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Three More Things Thursday

Things I love about California.

Weather like this:



Nutty family like this:



And relaxing like this:


See you tomorrow, San Diego! Oh, and stay classy.


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Three Things Thursday

(last night’s) Workout:  Tempo run on the treadmill – 5 miles (48 min)

That is the longest run I’ve done in a month and I’m feelin’ pretty good about it. Even the chick who smelled like a Tijuana hooker* that got on the treadmill next to me and walked at an annoying 1.5 mph couldn’t bring me down.   

Mile 1: 10:00 pace
Miles 2-4: 9:13 pace
Mile 5: 10:00 pace

The 9:13 pace was all I could manage speed wise being out of practice and all. I was really ready for that 4th mile to be over with so I could slow down, so it was a hard run.

I watched American Idol while running. I’m gonna have to say, I really like Steven Tyler and JLo on there. I see a lot of Twitter hate going on but I think they have good constructive criticism of the singers and are much better than Paula or Kara.  Plus, I am continuously mesmerized by JLo and her perfect skin.

Also, that girl Hayley has an amazing voice, but she seems really snobby. I know I’ve only seen 2 episodes this whole season, but if I get that from two episodes, it MUST be true. Right?

Now on to today’s three things. I’ve been seeing some new search terms lately that keep me amused. Here are some new search terms that have shown up on my blog that weren’t in my post dedicated to search terms.

Lame haircuts

Ok, my hair does look terrible today, I will admit. I didn’t wash it. I tried to straighten it and that made it worse. I mean…look at it.

But clicking on my picture when you are searching for “lame haircuts” is giving me a complex. At least I try to make it less unsightly by adding photo effects that little girls will think are real and can never live up to.

Foot up ass cake

I would complain about this one more, but I instantly felt better that a picture of SUAR came up in this search also. I’m not alone.

How to properly eat a chocolate Easter bunny

It’s a sad day when someone spends their time typing this instead of just opening that package and tearing that chocolate bunny a new one.

Honorable Mention: “:3c” face

The one search term that I have no idea how it’s related to my blog. The fact that “:3c” is in quotations for this search baffles me. Do I have this face? Is it a good thing? What does it even MEAN?

Do you watch American Idol? What do you think of Steven Tyler and JLo?

What do you think “:3c” face means? (Go ahead and make something up.)

*I have not smelled Tijuana hookers. Yet.


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Three Things Thursday

**I’m not a big fan of long posts, but I don’t think I can help it with this one.**

Lately I’ve been thinking about how much I love to travel and all the cities that I can’t wait to see one day. Then I started thinking about all the cities I have seen and the ones that mean a lot. So, today’s three things are cities that have had a lot of meaning to the hubs and I.

New York – The Engagement

I wanted to go to NYC. Bad. At work, I was on a project that was going to send me to Brooklyn for two weeks. I was SO excited and even planned for the hubs to meet me there for the weekend so we could explore the city. The work trip fell through (temporarily, but I didn’t know that at the time) and I was incredibly bummed out. I had never been to NY, I didn’t normally travel, and I felt like I had lost my chance.


Because I was so bummed, the hubs booked a weekend for us out of nowhere. I couldn’t believe he actually pulled the trigger and bought plane tickets and booked a hotel because he usually asks me to do all the dirty work (I worked at a hotel for a long time so I’m comfortable with it.)


Little did I know, he bought an engagement ring for me a month beforehand and thought my business trip to NY would be the perfect place to propose.

Long story short, we were on the top of a double-decker bus exploring the city in 20 degree weather and decided to get off and walk instead of wait for our stop because I couldn’t feel my feet. NO exaggeration. The wind was insane.


On top of the bus, and before his PRK surgery. This was the day before the proposal.

We walked through Rockefeller Center so I could get a picture of the Christmas tree and while I was taking a picture, he was trying to get out the ring.

The ring got stuck in his jacket pocket.

That’s his head on the right. Trying to get the ring out.

I was done taking pictures within 2 seconds and was all, “let’s go now.” I was freezing. He pretended he needed to “see something” and started walking AWAY from the hotel. I got pissed. Real pissed. Something to the effect of , “what the f*ck are you doing?” came out of my mouth. Once he got the ring out of his jacket, he turned around, box open and asked me to marry him.


