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The Last Supper

I made it back to Orlando in one piece but I have one more Texas post for you. It’s hard to believe, but I did not eat all the things while I was there per usual. This made the buttons on my jeans happy, but it made me sad. Very, very sad. So on the second to last day, I had dinner with all five of my co-workers at Johnny’s Steaks and BBQ.

Johnny’s is in Salado (about a half hour from Killeen) and everyone and their brother recommended this place. It was nice to finally eat somewhere local. And by local, I mean it was in the middle of nowhere, all the parking was on dirt or grass, and there were deer heads mounted all over the walls. The place was super busy, so I didn’t want to take all sorts of pictures of the restaurant like a tourist, so just picture those deer staring straight at you while you eat. Watching. Judging.

My co-workers who had been to Johnny’s before told me they served life-changing steaks. Obviously, I wanted my life to change. So I ordered steak. But first came the side salad served on top of 20 packages of Saltines.

They served the salad on top of a basket of saltines. Is this a thing? I’ve never had Saltines served with a salad before. Croutons, sure. Saltines, no. So this made me laugh. It made me laugh hard. My co-worker – we’ll just call him “Ron” – said that I laughed so hard that I made the poor, hot, waitress feel uncomfortable (his words). I disagree. But whatever, “Ron,” if that is your real name.

Anyway, the salad wasn’t nearly as funny as the dressing I asked to be served on the side.

They gave me the entire bottle of ranch. This was the point in which I knew I loved Johnny’s.

To get my steak on, I ordered the 8oz sirloin with a side of green beans. I’m pretty sure that is more than 8oz. I mean, I’m not measurement expert, but that’s a large ass steak.

The green beans were ok. I wouldn’t get them again. But, the steak was juicy and delicious and it only cost something like, $12.00. I asked for it to be cooked medium and it was more medium rare (I don’t like my meat mooing) but it was still really good so that says something. I got sad that I’ve been to Killeen so many times and haven’t been there yet and then I was sad I was leaving the next day because I wanted to go back. So basically, next time I’m in Killeen, I plan to sleep there instead of in a hotel.

The food didn’t stop at the giant steak. Oh no. They had blackberry cobbler. Paula does not say no to blackberry cobbler.

I dominated that thing. So, so good. More importantly, it didn’t have the annoying seeds that get stuck in your teeth so that dessert only brought me happiness. They also had peach cobbler and pecan cobbler, which I’m imagining tastes like pecan pie (the only way I’ll eat pecans) so now I have to try it next time I’m in town. Eat all the cobblers!

So even though I brought my lunch to work every day like a good girl and only ate out four times in the two weeks I was there, I made the last time worth it. 🙂


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Gone Batty

I had a really good weekend. I mean, I’m super ready to go home, but my weekend was great and now I just need to get through one more week of work and then I fly back to the hubs Saturday morning. I kinda miss the guy.

The weekend started out Friday night when I had dinner with Megan at Bostons. I forgot to take pictures, but that is probably because I was too busy drinking booze and eating Megan’s dessert for her. If you don’t remember, this is her.

That was taken the last time I was in town. I’m so excited to have an official friend in Killeen!

Megan suggested Bostons because they have a drink that mixes sweet tea vodka and Blue Moon. I said yes right when I heard that. Bostons could have specialized in banana and mayonnaise sandwiches and I wouldn’t have cared. It’s a chain, because that’s all there is in Killeen, but I really liked it. It’s in the Cheddars tier of delicious restaurant chains for me.

Saturday afternoon, my co-workers and I drove into Austin and walked around the capitol a bit.

There was a Trayvon Martin rally going on with lots of guys with hoodies on walking around in 97 degree heat. I didn’t even think about the symbolism of that until my co-worker mentioned it.

Then we made our way down 6th Street where I’m pretty sure someone tried to show me their junk. I always thought junk showing was a nightly thing, but no, it happens during the day as well.

I am absolutely sure if I lived in Austin, I would be a full blown alcoholic because all the bars were open and pretty happening at 1:00pm.

We decided to have lunch at 1886 Café and Bakery, which is inside The Driskill, a hotel built in 1886 that is said to be haunted. I knew tacos were in my near future, so I went light with the Almond Goat Cheese salad.

There are few salads that I would describe as amazing. This is one of them. There were fresh strawberries under all that too. Super yum.

