Special Orders

Have you ever had one of those days when you are starving all day long no matter how much you eat? Today is that day for me. I’m so hungry, I’m going to make up a new word for it right now. Ridicu-hungry.

Breakfast started out innocently enough with my normal oatmeal smoothie (lower sugar apples and cinnamon instant oatmeal, yogurt, unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, and crushed ice). I got to work and forgot I had a Reeses Peanut Butter egg waiting for me, so I ate that. Then I got an IM from the hubs that he has fresh chocolate chip cookies in his office. Um, don’t mind if I do!  Shortly before lunch, breakfast 2 happened (english muffin with PB & J and cinnamon).

For lunch, Hubs and I went to Orlando Ale House – our favorite spot to eat because you can special order anything on the menu – which we do. We shared the cup of chili for an appetizer, special ordered of course (minus the cheese, add jalapenos). They really jipped us on the jalapenos this time. Usually we can’t see the chili. Rude.

Hubs ordered the 35 fried shrimp dinner with fries, but special ordered with the shrimp grilled instead of fried and a plain baked potato instead of fries.

I ordered the zinger tacos, but special ordered with grilled chicken instead of fried and the hot sauce and bleu cheese dressing on the side. Usually I order no cheese too, but it’s Thursday and I’m feeling crazy. Crazy like a fox.

I ate almost all the rice and beans, 2 of the tacos, and the chicken out of the third taco. Then I pretended the lettuce and tomatoes in the third taco was a salad and ate that with the bleu cheese.

After lunch, the Holy Grail of desserts happened. My favorite dessert in.the.world. So far, at least. Behold the “Captain Jack’s Buried Treasure.” Even spoons sparkle in its presence.

That, my friends, is an Oreo and Heath ice cream pie with an Oreo crust. Somehow they manage to shove caramel up in there too.

Usually it’s sitting in a thick bed of melted chocolate, but we ordered it without the chocolate. Yeah. We special order our desserts too. But no chocolate on the bottom makes it healthy, right?

(Only answer option available: YES.)

Now, I’m thinking about opening the Easter basket I won yesterday and seeing how many Peeps I can shove in my mouth at once. I’d light them on fire like Tiffany suggested, but I don’t think that would fly at the office.

After telling you about my food extravaganza, I suppose I should admit that I’m going to cancel my gym membership at Planet Fitness this week. Planet Fitness is super cheap ($10 a month) but doesn’t offer spin classes and I really, really want to go back to spin. I miss it. So much. So I’m on the lookout for a new gym.

On a random topic, because it’s almost Easter, I’m going to make you look at my bunny sitting in her box last night.


Please don’t judge her double chin. She’s working on it.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any cuter, check her out watching TV with daddy.

Sooooooo sweet.

Do you special order food at restaurants? (I do it for EVERYTHING at every restaurant. It’s just easiest at Ale House.) What’s your favorite dessert at a restaurant? (I love the Captain the best, but I also love the Chocolate Volcano from Don Pablos.)


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15 responses to “Special Orders

  1. Crazy like a fox haha! Love it. Thanks to YOU, my favorite dessert at a restaurant is the Chocolate Calzone at Tu Tu Tango! 🙂 Unfortunately (maybe fortunately, for my waistline) I can only get it when I’m visiting FL…

  2. Becky

    Haha…you had to go to ALE HOUSE, considering you cannot tonight…bet you couldn’t get it out of your mind. Crossfit will save you from yourself tonight, though. 😉 You sure make food look good now that you have my camera’s twin. 😉 And, yes, you should share so many cute pics of your bunny up until Monday…so we call can see Georgia’s cuteness!

  3. Becky

    And EAT is the first word in your blog…hehe…EAT, then WATCH, then RUN! 😉

  4. Tiffy Smells

    It’s a roasted ‘mallow with caramelized sugar!!! It’s worth setting off the smoke detectors!! Do.it.

  5. 2blu2btru

    I special order EVERYTHING–drives my bf crazy, but I figure if I’m (er, he’s) paying for it, then I should get exactly what I want.

    My favorite restaurant desert is the Cheesecake Factory’s Caramel something cheesecake. Vanilla bean and classic are good, too. I’m allergic to chocolate (yes. I’ll wait while you faint with horror…), so my desert options are sadly limited. Anything with caramel is going down, though. LOVE caramel.

  6. Wait, you special ordered something to come without chocolate??? If the rest of this food didn’t look so amazing I’d have to unfollow you 🙂

    That does look amazing though. And I am a bottomless pit every day, so I definitely understand!

  7. Oh wow now I’m STARVING, thanks. And I’m starving for dessert… I can’t honestly remember the last time I ordered dessert at a restaurant. Wait yes I can… it was a flour-less chocolate cake and it was… odd.

  8. Holy shiz, I need to find that cake/pie thing somewhere fast. Drool is literally running down my face. At work. You are cruel to taunt me with all of that yummy food! I think a trip to Orlando is in order!

  9. tra

    before you make peep smores (set them ABLAZE) you might save some for this:


    just a thought. and your bunny is just too cute. i wants one now. hahah.

    i love how you switch up the order at a restaurant. because ordering straight from the menu is so prosaic.

  10. Don Pablos Sopapillas used to be my favorite, but the one here close a couple years ago. I REALLY like the Volcano at Rain Forest Cafe!!!

  11. OMG, all that food looks delish. I have been an eating fool for a few weeks now. My ever expanding waist line wishes I would stop!

    Since my daughter and I eat gluten free we ask lots of questions and tend to do a lot of special ordering!

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