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Three Things Thursday

(last night’s) Workout:  Tempo run on the treadmill – 5 miles (48 min)

That is the longest run I’ve done in a month and I’m feelin’ pretty good about it. Even the chick who smelled like a Tijuana hooker* that got on the treadmill next to me and walked at an annoying 1.5 mph couldn’t bring me down.   

Mile 1: 10:00 pace
Miles 2-4: 9:13 pace
Mile 5: 10:00 pace

The 9:13 pace was all I could manage speed wise being out of practice and all. I was really ready for that 4th mile to be over with so I could slow down, so it was a hard run.

I watched American Idol while running. I’m gonna have to say, I really like Steven Tyler and JLo on there. I see a lot of Twitter hate going on but I think they have good constructive criticism of the singers and are much better than Paula or Kara.  Plus, I am continuously mesmerized by JLo and her perfect skin.

Also, that girl Hayley has an amazing voice, but she seems really snobby. I know I’ve only seen 2 episodes this whole season, but if I get that from two episodes, it MUST be true. Right?

Now on to today’s three things. I’ve been seeing some new search terms lately that keep me amused. Here are some new search terms that have shown up on my blog that weren’t in my post dedicated to search terms.

Lame haircuts

Ok, my hair does look terrible today, I will admit. I didn’t wash it. I tried to straighten it and that made it worse. I mean…look at it.

But clicking on my picture when you are searching for “lame haircuts” is giving me a complex. At least I try to make it less unsightly by adding photo effects that little girls will think are real and can never live up to.

Foot up ass cake

I would complain about this one more, but I instantly felt better that a picture of SUAR came up in this search also. I’m not alone.

How to properly eat a chocolate Easter bunny

It’s a sad day when someone spends their time typing this instead of just opening that package and tearing that chocolate bunny a new one.

Honorable Mention: “:3c” face

The one search term that I have no idea how it’s related to my blog. The fact that “:3c” is in quotations for this search baffles me. Do I have this face? Is it a good thing? What does it even MEAN?

Do you watch American Idol? What do you think of Steven Tyler and JLo?

What do you think “:3c” face means? (Go ahead and make something up.)

*I have not smelled Tijuana hookers. Yet.


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Will Run for Cupcakes

Workout: Tempo run outside 5.1 miles (46:29) / 9:07 pace

Number of honks from passing cars: 4
Number of cat calls: 0

Not even one “hey baby” yelled out a car window tonight. I’m kinda disappointed.

This was a great run except for the cramping around mile 2.75 that slowed me down for awhile. My body refuses to cooperate with me on runs lately.

Is this really a tempo run when mile 4 is slower? Now I just need to keep up that pace for 8 more miles and I am set for a 2 hour half at Gasparilla. < —wishful thinking


In other news, I’d like to take the time to tell whomever it was that brought Sweet! mini-cupcakes into work today that…I love you.

I got the last one.

I would have body checked your mama for this cupcake.


I think it was peanut butter and jelly flavored.

It was either that or that dark stuff in the middle means the cupcake was really old. Still ate it.

Filling on the inside!

Very good but cookies and cream is still the best.


I’m a little weird about eating certain items people bring into work. Particularly if they are homemade. You never know who’s licking fingers or not washing their hands after the bathroom. And trust me, we have people like that at my work. People that I’m sure shake a lot of hands during the day.

Does anyone else feel weird about eating food when you don’t know who made it? What’s your favorite food? (Mine, hands down, is cupcakes.)


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