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My Newest Addiction

On Sunday, I went out for my first run of the new year at Lake Underhill Park.

I forgot to charge my Garmin, so I think I ran 10 miles around a 10:30 pace. Or if you ask my RunKeeper app, the speed work I’ve only been thinking of starting has really been paying off.

The run was decent until the last couple miles when my right foot started hurting again. I should have layed off the long runs for more than a week because now I’m limping again. Anyway, I’m terrible at taking scenery pictures, but I got a couple of winners during my run.

I also signed up for a local race in March, my first 10k (plus 2).

In other news, I’m taking this week off of work. I’ve been regretting not taking time off during the holidays, so I guess after the holidays will have to do. I’ve been using my time wisely by nursing my new addiction that  started a couple days ago thanks to my best friend.

Between Christmas gifts and a trip to the store today, that’s not even all of them. I realize no one needs that many new shoes. But it’s like once you start, you can’t stop. Shoes are like the Pringles of the fashion world. Now this video has been in my head all day. (That’s not safe for work…or people who have actual senses of humor.)

I also just finished Season 6 of Weeds. The whole season 7 was on Showtime on-demand last week and now only the first 4 episodes are there. So annoying. Does anyone else watch Weeds? Why is Silas not in every movie and TV show?

He is so pretty. And legal. Not that I checked or anything. We should go back in time and cast him in The Hunger Games. Someone make that happen.

Ok, time for me to go back to zero productivity for the day. I’m sure I’ll regret that sooner than later.


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