After lunch, we walked around until we were I was too hot and cranky. I scored one of the best slurpees of my life at 7-11, and then my co-workers dropped me off at Melissa and Brad’s house for a sleepover. We decided to keep it cheap since we tend to go out downtown and spend all the money, so our cheap night started out with this six dollar thing of beauty.

Torchy’s Tacos. You complete me.

I’ve been wanting to see the bats take off at the Congress Avenue bridge for awhile now. So, Melissa found this one hour tour on the Lone Star River Boat where you can see the bats from under the bridge. Best $10 bucks you can spend. Seriously. Besides being super cheap, the only thing you need to know is that the boat tour is BYOB.


You can bet Melissa packed a case of beer and proceeded to hone her delicate, simultaneous beer and phone balancing skills.

Anyway, we got to see some beautiful views of the city from the water.

(Brad pointed out that the building right behind me is Silicone Laboratories. And there were two of them. Ahh yes. The boob jokes are starting, my friends.)

Closer to the time the bats take off, tons of people gather on, around, and under the bridge. I was so surprised by how many people came out.

Then it was time for the bats.

Just in case that doesn’t embed, here’s a link.

Close to a million bats take off every night during bat season (April – September, I think) in Austin. It’s the largest urban bat colony in North America. Really cool to see even when you’re getting pooped on.

After bat watching, we just chilled at the house while Melissa made me delicious drinks all night.

That’s Three Olives Loopy, with sparkling water and blended strawberries, lemon, and mint. Fancy stuff. I could get used to this personal bartender thing.


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Short Term Goal Time

While I’m out here getting my Lone Star State on, I figured I should have a workout goal since it keeps me away from …other things.

Last time I was here, I worked on running a fast mile (started at 9:00 and got down to 7:34 – suppah fast for me). Since I can’t run for a little over a week still, my trainer gave me a great goal idea so I don’t lose anymore Crossfit fitness than I already have. This is the daily plan:

  • 50 squats
  • 50 lunges
  • 50 sit-ups
  • 50 leg lifts

I didn’t think that sounded too hard or too easy, so I thought it was a perfect everyday goal. Then I thought that once I was able to do all 50 reps in a row without short pauses for rest, I’d up the reps to 75 and go from there. Ideally, I’d like to get to 100, but I’m not sure that can happen in just two weeks.

Well, that was the plan in my head at least. Then I started to do them. I’m on Day 4 and I’m already tired.

I cannot stop watching that gif. I’m certain if I had a cat, it would be that cat.

I’ve also been walking between 5 and 6 miles a day so that might have something to do with the tiredness. My goal is to do three miles a day. Three very stylish miles.

Once I get back to Orlando, I’ll be at six weeks recovery so I’ll be released to do chest and arm exercises again. That will hurt to get back into, but my bat wings have been neglected for too long.

Oh, I finished a couple more books since I’ve been walking so much. One in particular that I love, love, loved. So I’ll probably have another book post soon. I’m trying to read as much as I can now, because once I’m released to run, the only thing I’ll be reading is cereal boxes.


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Hi from Texas. Again.

Welp, I’m back. Let’s just call Killeen “Home Two.” I’ve been here so much, I actually know my way around town and that’s a pretty big deal because I have the worst sense of direction ever. I still can’t find places in Orlando and I’ve lived there for 11 years.

The flight into Austin was uneventful except for the purchase of my new neck unicorn pillow.

Those pillows do not stop your head from falling forward and jerking you awake on a plane, by the way. Or maybe they do if you buy one that was created for a person over eight.

I flew in with a couple of co-workers on Sunday. I had to get their help lifting my luggage since I’m still on a 10lb weight restriction for two more weeks and mine weighed 50lbs. I felt bad watching one of them pull my behemoth purple monster off the conveyor belt and then felt even worse when he grabbed his own luggage. W.T.F?

We’re here for two weeks. How the hell is it possible for anyone to pack that lightly? That little suitcase might fit my things for an over-nighter and even that’s debatable.

This time we’re in a different hotel, which is a nice change of scenery. I even scored a partially obstructed pool view! That’s the kind of sweet treatment I get from Marriott’s silver elite club.

Here’s where I’ll be spending the next two weeks.

This is my favorite part of the room.

You can never have too many exposed wires, that’s what I always say.

After we checked into the hotel, we made a trip to my grocery store lover, HEB. I bought food for the next two weeks (eggs, frozen dinners, peanut butter, and Diet Coke – keepin’ it healthy). HEB is the Wal-Mart of grocery stores, so it has tons of useless stuff that I want to buy. I went back yesterday and spent an hour in the makeup section, so obviously I’m making quality use of my time.