I was shocked. SHOCKED. Sure, we had been dating for 7 years and I always said things like, “someday when we’re married, you will be my man-slave.” but I had no idea it was coming. First words out of my mouth? A very loud OH MY GOD. Then a YES. And then I asked him if I could see the ring back at the hotel because I was too cold to look at it. He agreed and we speed walked the mile back to the hotel.


Las Vegas – The Marriage

I’d like to sum this one up in bullet points to make a long story short.

  • I wanted to go to Vegas.

the venue

  • He wanted to get married in Orlando because of his family.
  • We booked a venue, chapel, caterer, and photographer and put down deposits in Orlando.
  • Hubs realizes 6 months later that $5000 isn’t the total cost of our wedding but the total cost of HIS half.
  • Hubs all of a sudden wants to go to Vegas.


  • Paula cancels venue, chapel, caterer, and photographer and books wedding in Vegas.


No, we didn’t get married by Elvis.

goofy poses3

Maui – The Honeymoon

This was the first vacation we ever went on. The kind where you’ve never been to the place and you don’t know anyone there. Most amazing vacation I have ever had.


Random overlook.


Black sand beach along Hana Highway.


Lots of wind.


Hiking through a bamboo forest.


Dirt on my calf that Hubs thought looked like air Jordan.


Walking like an Egyptian.




Ridiculously huge flowers.


Bike rides down volcanos. Hubs was thrilled. (Ok, this was the van ride up the volcano.)


White water rafting.


That doesn’t even begin to cover it, but you get the idea. If you’re still reading that is. Smile

Where’s the best place you’ve ever gone on vacation? Where do you want to go on vacation? (I want to go to Anchorage and Vancouver next. But my list is LONG.)


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Three, er, Six Things Thursday

Get ready to be inundated with photos. You’ve been warned. 🙂

I met my best friend, Lisa, when I was about six years old. Our mothers worked as RNs in the same hospital and decided to introduce us. Best decision they’ve ever made…besides birthing us of course.


For the first four or so years, we only saw each other on our birthdays. For my birthday, Lisa came over for about an hour and sat on her mom’s lap the entire time because she was too lame shy to interact with my other friends she didn’t know well. It’s worthy of mentioning that during this time, Lisa gave me a sticker book for my birthday…four years in a row. Four.years.in.a.row.

Something happened after those four years. Maybe Lisa broke out of her shell. Maybe she finally realized how wicked-awesome I am. Who knows. But we’ve been inseperable ever since. She is literally the sister I never had and I consider her family.

So, today’s three six things are about Lisa. These are some of my favorite memories, but when you’ve known someone for almost 30 years, it’s hard to choose what to share. I mean, I could list 106 things easily.


1. Every summer, I would go to Chicago for 3 months to visit my Dad. Every summer, we wrote each other about 3 letters a week while I was away. (Oh, interwebz, how you’ve changed communication.)

I still have ALL the letters she sent me.

Most of them were addressed to Lisa Knight and Paula McIntyre. If you don’t recognize those two last names instantly, then it’s best I don’t tell you. However, it’s also notable that the one on top is addressed to Mrs. Keanu Reeves and is sent from Mrs. Jason Priestly. There’s also a Paula Savage in there, but I can’t say I remember haveing a thing for Fred Savage. Unless it’s THIS Fred Savage.

Lisa even came up to visit me one year for a week. Best. week. ever. Here’s a picture of us waiting for my Dad in the back seat of his car probably chatting about Aqua Net from the looks of those bangs.


2. When Lisa and I were in the car with her mom, we always wanted to sit in the back seat. But…we would sit backwards. Remember those car seats that automatically went forward and didn’t lock like today’s car seats? Yeah. That’s what her mom had. The person sitting backwards on the passenger side was in the “holy shit” position because no one was sitting in that seat. (Lisa usually took that spot cuz I was a wuss.) If you didn’t tighten your neck around the head rest enough during a stop, you flew backwards.

Wow. Looking back, that is totally illegal. I think the kids these days are really missing out on old school illegal stuff.

Scanning pictures is a challenge for me, as you can see.

