discover this show on TBS.

That airs at 10:00pm on Saturday night, also known as the time no one watches TV unless you’re on your death bed and can’t sleep. It stars Brian Austin Green. (This picture hurts my eyes.)

And Michael from Lost.

Weird cast but it actually wasn’t that bad. That could also be the sickness talking. Probably the sickness.

Being sick also allowed me to finish season 4 of Sons of Anarchy. Oh yeah. Don’t think I’m done talking about that show anytime soon. Season 4 is important for many reasons.

Jax cuts his hair and looks hotter.

Tara gets bangs, becomes slightly less annoying, and we find out that she does in fact own teeth.

Whoa, tame that smile girl.

I loved season 4. Now I’m gonna have to find season 5 somewhere because this girl does not wait for Netflix.


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To DNS or not to DNS

That’s “Did Not Start” for you non-runners, or for those of you who would run a race no matter what.

I’ve been really sick since yesterday. It started with a nasty cough and now I feel super run down and fatigued. I’ve probably slept 70% of today. The thing is, I have a (potential PR) race tomorrow morning and I can’t decide if I should run it quasi-sick or just take the hit on the race entry fee.

I know what the smart thing to do is, but I’m not always smart. It kills me to not run it. I’ve been waiting for this race for months and the weather will be perfect (<— so rare for Florida). But sitting on the couch isn’t even comfortable, I’m not sure how running 13 miles will be.

I guess I’ll see how I feel in the morning. What would you do?


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The Weekend I Sort of Remember

First, a couple questions I received from my last post:

This little birdie asked if there are breaks between sets in the Crossfit workout.

  • No. Do that workout for time and it should take you 30-60 minutes depending on your fitness level (I think it took me 40-45 min). Crossfit workouts are shorter and more intense without breaks.

This girl said that she tried the progressive pushups and they are still a little too hard for her.

  • You can make them easier. Even if you lower yourself to the ground and lay flat on the ground before you push yourself back up on your knees, you are still using the proper muscles to lower yourself. They’ll get stronger eventually, so don’t feel bad if you have to take a few seconds rest at the bottom. Those muscles will get stronger and you won’t have to rest like that after some practice.


Ok, now onto other stuff. I’m not sure what happened this weekend. It went fast so I guess it was good? Here are a couple highlights I can remember. If you follow me on any other social media besides this blog, you’ve probably already seen these pictures. So, sorry. But it’s Monday and I can’t be expected to be original all the time.

Thursday night
(I know, not technically the weekend. But there was whiskey involved so I’m counting it.)

Hubs and I went to see Knife Party in concert downtown. They’re a techno band created by some of the dudes from Pendulum. If you’ve never heard of them, you are not alone. I just discovered them when my spin instructor played one of their songs in class a few weeks ago.

They were good but toward the end of the show, they were playing a lot of other people’s music. If I want to hear Skrillex, I will go see Skrillex thank you very much.

Friday night

I don’t even remember Friday. So here’s a picture of a bunny.


Saturday day

Hubs and I went to see Snow White.

Say whaaa? How freaking awesome is that poster? Man, I love a good poster design.

We both really liked it. Is it just me or does Chris Hemsworth carry an axe in all his movies? Hubs thinks he is the love child of Russell Crowe and scruffy Brad Pitt. Anyway, the special effects were amazing and Charlize was an awesome wicked queen. I even loved KStew contrary to the rest of the world. So all you haters can suck it.

Saturday night – 9:00 pm – 1:00 am

Hubs and I made last minute plans with my bestie to go to Ale House for a few drinks. We sat inside for awhile and then sat on the patio later on. I seem to remember hubs doing a taekwondo sidekick to the wall to kill a roach because I freaked out about it. I cannot handle roaches. After some good conversation, we went home. On the way back, hubs was mad I didn’t order a dessert and vowed dessert revenge. I think you can guess how the night went when we got home.

Saturday night – 2:00 am

Found another food I can never have in the house again. Don’t get these unless you want to eat the whole package at once and sit in a puddle of your tears afterwards.


I worked most of the day and did chores when I wasn’t working. I did go to a spin class in the morning. Do you ever have people ask you if you’re ok after a workout because you’re so red? I do.

Still trying to decide if I should post that picture. If you come back later and it’s gone, you’ll know why.


I registered for a half marathon! 🙂

Then I noticed their sponsor which pretty much seals the deal that this is the best race of all time.

It’s one of the few races in my area that I haven’t run yet and I’m kinda psyched about it. My running compadre can’t run this one with me so I’ll be all alone out there. Anyone wanna keep me company?




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