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By the Numbers

I had a good weekend. So good that this post is almost complaint free. Almost.

1. On Thursday, Michelle, Jackie (our mutual co-worker/friend), and I went to see a sneak preview of Pitch Perfect (< — that’s a link to the trailer).

It’s a musical comedy and for the  most part, I do not like musicals. There are exceptions of course (Sound of Music, Grease, Chicago, Moulin Rouge), but I just don’t need my movie characters breaking into song. I also avoid Glee and Smash like it’s my job. With that said, I loved this movie. Right after it ended, I thought, this is what Glee should be. The music was awesome and not cheesy (which I think is what Glee suffers from) and it was so much funnier than I thought it was going to be. All three of us loved it, so if you have a chance, check it out. It opens October 5th.

2. Saturday I went for a run with my old group and I was so happy to be back. I had a great run. Finally! I complained about my other group to the pace leaders for the first mile. Then I caught up to the faster girls in the group and ran with them. I finished with a 10:38 average pace.

That pace included three minutes of walking, so if you just count my running pace, it’s the same as when I run with my other group. I love running with Brad but I just can’t go back. The other group makes me miserable.

3.  Saturday night, we threw a party for hub’s birthday. My favorite part of having parties at the house is that they send hubs in this manic cleaning frenzy. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. I mean, I saw him turn on the vacuum and actually use it. Then he dusted. Then he put all his laundry away. Then he cleaned the pool and made a trip to the grocery store. It was like a Christmas miracle! I can’t think of anything that would make it better.

Oh wait, yes I can.

4.  A party also means we need to move Pants’ giant cage into the gym so it looks like real adults live in our house. We feel bad when she’s in there because we have to lock her in the cage, but she took to it pretty well this time.

Poor polar bear didn’t have a chance.

5.  I took exactly zero pictures at the party, which was a big fail on my part. Also a fail? I dropped my phone in the toilet. It worked for about an hour afterwards but then died. It was fun to see the look on a few of my friend’s faces when they grabbed the phone, tried to fix it, and THEN asked what happened.


So now I’m phoneless for a couple days. A new one should be coming in the mail tomorrow. < — thank you insurance

6. I found a beer that I love that is not Bud Light.

It tastes like pumpkin pie in a beer. Beer pie. Delicious.

7.  Hubs and I finished season 1 of The Wire last night.

I know a lot of you love this show and while I appreciate the writing and acting, I think it’s really hard to get into. I wasn’t very interested in what was happening until the last three episodes of the season. There are so many characters, it’s ridiculous. Personally, I think too many characters is a downfall (ahem, Heroes) because it takes longer to get invested in them. I feel like the characters I did love (Omar, Bubbs), didn’t have a lot of screentime.

After we finished season 1, we were curious how they would pick up with season 2. So we watched half of the first episode and it was s.l.o.w. Hubs said he’s not sure he wants to continue watching and I’m not sure I can watch another season where the payoff is in the last three episodes.

What’s the best season for you Wire lovers out there?

8. To top off the weekend, looky who won another Emmy. 🙂

He’s so cute.



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Weekend Things

It’s been one of those weekends. It hasn’t been bad but it also hasn’t been necessarily good or productive so it feels like a waste. I never have weekends that are completely free of plans, so I feel like I squandered this one by not doing more. I don’t even know what would have made it better. I just know I was too lazy to do anything about it so instead, I’ll complain.

Hubs has been working from home all weekend, so we’ve mostly stayed in. Since he’s been working and I have been bored for the first time in years, I decided to work on the blog a bit. I changed all of the pages at the top and added some new sub-menus.

There’s a new page for Crossfit workouts, a blogroll, and one for Bunnypants. Diva gets her own page.

I also added my Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter feeds to my Facebook page. So, basically you can follow me everywhere by just following me on Facebook. Fancy, eh?

Saturday after my meh run, hubs and I went to lunch at a burger joint downtown called Hamburger Mary’s. We had the place to ourselves.