Off topic, but did anyone see True Blood this week? Is Sookie crunching boulders or something? Those abs are ridiculous for having twins not long ago.


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Five for Friday

I’m going to talk about boobs some more. You are not safe yet. You may never be safe actually. Think of this as a nice break from race season poop talk.

1.  One of the things I was dreading most about the new ladies is that I knew I would have to sleep on my back for the six weeks of recovery. I’m a 100% all the time stomach sleeper. I never sleep another way. Not on my back. Not on my side. Just, no. Let me say how miserable sleeping is now. My second favorite thing in the world (the first being eating) has been ruined. I’ve never been so uncomfortable. Couple that with some insomnia last night and I was doing dishes and laundry at 4:45 in the morning.


After the first week of recovery, I was released to sleep on my side. Sleeping on my side is fine for an hour until I wake up thinking I’m having a stroke because my shoulder down to my hand and upper right side of my torso is numb. How the hell do people sleep on their side? I have no idea. So every night, I toss and turn (without the turning part) until I finally fall asleep only to wake up shortly after because I’m so uncomfortable.

2.  I finished Deadwood (loved it) and now I’m catching up on season 2 of House of Lies.

I’m loving it even more than last season and not just because my lovah, Kristen Bell, is in it. I feel like the things that annoyed me about the first part of season 1 are gone and the story is getting even better. Season 2 is worth it just for the Matt Damon episode alone. Also, it helps that KB looks exceptionally smokin’ this season.

3. I started Orange is the new Black yesterday on Netflix.

I’ve been really looking forward to this one because it’s from Jenji Kohan, who created Weeds, and I looove Weeds. So far I’m two episodes in and I’m really liking it. I asked hubs if he wanted to watch this one with me and he told me to go ahead and watch it on my own. Then, he ended up watching the second episode with me and declared that I could no longer watch it without him. So, that says something. Also, I’m secretly super excited when I can get him to watch new shows because he almost always says no.

4. I’m back at Crossfit three times a week and on Wednesday, I used my arms for the first time in a month (still no chest exercises for two weeks, though).

**How to do: lateral raises, leg lifts.**

I’m not able to lift over 10lbs right now, so I used 5lb dumb bells for the lateral raises and 10lbs for the bicep curls. I was seriously wiped out after this workout. Hubs went on to do a 5th set while I just watched. Today, I’m sore. Everywhere. Do not underestimate light weight and high reps, my friends. I’m supposed to go to Crossfit tonight but I’m not sure what’s left to work out on me that isn’t already in pain.

5. Remember that work trip to Maryland that I was supposed to go on? Well, that was cancelled. Guess where I’m going instead?

It’s like Texas doesn’t want to let me go. I’m leaving Sunday and I’ll be there for (wait for it) another two weeks. At least I’ll be reunited with Whataburger, Freebirds, Chedddars, and this girl once again. I’ll also be reunited with 107 degree temperatures. Not as excited about that part.


Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you all next week from Killeen.


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Five for Friday

1.  I’m gonna call it. The weather in Texas is better than the weather in Florida.

You hear that, Cely? I thought the weather was perfect during the three weeks I was there. I had to wear a jacket at least three of the days and then layed out in the sun after that to a clear, sunny sky with a cool breeze. I mean, Texas has indecisive weather and gets three months of total suck during the summer that is way worse than Florida, but then it’s over. The cold fronts from the West actually get to you and then you suck it all up and leave Florida in perpetual summer for 10 months of the year. You are rude, Texas. Learn to share those cold fronts.

2. I checked out my Daily Mile and realized there’s not much to do in Killeen.

I’m on a running break for the most part and still managed 84 miles in three weeks. Most of those miles were walking (so I could read books – I’ll tell you about those later) but still, that’s a lot of miles. I don’t think I ever hit 40 miles in a week during marathon training. I mean, I still gained 3.5 lbs during that three weeks. The will to eat crap 24/7 in Texas is a strong force that my inner buffet-lovin’ fat girl just can’t fight.

3. I registered for my first race of next season.


I’m running the Celebration Half Marathon. It’s super cheap ($50), about a half hour away from home, and brand new. This year, I’m really looking forward to running some new races. I’m getting tired of repeating the same ones year after year. So, no full marathons for me yet, though my next (and maybe last) full is going to be Chicago next year. I still have to consult with my personal marathon therapist about that decision. 😉

4.  Speaking of running, I got that fast mile I’ve been working on up to a 7:47 pace last night! It was hard, but I didn’t feel like I was going to die afterwards. I think working on a fast mile has really helped my HIIT runs. This week, and for the first time since February, I was able to do an entire HIIT run without walking and I was back up to my 7:30 interval time. (I had to drop to a 8:00 and 8:30 pace.) So nice to get some speed back!

