Toronto Island and Other Toronto-y Stuff

Originally I was going to write a post about the last several stops of my work travel, but after a weekend in Toronto, my trips to Alamagordo and Clovis, New Mexico don’t seem as exciting. I did find a pretty sweet salad wagon (a salad bar in a movable, covered wagon) in Clovis, but that was as exciting as it got – unless your into hearing about my fiber consumption. So, Toronto it is.

Hubs and I arrived in Toronto around 4:00 pm to visit our friends Lindsey and Evan. Several months ago, I heard Cely was visiting Lindsey on Labor Day weekend, so I got in on that action and visited three friends for the price of one! Evan picked hubs and I up from the airport while Cely and Lindsey sat and waited for us patiently in silence having no fun whatsoever.

When we arrived at Lindsey and Evan’s condo, we were kindly greeted by her fridge.

We were all pretty hungry,  so dinner was our first line of business. We walked to a place where I had delicious cabbage rolls and perogies. I even took a picture of my food for a potential blog post but I posted it on my Instagram story and forgot to save it. I prefer Snapchat but Lindsey informed me that Snapchat is for old people and I should stop using it immediately. So Cely and Lindsey were teaching me the Instagram ways all weekend. Long story short, you can’t see my cabbage rolls.

After dinner, we went to The Lockhart – a Harry Potter themed bar.

I ordered a “Better Beer” – I guess it’s better (and not butter) because it has tequila in it. But not enough if you ask me. It was still delicious and I’ll take a roasted marshmallow any day of the week.

Lindsey and Cely got a pitcher of Better Beer, as one should. (Don’t go to the bathroom first thing if you’re ever with them at a bar, they order fast!)

Several drinks were enjoyed (responsibly) and the rest of the night consisted of us going to several other bars that were all awkward in their own way. Bad taxidermy? Sure! Guys in stylish Home Depot jackets? You betcha!  The night ended super late – around 4:00am – but a bit earlier for Cely as she has this ninja way of disappearing quickly into bed before anyone else knows what happened.

The next day, we made our way over to Toronto Island.

Hubs representing himself.

Toronto Island is BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL. We all ate meat and cheese at a picnic table with the best view of the city. It did not disappoint.

We walked around the island to check out all the sites and enjoy the perfect weather. I also finally got to try a Beaver Tail, one of the two foods that eluded me on my last trip to Toronto.

A Beaver Tail is basically an Elephant Ear (or a funnel cake – whatever you like to call it) with toppings. Hubs got hazelnut and I got vanilla icing with Oreo crumbles.

Delicious. But if I had to choose, I’d take a butter tart any day over a Beaver Tail. It’s these things I go to Toronto to discover about myself.

After the Beaver Tails, we went on the sky ride (for lack of a better name). Can you spy Lindsey and Cely behind us?

The ride took us over most of the island including the petting zoo where I found this lovely, leisuring llama.

Delightful views.

And these two jokers on the way back.

After our day at Toronto Island, we went back to Lindsey’s condo to meet up with Evan (who had to work that day) and head to the cottage. The cottage was a good time. More on that later!


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4 responses to “Toronto Island and Other Toronto-y Stuff

  1. Melissa

    Where can I get myself a shirt with FF’s face on it? Need!

  2. OMG you blogged!!!
    This made me so happy. I have missed your snarky style.

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