3. When we were 11, Fatal Attraction came out at the movies. We wanted to see it. BAD. Our mothers would not let us. RUDE.

We scrounged all our money up, walked to the grocery store, and both bought the book. We read it in 2 days. No movie necessary. We win!

Maybe we were 21 here? Im not sure. Usually beer on the table is the age indicator. We are definitely at Applebees.

4. When we were 12, Paula Abdul’s Forever Your Girl album came out. I lived near a record store. So, I took my allowance and walked there to get it. Lisa did not live near a record store, so she gave me her allowance to buy her the tape too – she gave me eight dollars in dimes, nickles, and pennies.

Most.embarrasing.money.exchange.ever. I was 12 and I was embarrassed, so I think that says something. I’m 34 and still thinking about this so I apparently have issues.

I moved to Orlando because of Lisa. This picture was right after I moved 9+ years ago.

My birthday - Downtown Orlando.

5.  We lived together for a little over a year when I first moved to Orlando, until she ditched me for her husband. Psh. Boys be splittin’ us up. Whatevs. Here was our apartment. (I see someone on the porch.)

6. I was the Maid of Honor in Lisa’s wedding. (Still sorry about my hair, L. Sweet Hosannah that is fowl.)

 And she was the Maid of Honor in mine.



Now we’re old ladies – but at least we have better hair. If growing old is good for anything – it’s for the good hair. Oh, and all the memories of the good times too. I guess. But still. The hair.



And now Lisa has a couple of these cuties:

And really, I’m just telling you about her kids so I have a reason to post the most adorable picture of her daughter ever:

Lisa, you are the most amazing best friend any one could ever know. I’m just glad you’re my amazing best friend. 🙂

How long have you known your best friend? Do you think Lisa and I look like sisters? (People used to always tell us we look alike.)


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Three Things Thursday

Today, we had no internet at work for the first 2 ½ hours and it was like a system meltdown. People running through the halls looking disheveled, skirts flying in the air, no one knowing what to do, and everyone asking the same questions that no one can answer. It actually made Thursday a little more interesting. 🙂

I, of course, stayed cool, calm, and collected while sipping a 9:00am Diet Coke in a Hawaiian Tropic cozy.

And wrote down reasons why my hair could possibly look so frizzy, with my chicken pencil.

Oh, I didn’t work out last night by the way. I napped and then watched the series premieres of Breaking In (In my mind, Christian Slater is still popular and hot like he was in Heathers) and Workaholics.  Then, I went directly back to bed. Did anyone see Workaholics? That show is funny, but it is on at 10:30 at night for a reason.

Now on to today’s three things: Today’s post is about my older (but not oldest) brother Tom.  

(Oh, and I actually have NO new pictures of Tom. Mostly because I haven’t seen him in person for at least 10 years. 😦 He was supposed to come to my wedding but he’s had some serious back issues because of an old job and his doctor said no to travel.)

Tom moved to Florida from Illinois shortly after my mom and I. So, I saw him a lot more than Tim when I was growing up. (Tim stayed in Illinois to go to college.)

I'm on Tom's lap in this picture. Lap sit!

Here are my favorite memories of Tom when I was growing up:

1.  Tom lived with my mom and I for awhile when he first moved to Florida. After a couple years, he found his own place. Maybe I was 8 years old? (This is just a guess, I don’t remember my actual age.) Anyway, after he moved out, he would come over every Friday night, pick me up, and take me over to his apartment to hang out, watch movies, and have a sleepover.

Every Saturday morning, we would get up and watch WWF Wresting (when it was awesome) and he’d take me home in the afternoon.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but think about it: A 21 year old (or so) guy who has friends and is old enough to finally go out drinking legally came and picked his little sister up EVERY weekend and hung out with her on Friday night.

That’s a pretty cool brother.

2.  My mom was an RN and worked the night shift. Being a little kid, I was always kinda freaked out to be at home alone so I ALWAYS had to have the closet door closed when I went to bed.

One Friday night, my mom was at work and I was up watching MTV waiting for Tom to come pick me up. I fell asleep in the rocking chair waiting for him and when I woke up, realized he wasn’t coming, and went to bed. I turned the closet light off and closed the door.

