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The End of Fun

I am exhausted this week. Not only did I have a really busy weekend starting with a girl’s night on Friday, a trip to Tampa on Saturday, a half marathon and then a trip back to Orlando to see Pink in concert on Sunday – we also had tickets to see Muse on Monday.




It’s crazy to think that was all set up for Pink the night before.

I’ve seen Muse twice now and they sound amazing live, but as cool as that stage set-up is, I think it was better last time. Still a great show, though. I got pretty wild during the show and had two whole bottles of water and a soft pretzel. You can’t stop the fun machine that is Paula! I don’t even know how I survived it, honestly. I was wiped out. When we finally got home, I was so tired that I couldn’t sleep. I ended up with 3 1/2 restless hours that night before I had to get up for work.

When I got home from work Tuesday night, I ended up taking a three hour nap. I’m not even sure if that’s considered a nap once you hit the three hour mark. Then of course, I couldn’t sleep again that night because I slept too long when I got home. It’s really hard having so much fun packed into one weekend, ya’ll.

Anyway, last night I finally sort of slept. But apparently not enough because even though I’m on a break from working out and I’m burned out from running, I’m still crazy enough to think I want to run this race on Sunday.

That’s the medal, by the way. Look at the cute gator feets!

I know that I shouldn’t run it, but I could really use a good end to my race season rather than the crappy one I got last week. It’s going to be 35 degrees at the start. THIRTY FIVE! That is my dream race weather. So my hot ass race last weekend is surrounded by two weekend cold fronts. Why does mother nature hate me so much?




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