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I Love BJs

Yesterday was a good day. 🙂

After the Hubs got home from work, we went to dinner at BJs Brewhouse (Birthday Girl’s choice).

We got almost exactly the same thing as last time because it was so amazing and we didn’t want to screw up a good thing. I forgot my camera, so please excuse the reuse.

We had Chicken Lettuce Wraps as an appetizer:

Creole Tilapia for the main course.

And the Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Pizookie for dessert.

(That’s a pizza cookie by the way, and if you haven’t had one before, run don’t walk to BJ’s and get one.)

I was a little worried about the walnut part of the dessert since I hate them, but I couldn’t taste them at all. It was DELICIOUS. Like, TOO delicious. We ate half the dessert and then walked out. 😦

After dinner, we went to see X-Men: First Class.

It was really good and I loved how it tied into the other X-Men movies. I could nerd out on the different actors in the movie, like Jennifer Lawrence as Mystic and how I think I’m going to love her in The Hunger Games now. Or how one of the actors was the same chick from Bridesmaids and Insidious…but I won’t.

Ok, I will. 


The only thing that annoyed me is how much James McAvoy did this:

We get it. You’re using your powers and the ole finger-to-the-temple signifies that. But really, did you have to do it ALL the time?

Speaking of, I love me some James McAvoy. Is it the accent? Is it the blue eyes? Is it the fact that if I saw him at a bar, I’m pretty sure I could hit that? I don’t know.

Now, I’m back to work. It was so nice having a day off randomly in the middle of the week. Now just two more work days till the Katy Perry concert on Thursday. 🙂

Who do you love that’s not an obvious heart throb? (Besides James McAvoy, I love Topher Grace. I’m sure Michelle will remind me of the others I love in the comments. Hee.)

What’s your favorite comic book movie? (X-Men 2 hands down. Hulk is second – the first one with Eric Bana, not the Ed Norton one. Dark Knight is probably 3rd for me. Don’t judge my placement of Dark Knight. This is my blog! 🙂 )


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