A little after midnight, I woke up and found the closet door open and the light on. I laid there and stared at it for awhile because I was trying to remember why I would keep that door open. When I couldn’t think of a reason, all sorts of things started going through my mind. Then I felt something touch my toe, looked at the bottom of the bed, and saw a head duck down.

I screamed bloody murder.

Tom popped up from the bottom of the bed and started laughing.

This is my absolute favorite picture of me and Tom.

We swam a lot.

I have actually never screamed out loud at something that scared me before. So, I’m glad to know at least that when I’m really gonna crap my pants – the vocals are there.

3.  Here’s where we sound like bad people. My brother and I were going to visit my grandpa in the hospital (I can’t remember why he was in there.) We listened to a radio station that had block party weekends, which is basically playing 3 songs by the same artist in a row. Pat Benatar came on and Tom knew I loved her, so we hung out in the hospital parking lot jamming to Heartbreaker and 2 other songs for 15 minutes before going in to visit our grandpa.

We may go to hell for that. But, I think Pat Benatar is worth it.

With my SIL (married to my other brother and my niece who will be 15 next month)

Please ignore all acne.

Honorable mention: He took me to EVERY Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that came out. We pretty much loved anything with Arnold, Dolph Lundgren, and Jean-Claude Van Damme. We are classy.

Note: I did not have to look up the spelling to Schwarzenegger. Good thing I know how to spell that instead of do any type of math.

So, I fessed up to loving Christian Slater, Pat Benatar, Arnold, Dolph, and Jean-Claude all in one post. Now tell me who you still love from the 80s/90s?


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Three Things Thursday

Today’s three things are all about my hubs. If you don’t know him personally, he’s a shy and quiet guy until you get to know him or he’s had a few adult beverages.  I’m just loud all the time, so I make up for him. Because he’s shy, I’m sure he will love having a post all about him.

Alright, here we go.

1.  He’s a black belt in Taekwondo.

I would have to search high and low to find a picture of him doing his black belt testing, so instead take a look at our bunny taking a nap yesterday.

Now take a look at what he does when I ask him to pose for a picture.

Now, what was the first thing I wrote about him?

Sheesh, you guys. There’s gonna be a test after this. Keep up! Smile

2. He’s a really good hula hooper. And by really good, I mean he has actually taught hula hooping classes at high schools and he can do all sorts of cool tricks and stuff.

He also makes and sells his own hoops. We have a TON of hoops in the garage.

Everyone thinks it sounds girly that he hoops until they see him do it, and then they shut their mouf. Smile

3.  He’s really into making his own Halloween costumes.

Usually he works on these costumes on and off for months. This is pyramid head from Silent Hill. He made the “head” from scratch and glued everything together individually and then spray painted it. I really think the ironing board captures the creepiness of this costume.

And for comparison’s sake:

Here he was a TV Newscaster. (And I totally take credit for giving him the idea this year, he just executed it better than I would have.)

Here he was Big Daddy from Bioshock. (Bioshock is a video game for all of you non-geeks.)

And for comparison’s sake:

Are you and your significant other alike or complete opposites? If you can tell me in a rhyme, you get extra points.


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Three Things Thursday

Workout:  Ran on treadmill 2.2 miles (20 min), walked .8 miles (11 min)
That was me getting my ass out of bed this morning at 5:30.  (Holla!) Then I ate a huge cookie for breakfast. (Stop holla-ing!)

(last night’s) Workout: 1 hour w/ personal trainer

3 sets:
10-15 L pull-ups
25 squats on a balance thingy (that’s the technical term)
Walking planks with a power wheel

3 sets:
25  medicine ball slams (15lb)
15 decline push-ups
100 bicycle abs

After each set, we did a .25 mile run.  Very booty kicking workout. I love that!


Now it’s time for Three Things Thursday. Today will be 3 random things about me cuz talking about yourself is the coolest.

1.  For a year, I took Capoeira, which is a Brazillian dance martial art.
(That link is to a Capoeira demo from my instructor. The video is dark, but you can still see how awesome he is. He’s the one in the black t-shirt in the picture.)

Can you spot me? Cowering in the back.

Capoeira is pretty much the most awesome looking martial art out there. And it’s HARD. If you’ve ever played the Tekken video games, the character Eddie Gordo fights with Capoeira.