5. I watched The Office finale last night.

Soooo good. I loved it. Even hubs agreed and said he was happy to see a series finale that didn’t suck for once. It was cute to see what a difference even a crappy office job made in all their lives. I know some people hate The Office, but I’m totally gonna miss it. I loved it with and without Steve Carrell and I’m seriously going to miss everything about Jim.

Oh, and lastly, if you want to read Michelle’s sweet birth story, check it out here. It comes chalk-full of adorable pics of baby Evan and things said about her uterus and vagina that I will never be able to un-read.

Have a good weekend everyone. Smile


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Almost Home

Only one more day left in Killeen. I’m so ready to go home. Three weeks is a long time to be away and now I’m really appreciating my two week work trips. Never thought those words would come out of my mouth. Or in this case, be typed.

I’m pretty sure I’ve done a city-wide tour of fast food and chain restaurants since I’ve been here. It’s ridiculous. I don’t even want to talk about how I migrated from Whataburger to Sonic. Did you know Sonic has 25 flavors of milkshakes? I mean, that’s just a dare waiting to happen.

Some days drag on forever and others aren’t so bad. Minimal access to internet and my beloved phone for three weeks – not fun. Meeting a new friend – fun. Having the gold crown pop off my tooth on Wednesday – not so fun. Getting to see this little lady again – super fun.

I can’t come to Killeen without seeing her. ❤

Speaking of days that are better than others, Monday night was one of those. Monday officially made the third week of this trip totally worth it. My co-worker, Ron, and I drove to Austin to see one of my favorite bands that no one’s heard of – IAMX. (By the way, Ron is one of the writers for this blog. Apparently it’s a big deal. So yeah, I know a superstar.) Anyway, the show was at a little venue on 6th street called The Parish.

IAMX is from England and they only have a handful of American tour dates – none of which were in Florida. I even posted about the bands I love that no one’s heard of back in 2011 and they were on the list. So I’ve been waiting for them to get their sweet asses to the states for a long time. When I found out I would be in Killeen when they were in Austin, I begged Ron to go with me, snapped up some tickets, and tried to forget the show was on a Monday night. (Who does that? Honestly.)

The show was amazing. They sound so good live. Though, I saw them back when they were called Sneaker Pimps, so I kinda new that. The whole show was really dark, so this is the best I could do for a picture.

I had such a fun time. I kept telling Ron how heavenly the lead singer’s voice is the whole concert and I think that only partially had to do with the drinks. Maybe. I’m sure he loved me professing my love for the lead singer all night. And being the DD. And taking me to Whataburger at 1:00am. Then there was the part where we still had to go to work the next morning. Actually, he might have gotten the short end of this stick.

So that’s what’s been happening in these parts. Now I’m looking forward to going home and getting back to Crossfit. I’ve kinda been slacking on that front because, well, Crossfit is hard and food is awesome. I’m going to miss wearing my eating pants.


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All the Texas Things

I opened up Windows Live Writer to write a new blog post and couldn’t figure out for the life of me what the hell I’ve been doing the past two weeks in Texas. It’s becoming kind of a blur, so I turned to my cell phone pictures for a reminder…

1.  I found heaven.

Heaven is actually located in H.E.B. It’s true. I’m so glad we don’t have this grocery store in Florida because I would be in trouble. My co-worker, Marisa, and I were oogling these cupcakes and giant strawberries for a good five minutes, passed them up (unprecedented), and went to check out only to find another cupcake station set up in the front. So we caved. Well played, H.E.B. Well played.

2. We bought two cupcakes (Oreo and white chocolate raspberry) and a red velvet strawberry that I’m sure will cause some life threatening illness later in life.

I don’t even want to know what was used to grow that thing but I’m fairly certain it wasn’t natural.

3. The Killeen Mall has a pet store with bunnies!

Look at that sweet bunny face! I just want to snuggle the crap out of him.

4. At my co-workers insistence, I tried Whataburger for the first time.

Now I need to make a public apology to Whataburger for dissing you all these years. I thought you were the ugly step-sister of Hardees. I laughed when your location closed in Orlando. But I was wrong, you are delicious.