I’ve been wanting to go to Hamburger Mary’s for awhile now. They were voted one of Orlando’s best burgers, plus they have a drag show on Saturday nights that I really want to see. I tried to get reservations for my birthday this year, but you have to reserve the show six weeks in advance. Crazy. We settled for lunch (without a drag show) since the only thing that can make me happy after running 10 miles is shoving a burger in my face.

It did not disappoint. I pretty much love this place now and want to raise all my babies there. The burgers were so good, we didn’t even mind paying $7.00 for downtown garage parking. I had the Blue Boy Burger (bacon and bleu cheese).

It.was.ridiculous. I want to go back there and eat all the things.

After we were done, our check came to us in a high heel. You know, normal everyday stuff.

Saturday night, hubs and I watched a movie called V/H/S.  The movie started out with a lot of potential but then went straight in the crapper.

It’s about a group of guys who are hired to steal a VHS tape from a house. Once they get there, they watch the tape (of course), which has a bunch of weird video footage filmed with a hand-held camera. Each piece of footage is a new story. Imagine Tales from the Crypt and Blair Witch Project having a movie baby, and you have this movie.

Once the guys watch these tapes, weird things start to happen in the house. So the story goes back and forth from what’s on the tapes to what’s happening with the guys in the house. Several of the stories were seriously creepy, but the movie was 30 minutes too long so I got tired of watching them. Then, I was waiting for all the stories on the tapes and the story of the guys in the house to tie together somehow but they never did. At all. The movie just ended which was super lame.

Not so lame? Getting to see my bestie last night. Smile

We met up at Ale House for a couple drinks since neither of us worked today. I had to put off watching the Breaking Bad finale (<— omg, did you watch?!) for three whole hours, which is basically like 80 million years in Breaking Bad time.

She’s lucky I like her.


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Doing Nothing is Hard

This weekend was tiring and I’m not even sure I did that much. Yesterday, Morgan, Don, and the hubs went to Cocoa Beach for the day. I decided to stay home and be lazy. I did close to nothing and I’m still tired. Interesting how that works.

I hung out by the pool with my Nook.

Bring the eyes up, folks. Nothing to see there.

At the pool, I started reading Bossypants by Tina Fey.

I’ve only read about 30 pages so far, but I have to say I’m not that into it. While I love Tina Fey and think she’s hilarious, I don’t really care about her “yellow” versus brunette hair rant or who she hung out with at summer camp when she was 12. I’ll give it one more chance, but so far it’s just not engrossing enough for my ADD.

Reading for a half hour by the pool took a lot out of me, so I immediately took a nap afterwards. When I got up, I ran 4 miles on the treadmill at a 10:00 pace just so I can say I did something other than drink beer and shove food in my mouth all weekend.

After my run, everyone was home from the beach. So we all met up with our friend Carolyn for dinner at Fuji Yama Sushi where I resumed shoving food in my mouth.

When I was about to pay the bill because I am a sugar mama, I realized I left my debit card at Stigma the night before. So we had to drive downtown to get it. 😦 I blame the big, delicious beer.

This morning a guy at work that I don’t know told me I look very “Bohemian.” When I had no response, he told me that was a good thing. I think I made him uncomfortable because he then told me about a movie he saw over the weekend. It was about some kid that could only understand people through music and the dad had to learn to talk to his son in his own “music” language. I thought this was going to relate to Bohemians at some point, but it didn’t. He just told me the movie was good and walked away. Now I can’t get “What I Am” from Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians out of my head.

And because this post doesn’t have nearly enough pictures of me, this is for you, Angie. Bohemian?

Oh, and someone special has a birthday today. This little girl!

We got that sweet thing on September 24th two years ago when she was 8 weeks old, so I designated August 1 as her birthday since we don’t know the actual date. Happy Birthday Pants!

For her birthday next year, she’s really hoping to have three chins. She was only able to manage two this year.