I quit after a year, because I was just horrible at it. But, if you can do it well, you look like one bad-ass mother. If you can’t, like me, you look like a Richard’s Simmons workout video.

2.  I change my hair color. A lot.

Blondie bear

Hello red!

This wasn’t black, but it looks close. (I’ve done black too.)

Au naturale – strawberry blonde

There have been a ton of in-between colors too, but you get the idea.

3.   Even though my natural color is red, I have very little Irish in me. I’m mostly German. Which basically means I’m taller than everyone else and can drink you under the table.

Lastly, in the spirit of the holiday, I will bestow some St. Patrick’s Day knowledge on you (and I just learned this from Facebook so it has to be true).

A lot of people say, “St. Patty’s Day” which is incorrect. Patty is short for Patricia. It’s actually, “St. Paddy’s Day.” Paddy is short of Patrick. Now go forth and tell people how wrong they are all day when they use “Patty’s.” They’ll love it!

 What are you doing for St. Paddy’s Day?  (I’m going to a happy hour tonight. This might be the first time I’ve celebrated the day in years!)


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Three Things Thursday

It’s time again for a little Three Things Thursday action. I’ve already talked about my mom and dad, so it’s only fair I cover my other family members, right?

Today’s post is dedicated to my older brother, Tim. Now, I’m not sure if you’ve ever grown up with older siblings. I’m talking about the kind that can drive by the time your one and can kick your butt because they weigh 7x as much as you. But it goes a little something like this:

And like this:

My, that’s a sexy half shirt and shorty shorts you have there.

Let’s just say that both of my brothers gave me plenty of sisterly torture growing up. But I gave them plenty of poopy diapers in return. And that was just last week.

Of course I grew up, they stayed skinny, and I got fatter than them so it’s much harder for them to torture me now.

Sometimes having big brothers wasn’t so bad. Like here:

And here:

Pretty sure Tim has a beer there and there’s liquor on the coffee table in the background. Maybe that’s why I think there’s someone on the phone.

So my three things today are my favorite memories of my brother Tim (my other bro, Tom, will get his post later). Winking smile

1. Growing up during my school years, Tim lived in Illinois and I lived in Florida. So, he would fly down to visit my mom and I. I always looked forward to his visits. Honestly, I thought having older brothers was the coolest.thing.ever. (Still do!)

During one visit, Tim promised he’d take me mini-golfing. (Remember, he can drive and has a job. I’m 10 and think a quarter is a lot of money.) Instead of taking me, he set up a cup in the house, gave me a putter, set a golf ball like, 10 feet away from the cup, and told me he would only take me mini-golfing if I made 3 putts in a row.

I tried. Missed them all. And was sufficiently traumatized for life.

(By the way, he eventually took me. He just waited it out a littttttle too long.)

This was when my mom and I visited Tim in Manhattan Beach. I was probably 19 or 20 and was wicked awesome at styling my own hair. 😐

2.  During one of my trips out to San Diego to visit Tim, we went to a wine bar to meet up with a couple of his buddies. One of Tim’s favorite phrases is “Doh!” so he was trying to convince his friend that he was a writer on the Simpsons for 3 years. The conversation went like this:

  • Friend to me: Did Tim write for The Simpsons for 3 years?
  • Me: Well, it was more like 2 1/2 years.
  • Tim: True, there was the 6 month internship.

We were laughing over it later on but didn’t realize he actually believed us. He called my sister-in-law the next day to confirm with her.

Lesson learned: If it sounds too amazing to be true and it’s coming from our mouths, it probably is.

3. If you’ve been reading this blog for a little bit, of course you know this had to make the list. My brother gave me away at my wedding. Smile

Thanks for stepping in when Dad couldn’t make it, Big Bro.

Us at dinner after the wedding.

Honorable Mention: Tim taking me to my first R-rated movie. Well, not the first one I had ever seen, but the first one where he considered me “old enough” that I was worthy of seeing an R-rated movie with him without yelling “boobies!” if I saw them. It was Rainman.

Do you remember the first R-rated movie you saw? I remember the first one everyone in my family took me too. Mom (Cocktail), Dad (Nuts with Nick Nolte and Barbara Streisand), and Tom (Link – a monkey-horror movie with Elisabeth Shue).