I pretty much haven’t stopped talking about that burger since last week because I was so surprised it didn’t suck. When you order, you get a number to place on your table so they can bring the food out to you. When they bring the food, they offer an actual platter of different ketchups. A platter! So fanci I have to spell it with an i.

5. New favorite drink alert!

Texas has given me a gift and this is it. That’s Fireball and Angry Orchard cider. Amazing. Drinking two of those really fast not recommended, though.

6. I tried Freebirds for the first time.

Melissa told me to try Freebirds because it’s “10x better than Chipotle.” She was right. That place is delicious, although their service is 10x slower. My co-workers liked it as well but they weren’t sold on the better than Chipotle part. Although, I think some of their disappointment had to do with the fact that Freebird wasn’t playing on a continuous loop inside. (So hard to please, some people.)

7. I went to see Pain and Gain.

If you’re into watching two hours of bewbs and muscles (which I am, of course), this movie is for you. It’s based on a true story that I read about before seeing the movie and I didn’t know how it would be possible to make it into a dark comedy…but they did. I liked it but it’s probably hard to take if you’re a little squeamish, especially knowing it’s true. Sort of related, The Rock has really nice, white teeth.

8. I made a new friend. Say Hi to Megan. Smile

Megan lives in Killeen and asked me if I wanted to get together when she read that I would be here for three weeks. So of course I took her up on that offer. I was extremely happy to find out that she wasn’t a crazed lunatic and she didn’t want to harvest my kidneys.

We had dinner at Texas Land and Cattle where she witnessed first hand my immense capacity for ingesting food. Then we hit up a frozen yogurt place and closed.it.down. That’s right. We know how to party in Killeen on a Friday night.

By the way, Megan lost 150lbs when she was 16 by exercising, eating better, and not eliminating anything specific from her diet. She’s kept it off for TWELVE years. Inspiring? I think so.


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Fredericksburg Wildflower 10k and then some

The Fredericksburg Wildflower 10k is a small race in (wait for it) Fredericksburg, TX. My co-worker, Marisa, found this race when we learned we’d be on work travel for three weeks and it took her all of two seconds to convince me to do it. I’m a sucker for an out-of-town race.

Fredericksburg is a two hour and 15 minute drive from Killeen so Marisa and I left around 5:15am to get there for the 8:30am race. We got there with no problem. The entire route might have been three left turns total and we parked so close to the start that I was worried we were in the wrong place. Like, it was too easy. We picked up our bibs and t-shirts (Neither of us got that jelly by the way. Sad day.) and dropped our t-shirts off at the car. Then we had about 45 minutes to kill, so we walked around and posed with things.

We really wanted to pretend we were smoking that peace pipe but a ton of people were walking around the area and we didn’t want to look like total a-holes. Next time.

I informed Marisa that running a race with me is equivalent to agreeing to be on my blog, so I told her to assume the position and start posing.

Such a good sport.

About 15 minutes before the race, a full-on Jane Fonda-like choreographed warm-up happened.

That was a first. It was mesmerizing. I mean, it’s a cute idea. But also hilarious to watch.

I love that runners understand the need for mass quantities of pictures. Whenever I’m taking a selfie, someone always offers to take the picture for me. Don’t mind if I do…

The race started with a few announcements: no bathrooms on course, runners in the front, walkers in the back, and there would be clearly marked with signs for the 5k and 10k. Famous last words.

Within the first mile, a bunch of runners turned around shouting that everyone for the 5k was going the wrong way. If you wanna hear the potty mouths of runners, just make them run the wrong direction in a race. For the love of my tender, virgin ears.

About 1/4 of the runners turned around and the rest kept going straight. I kept straight because the guy mentioned the 5k was going the wrong way and I was running the 10. But then we got to the end of the road and converged with a bunch of other runners so I knew it was the wrong way for the 10k too. By the time I passed the one mile marker, my Garmin was at 1.3 miles. EEEFFF.

I heard runners bitching about going an extra quarter mile the rest of the race. Here’s a picture of us all going the wrong way.

Yeah. There was a dog running the race. He kept whining and trying to jump up on his owner. He would only stop whining when the owner started walking. Basically just like I act during a race.

Anyway, after the wrong turn, any ideas I had to PR were gone. I was annoyed even though I didn’t think I would PR, but there’s always that little chance in the back of your mind that this will race be the one. So, I got over it and tried to enjoy the scenery.

I guess I had higher expectations for the course. It wasn’t particularly pretty for being in wine country, except for this part.