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Things That Happened This Weekend

Besides the wild party Friday night, the body fat percentage win on Saturday, and the great run Sunday morning, here are the things that happened this weekend.

Hubs and I liked Red Star Tavern so much the first time, we went again and took some friends. Food happened.

The most amazing Greek Chicken Sandwich happened (topped with spinach, tomato, goat cheese, tzatziki, black olives, cucumber, and puppy souls). Also, eating that sandwich so fast I forgot to take a picture until it looked like a huge steaming pile happened:

At Gators, my first salad with fruit on top happened.

Note #1: Normally, I hate fruit on salads but today I was feeling saucy. Or fruity, I guess.
Note #2: Raisins and Craisins are not fruit. They are “happiness beans.”

Finding the one thing I will leave my husband for happened:

Try it. You won’t want your husband anymore either. Anyone know where I can find that stuff so I can make it legal? (Oh, and don’t say Trader Joes because we don’t have one here.)

Cake Batter frozen yogurt with Oreos, brownie bites, and cheesecake bites happened. Twice.

Movie watching happened:

Movie ratings at their finest, right there. I think they should do that with all movie posters so we know what were getting into. Oh, and there totally were strings attached.

Reading happened:

Bangs happened:

Asking my husband to take a picture of me happened:

I like how I look like I’m either being drawn into the light or probed.
The third one is the “probed” one. I’m all smiles for that.

Do you like fruit on salads? (I’ll admit, I ate most of the Mandarin oranges seperate from the salad (and dipped them in the hub’s apple vinaigrette). I’m still not used to salads being sweet.)


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Weekend Recap

This weekend has been pretty chill and plan free as far as weekends go. Usually my weekends are jam-packed with plans and I never get anything done around the house, which makes my work week more relaxing than the weekend.

Well, this weekend I feel like I got a lot of stuff done around the house including making my flower bed go from this:

To this:

I think those new plants get fairly big, so I didn’t want to crowd it with more plants until I know for sure. It’s not done, but it’s much better.

This weekend, I also finished the book I started on the flight out to California last weekend, Unwind by Neal Shusterman. Michelle recommended this one to me a long time ago.

Unwind was awesome. I loved it! It’s a young adult book along the lines of The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner and it’s a super fast read. There was one scene in the book that I thought was seriously disturbing, and I don’t often think that with books. I think it’s because I don’t really have that great of an imagination and a lot of times books are what your mind makes of them.

Next up on my read list:

Master your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels. I’ve been wanting to read this one forever.

Book 10 of the Sookie Stackhouse Series. I bought this one awhile ago and it’s been waiting patiently on my Nook.

Bossypants by Tina Fey

That cover seriously creeps me out. Am I the only one? I’m not much of a reader so it usually takes long plane rides or chemical peels, that make me stay in all weekend because I look like Goldmember, to actually pick up a book.

Speaking of books, Michelle started a virtual book club. If you’re interested in joining, head on over to her blog. She just picked the first book for June.

Lastly, I just got back from seeing Bridesmaids.

EVERYONE is saying this movie is crazy hilarious. While I thought it was very funny and cute, I didn’t think it was hilarious. (Although, there was one scene that I laughed so hard I cried.) Honestly, I was tearing up most of the movie because I felt so bad for Kristin Wiig’s character. So, I thought the movie had more heart than being drop-dead funny.

Also, it was awesome to see Kristen Wiig play normal instead of one of her whacky SNL characters. She’s a really great actress in this movie, which I didn’t expect. So, go see it. You’ll love it if you’re a man or a woman.  Or a man-woman. They’ll love it too.


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Weekend Timeline

I flew back from San Diego yesterday (and boy are my arms tired). I’ll be here all night, folks! 😉

I didn’t get to blog much over the weekend, so I thought I would do a weekend timeline and sum up the interesting parts instead of doing a bunch of individual posts. So, here we go.


