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Movies for Halloween

I love horror movies. Even though I get nightmares and wake up and think I see someone in my bedroom only to find out it’s the stuffed animal on my nightstand, I still watch them. So, I thought I’d share the best horror movies I’ve seen this year since it’s almost Halloween. So if horror movies are your thing, I definitely recommend checking these out.

The Final Girls


I.loved.this.movie. It’s a dark comedy and it’s kind of like the Pleasantville of slasher films. Not only is it super funny but it actually gave me all the feels once or twice. I watched it with a bunch of friends (we all loved it) and I may have shed a couple tears in front of them like a giant baby. I also have a new girl crush on Taissa Farmiga to go along with my already existing girl crush on Malin Akerman.

It Follows


Ok, so this movie has a weird premise. The “It” that follows is transferred from person to person sexually. Sounds really dumb, I know, but it was great. The movie takes place in some weird time frame that seems like present day but then has a really cool retro Halloween vibe with the music and atmosphere. It’s definitely a different take on a stalker horror movie. Until The Final Girls came along, this was the best horror movie I had seen in a couple years.

As Above So Below


This one came out last year, but I just saw it so it makes the list. This movie got terrible reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (I live by Rotten Tomatoes) and I’m not sure why. It’s about a group of people that sneak into the catacombs in Paris to find some jewel and they get trapped. Hubs and I really liked it, as did our friend that we watched it with. Three people can’t be wrong, right? After going caving this summer and realizing I was in fact claustrophobic, this movie brought that issue right back to the forefront. I will have to be drugged to go into the catacombs in Paris. This is what I learned from this movie.

The Hallow


This one is about a couple that moves into a new house out in the middle of nowhere and there’s something in the woods around them that wants their baby. It’s not original but it has some creepy moments and overall I really liked it.

If you love horror movies and have any to recommend to me, I would love to hear them! Bonus points if you can recommend one that I haven’t already seen.


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