It was called the “wildflower” 10k and I saw two patches of wildflowers total.

The course may have not had a lot of wildflowers but they are all over TX right now, so we saw a ton of them on the ride home. So pretty.

We also got stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way home because of the Marble Falls triathlon. It’s all fun and games until you’re the one stuck in traffic.

Ok, back to the race. There were two water stops which was way too few for a hot race in Texas. I missed the first one at the 5k/10k split, I think around mile three. I saw the cups on the ground but no water table so maybe I just didn’t pay enough attention. The other one was somewhere around mile five. I’m so glad I carried a water bottle because I would have straight up died out there.

I finished in 1:03:53 with 6.5 miles. A solid minute PR if the course wasn’t jacked.

How do you get a race picture that looks like your running instead of walking because I have no clue.

Thanks to Marisa for waiting for me at the finish line to take pictures. In the 25 or so races that I’ve done, this is only the second time I’ve had someone wait to take pictures. Super cool of her too because I forgot to ask if she would mind being my photographer.

After the race, we hung around for a bit to see the awards but they couldn’t get the finish times printed, or on their Website fast enough, so they cancelled it and told everyone they would just mail the awards. There were lots of disappointed/pissed off people.

Overall, the race was ok. The course SNAFU really sucked but it only cost $20 to run and it was still fun to see a new place. Fredericksburg was smaller and less exciting that I thought it would be, but it’s a cute town so I’m glad I visited.

I still had a good time, had a great lunch, and was able to eat my weight in cake and cookies afterwards.


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15 Reasons I Need a Muumuu

I ran the Fredericksburg Wildflower 10k on Saturday. I haven’t been running much since February and it was really humid, so I was super surprised that I PRed by a minute. Oh that’s right. I didn’t PR because I ran over a quarter mile in the wrong direction instead. But I’ll tell you about that later.

First, I want to tell you about the shenanigans that occurred after the race and through Sunday. To say I’ve been eating badly would be putting it mildly. Just when I was so full that I couldn’t possibly eat another bite, I did. My stomach is currently in a full-on revolt with my body and I never want to see a piece of clothing with a button or zipper again.

1.  German Reuben, German potato salad, and red cabbage from Winslow’s Restaurant in Fredericksburg

I noticed yesterday that Winslow’s was completely slammed on Urban Spoon but I thought everything was really good. Maybe I just have taste buds with low standards.

2. Peach cobbler

More like peach pie. Or piebbler. (new dessert!) I was annoyed that it didn’t come with ice cream. Who serves piebbler without ice cream? Of course, I ordered some and it was almost the same price as the pie. I’ll spare you the ice cream picture, just know that I was full and didn’t need it.

3.  Ombre cake from The Pink Pig

This is vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and a fancy name. I ate it about an hour after the piebbler. With my fingers. In the car. The frosting wasn’t even good. I still ate it all. Bad frosting is better than no frosting.

4. Pink pig frosted cookie

I ate that cookie shortly after the cake. I still wasn’t hungry and I may have been slipping into a diabetic coma. It was a disappointing cookie. We were told that we had to check The Pink Pig out and I wasn’t really impressed. I still ate it all. No cookie left behind.

5.  Gummy pigs


I wanted to die at this point. My teeth felt like little pieces of sugary chalk but I still had to try them.

6. Bacon cheeseburger from Reunion Grille in Austin

It doesn’t look like much but that was a great burger. I really did consider getting a salad for a good 10 minutes, so I think that counts for something.

7. Bloody Mary bar at Z’Tejas

A BLOODY MARY BAR. What won’t these kids think of next? The Bloody Marys were four bucks each and had Grey Goose vodka. Pretty much heaven.

8. Tableside guacamole with tortilla chips

This guacamole was amazing. I made yummy noises while I was eating it was so good. I ate about 75% of it and was so full afterwards that I didn’t even want the meal I ordered. But I’m sure you know where this is going…

9. Barbacoa beef breakfast enchiladas

I only ate the enchilada part because they messed up my egg order. I don’t do eggs over easy. Runny yolks gross me out. The part that I did eat was amazing.

10. Fresh baked apple muffin with butter

So good. I don’t even like butter that much but somehow it made it’s way all over that muffin. I really buttered my muffin. < — couldn’t help it

11-15. Booze

I drink almost anything. Alcohol is delicious.

I think I’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel hungry. I have been uncomfortably full for 48 hours now. Texas might be killing me.


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