3:00pm:  Leave for the airport.

4:00pm: Take the shuttle to the wrong terminal at OIA. (Letting my awesome shine through.)

6:30pm: Arrive at Dallas/Ft. Worth airport.

7:00pm: Arrive at my next gate and wait for the plane to board.

7:10pm: Tweet something no one else seems to notice.

7:15pm: Get helpful advice from my friend Jim.

9:45pm: Arrive in San Diego, about 25 minutes later than scheduled. Find my brother waiting for me outside baggage claim.

10:15pm: Arrive at 4th and B downtown.

10:20pm: We couldn’t have made better time. The headliner (TV on the Radio) hadn’t come on yet, so the big bro bought tickets to the show.We got a drink and the band came on about 10 minutes later.

The place was really cool inside with all sorts of fun paintings (not pictures) for sale on the wall.

TV on the Radio was surprisingly good. I thought they would be more mellow from what I had sampled from them the day before, but they were pretty rockin’.

We’re pretty sure we had a forgetful bartender, because we’d order one drink and get two. Or three.

In case you’re wondering, those are vodka and soda. They taste like crap, so I put Crystal Light in them.

12:30am: Show ends (That’s 3:30am Florida time in case you’re not keeping track.)

1:00am: Brother suggests going out for a beer. Sugar Free Red Bull says sister is wide awake and ready to go!

1:20am: Stop at a place close to home. Meet a guy named Coconut at the bar that works at Miyabi (a Japanese Steakhouse next door) as a cook. He tells my brother he’s “not that good.”

2:15am: Arrive home. Ready for bed. That’s 5:15am Florida time.


10:00am: Wake up

10:10am: Brother tells me to get ready. The SIL wants to go work out.

11:00am: Arrive with the SIL for a boxing class.

We took an hour long class that included ab work at the beginning, lots of punch sequences, along with push ups, burpees, squats, running, and wall sits.

The class was fun but a little on the disorganized side.

12:00pm: Head back home to shower. Notice this gem in my room.

Not weird at all.

1:30pm: Head over to my Mom’s place.

3:00pm: Go out to lunch at Souplantation and eat mass quantities of salad.

5:00pm: Nap time.

6:30pm: Meet my brother out at El Torito, a great Mexican restaurant, for dinner with the family. (Best guacamole I’ve ever had.)

I had the Fresh Chicken. That corn ball thing is THE JAM. It’s like what corn bread is trying to be but failing miserably. So good. Corn bread…take note.

My brother had fajitas that included the largest spoon known to mankind.

8:30pm: Head over to Mom’s place. (That’s her in the pink behind me. Tell her to wear more pink, it looks good on her!)

9:00pm: Bedtime.


6:30am: Awake. ugh.

6:45am: Go for a run. 6.25 miles circling around hilly ass neighborhoods I didn’t know.

8:00am: Write my one lone weekend blog post about my run.

10:30am: Leave to catch the Coaster train downtown with my Mom.

This one was my Mom’s idea. “Lay on the tracks. That would be funny and not dangerous at all.”

The train arrived and the trip downtown took about 40 minutes.

It was misting and gloomy in the morning, but we still got some great views from the Coaster.

Once we arrived downtown, we walked around for a little bit. San Diego is definitely ready for the Rock n Roll Marathon on June 5th. There were signs everywhere that made me sad I’m not running it.


We ended up at Horton Plaza, a crazy awesome outdoor mall.

Instead of finding that new and unique lunch spot, I found one of the crappiest salads I’ve ever had. The Chop Salad from California Crisp.

Mom had some sushi from another place that was way better, so I stole some of it.

After lunch, we walked back to the train station to catch the trolley and then catch the bus to Balboa Park.

3:00pm: Became San Diego mass transit masters.

We walked around Balboa Park for a few hours and took lots of pictures.


Casa del Prado Theatre.

The Spanish Village Art Studio

Watching the Carousel.

