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Sushi Pop

Last night, the Hubs and I went out to dinner with our friends K and Steve to Sushi Pop in Oviedo.

Sushi Pop is an ultra modern anime-themed sushi restaurant and comes extremely recommended from Hubs, Steve, and K, so I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The interior is small but adorable.

There are at least 4 televisions playing anime movies.

And all the servers dress up in an anime or Harajuku theme.

I want that backpack.

K and I were wondering how it’s possible something this cool exists in Oviedo…and next to a driving range.

The hostess had a purple wig on that we loved. You can see her walking by behind K and I.

Sushi Pop only serves beer, wine, and saki. But they do have sakitinis. I tried the Kiwi Sakitini.

It was good, but not great. K tried the Chocolate Truffle Sakitini, which was awesome. It tasted like Yoo Hoo. Yum!

I like the pink noire Veronica Mars look of the pictures from the partition we were sitting next to. I might need to come back here and solve a mystery. And make out with Logan. Wait? What are we talking about?

For dinner, Hubs and I started off with the Edamame.

They didn’t give you too much, which I liked, and you could choose whether you wanted sea salt, truffle salt, sautéed garlic, or sautéed shichimi pepper and garlic on the Edamame. (I went with sea salt.)

For dinner, I chose the Oviedo Chicken roll (tempura chicken, Japanese mayo and avocado drizzled with honey mustard), the Yee-Haw! roll (seared wagyu beef with avocado, toasted peanuts, chives and peanut hoisin sauce), and K and I split the Volcano roll (crab with spicy mayo baked on top of a cucumber and asparagus roll).

Hubs had the Bananarama roll (eel, tempura flakes, lump crab and avocado, topped with sliced bananas, honey and toasted sesame seeds) and the Two Kings roll (can’t remember what was in it, but it had salmon on top).

No pics of the Hub’s rolls, sorry. How about an aerial view of my food instead?!

I’m gonna be honest here. I tried 5 different rolls, and I didn’t care for any of them. I thought they were boring and lacked flavor. Even the Volcano Roll – which is my go-to roll at any sushi restaurant – disappointed. The baked seafood on top was crunchy in areas which was off-putting.

Everyone else loved what they ordered.

For dessert, we had the P.M.S.

Again, I didn’t care for it. The molten chocolate cake was dry and lacked flavor. Now that I look at the picture, the chocolate looks like a skid mark and I’m not sure I’m crazy about that look in my food. However, I thought the salted caramel ice cream rocked. It was very different and delicious.

In a weird turn of events, Hubs hated the ice cream and liked the cake, so at least that worked out for us since we were sharing.

Steve had the ice cream sampler, which I thought had a cute presentation.

Steve special ordered the candied bacon on top of the ice cream. *shudder*

The checks look like little gift cards. Well, the worst gift cards ever because you owe money when you open those. 🙂

Overall, I thought the atmosphere was great. Because I am the only person out of four that didn’t want to rub the food all over my body like I just discovered land, I’m going to say to try this place out if you live in the area.

Steve and K have been there numerous times and are never disappointed. Our trip was the second for the Hubs and he loved it both times too. Personally, I wouldn’t go back by choice, but I would give it another chance if my friends or the Hubs really wanted to go. Maybe I’ll reevaluate then. Smile

Do you like sushi? (I love it, but won’t eat anything raw after a spicy tuna roll/food poisoning incident that scared me off.)

Logan or Duncan? 🙂


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