Yeah, “Watch” isn’t in my blog title for nothing.


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Three Things Thursday

These are three things I’ve learned this week.

1. I love protein shakes, or green monsters, or whatever you want to call them. I call them “a scoop of Pure Protein Cookies and Crème protein power, 1/2 cup of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, 1/2 banana, a handful of spinach, and crushed ice.”

I know that’s a long name. People usually stop listening to me at “protein powder.”

I also love my magic bullet. And that's not a euphemism, you perv.

2. Covering up a bruised toenail does not make the bruised toenail better. (I thought that was polish at first and kept trying to take it off.)

How to Draw More Attention to Your Monkey Toe 101

Don’t worry, I have an obscene amount of nail polish to cover it up again.

3. I seriously have a lot to learn when it comes to fueling for a race.  (Thanks for the article, Tiff)

What have YOU learned this week? And if it’s anything good about running, tell me now please because I have another race coming up in a week.


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Three Things Thursday

(last night’s) Workout: Ran outside 7.1 miles (67 min) (9:25 pace)

Houston, we have a problem.

I had a little Garmin issue at mile 5. I stopped to fix it and thought I had pressed pause, but no such luck. I’m happy with my pace on this run overall, but it was really hard to maintain. Doing that for another 6 miles sounds pretty torturous at the moment. So, that worries me about the Gasparilla Half Marathon on Sunday.


I didn’t exactly get to TV Tuesday this week, so I thought I’d make Three Things Thursday about TV! Clearly watching 5 hours of it a day isn’t enough for me, so I have to talk about it too.

Today’s three things are TV shows that were awesome, but cancelled too early.

I could go on and on about Veronica Mars and Dead Like Me, but I won’t…because I already did. All of these shows barely made it 2 seasons. I’m pretty sure I shed tears for each one of them while eating a gallon of ice cream with a wooden spoon to comfort myself.

1.  Pushing Daisies


This show is so cute it’s ridiculous. It’s like bunnies snuggling in oversized tea cups.

This show is a comedy/drama about Ned – a man who has the power to bring people back to life by touching them. If he touches the person again, they die…again. If he doesn’t touch them within a minute of bringing them back to life, someone in the vicinity of where they are will die.

Ned uses his power to help find the killers of those who were murdered (by temporarily bringing the murdered person back to life, asking him or her questions, and fulfilling their last wish). Helping Ned is along the way is a private detective (Chi McBride) and Ned’s childhood love, Charlotte (Anna Friel), who was dead…but Ned brought her back to life…so he can’t touch her…or she’ll die again.

This is getting complicated.

Just watch it.

2.  Samantha Who?

This sitcom (no laugh track, whew) stars Christina Applegate as a woman who suffers from amnesia. She’s forced to find out who she really was before she lost her memory and what she learns is that she wasn’t a good person.

This show is really funny and really cute. It co-stars Melissa McCarthy (Sookie on Gilmore Girls!) as one of Samatha’s friends, and Barry Watson (hottie from 7th Heaven!) as her on again/off again boyfriend.

The cast of this show just works together really well and the episodes have that perfect mixture of funny and heartwarming (I think Cougar Town has that too. Go watch that one now while it’s still on the air so I don’t have to cry myself to sleep if it gets cancelled).

3.  Party Down


You’ve probably never heard of this show. And that’s because it was on the Starz network and no one gives a crap about that station. I think.

Anyway, the best way to describe this show is The Office but with caterers. This one is about a bunch of out of work actors who are working as caterers while trying to make it big. This show is hilarious and vulgar, and it’s so great.

It was created by Rob Thomas, who created Veronica Mars, so a bunch of actors from VM either star in or guest star in this show (including Kristen Bell). Jane Lynch also starred in the first season until Glee stole her away – because Glee is evil.  

This show is definitely worth checking out and it’s on watch instantly on Netflix if you have that.

What is a TV show you loved that was cancelled too soon? (You can’t say Firefly because everyone says Firefly. Oh, and you can’t say FlashForward either, because that show sucked.) 🙂

P.S. Hubs just won us tickets to see Wicked tonight! Fun!


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