8:00pm: Finally made it home

9:00pm: Happy Hour with the big bro at the same spot we met Coconut. No Coconut this time. Just lots of tequila and beer.

12:00am: Bedtime


8:00am: Arrive at the airport for the flight home.


8:45am: More helpful advice from Jim.

7:30pm:  Hubs picks me up at the airport.

8:00pm: Get home to a house where the Hubs mopped all the tile flooring, cleaned all the laminate flooring, washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, bought a new patio set we’ve had our eye on, put up a ceiling fan in the office we’ve been wanting forever, and generally cleaned the entire house. < —– Awesome

11:00pm: Bedtime


So, that was my weekend. It was jam-packed busy, but I had so much fun and I loved seeing my family. (Thanks for all the hospitality Mom, Big Bro, and Janis.)

I usually don’t suffer from jet lag, but I’ve been up since 4:30am this morning because I can’t sleep. It’s 6:00am now and I need to take a shower and get ready for work. *sigh* I should have taken an additional day off work but instead I’ll just look like a zombie today. It’s a good look.

What’s the last awesome thing your significant other did for you?


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Weekend Recap

This weekend was packed with plans, as usual, but I didn’t take many pictures. So I thought I would just recap the whole weekend at once with the few random shots I did take.

First, before the weekend started, plus 10 wife points were received and banked. Who’s the best wife?!

I bought hubs this cute stuffed bunny and tied some treats to it with a ribbon. By treats, I mean Cracker Jacks and a Pure Protein bar. Gotta keep my man’s muscles in tact.

How to win wife points while still keeping your man thin and good looking:

Friday started off with a few errands. I had to return the pink purse I bought at Old Navy. I couldn’t open the purse because the drawstring on it was stuck and even unopened it was the size of a diaper bag.

I will start carrying huge purses when I actually need to put diapers in them. Not before.

Later that day, hubs and I went costume shopping for our friend Monte’s Star Wars themed birthday party on Saturday. I ran into this gem of a hat:

Why can’t they have chicken hats in Star Wars? It took all my will power not to spend $30 on that hat.

Friday night, the hubs and I met up with my BFF, Lisa, and our friend Tyler at a smokey but fun bar called Holly and Dollys.

Gratuitous BFF shot.

I didn’t get many pictures from the night, but I did get a good one of Lisa and Tyler.

Saturday, we hit up Crossfit in the morning for our Spartan workout and then ran around town looking for last minute items for the hubs to wear to the party that we couldn’t get the day before.

Before the party, we met up with our friend Klainie to chill for a few hours at her house. Klainie has a daughter who likes Barbie, and Ken was sitting out. So, I gave him a frito.

Then Klainie encouraged my weird behavior by bringing out a Barbie that looked like The Bieber and Bella from Twilight.

Beibs got a grape. Bella got a carrot stick with dip.

It took a little while to set these up. Totally normal behavior for a 34-year old.

While we were there, Klainie did the hub’s makeup for his costume. He was “Darth Party.”

I was a half-assed attempt at Princess Leia.

Not an awkward picture at all. And I know. You can’t tell which is my real hair and which isn’t. The color match is uncanny.

Everyone at the party was trying to guess what decorations were put up for the party and what was normal decoration because his house is FILLED with all sorts of Star Wars memorabilia including life-size cardboard cutouts, framed pictures, toys, figurines, magazines, and even his dining room cabinet has those old school McDonald’s Star Wars glasses displayed.

There was even a Jell-O shot in the shape of Darth Vader’s head.

If there’s anything Monte loves more than Star Wars, it’s Guinness. I pity the day when Monte has to make Sofie’s Choice between the two.

Today is all about work and chores, so I need to get on with those. Smile

Do you like dressing up in costume? (Love it! Halloween is the BEST.)

What’s your least favorite chore? (I’m going to say gardening since it’s the one I put off the most. But I have to scrub my shower walls today and I’m not looking forward to that either.)


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