12 Mile Steam Bath

This post is going to be a bitchfest. I’ll be happy next post, I swear.   Maybe.

Saturday was the long run with my running group. I decided to run with my old (slower) group because they were meeting in Winter Park and I’m too lazy to drive to Apopka at 5 in the morning. Here’s how it went:

1. That 12 mile run was supposed to be 14. At about 9 1/2 miles, I was done with running forever. The only reason I did 12 is because I had to get back to my car and it was 2 1/2 miles away.

2. I walked one mile of the 12. I may have walked more, who knows. But my overall pace was 11:27. Toward the end of the run, there was a girl who was having stomach problems, so I walked with her to keep her company. I could have ran more, but I didn’t want to so I used her stomach issues as an excuse.

3. The humidity here is a bitch. Every breath I took felt like I had just swam underwater and was coming up for that first breath of air. Every breath. I’m not sure how everyone else runs in the humidity like it’s not that bad because it’s “early in the morning” or because it “seems less humid today than yesterday,” but I can’t do it.

4. Fourteen of the 40 people from my old group showed up for the run. They just happened to be the faster part of the group, which means I was having a hard time keeping up…again.

Oh, I almost got lost again until the girl with the stomach issues told me where to go.

5.  Next week’s run is 18 miles and I have no idea how I’m going to do it. Let’s face it, I don’t know how I’m going to do 26.2 miles and the more long runs I do, the crappier this marathon is sounding.

6.  This may be my only full marathon. The time required to train and the 3 and 4am wakeup calls on Saturday morning suck. Just trying to fit all the runs in my schedule is a challenge and it stresses me out when I miss one because I have to stay at work late or some other lame life priority.

I could always do 16 miles on the treadmill like this crazy girl, or just stick to half marathons like this girl.

7. I have 2 1/2 more months of training left until the marathon. I figure that’s around 50 hours or more of actual running. That’s more than a typical work week. I could cook 12 1/2 ten-pound turkeys in that time (I looked it up). Not that I cook. But I’d be willing to learn to cook turkeys if it meant I didn’t need to run for 50 hours.

8. I may need to reevaluate my marathon goals. A 4:30 finish time sounds pretty laughable right now.

9.  Ok, so one good thing came out of this run. It’s my third run in a row with no stomach problems. I’m actually pretty excited about this. Now if I could only run without dying, I’d be set.

10.  I hit 100 miles for the month of July. That’s a personal distance record for the month. 🙂

One last thing, reader Prudence emailed me this cool link. It has the running playlists of a bunch of people including Kara Goucher. It’s fun to see what celebrities actually listen to. I ran across Alanis Morissette’s playlist while I was browsing that link and noticed this song on her playlist.

That’s one thing I haven’t tried. Maybe listening to me sing myself a song might keep me moving out there.


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34 responses to “12 Mile Steam Bath

  1. Aaaaand THAT is why I will never do a full marathon. This post. Right here. I will forever refer people to this post when they ask me why I don’t train for longer distances.

    I burn out at about 11 miles myself, which makes even half marathons pretty brutal at the end.

    • Dammit! I just started to write the EXACT same first sentence but then my computer scrolled up. Thankfully it did because it would have looked like I was ripping Katy off … again.

      But, as I was going to say, this is exactly what I’m afraid any distance training would be like for me. But you at least have me beat — I never, ever would get up at 3 a.m. to run. Nope. Just couldn’t do it. So look, you’re already better than at least one person!

      I have no sage advice other than to say I think running to a loop of you singing songs is actually an awesome idea. If I had to run to my voice singing, I’d finish way faster just to escape the sound of me.

  2. Who puts themselves in their own playlist? LAME. That’s like wearing your own concert tee during a show. Only Morrissey can pull that off successfully.

    I had the same thought yesterday after I finished doing some intervals on the bike and had lost 8 pounds of water in sweat: Why do people exercise outside in Florida in the summer? We’re more advanced than that as a species.

  3. Oh I can SO relate Paula! My marathon is the same weekend as yours & at this point I have NO idea how I’m going to make it 26.2 miles. I threw out the time goal a long time ago & am just hoping to finish, even if it takes me a gazillion hours. I’m going to do my best to try to enjoy the crowd, place, etc & focus on that cause lets face it, running for the joy of it right now seems impossible. I think the weather has a lot to do with it & there’s no relief in sight. Lame.

  4. Oh and nice Zombieland homage, btw. Well done.

  5. This is how I feel about my half marathon. After about an hour of running, I just get cranky. Maybe, I just need to become super speedy to be an elite!

    Let us know how the listening to yourself singing goes! I bet it will make me faster, because nobody wants to hear this sing!

  6. Tiff

    Bad runs suck! You rock! Keep your chin up.

  7. I can so relate to this post.

    Hence: me+1/2 marathon now 🙂

  8. Aw I hope it gets better. I cant imagine what training is like in Florida. Or getting up that early….yikes. I actually took a week off of marathon training because I was starting to feel burnt out and it really helped…maybe a few mental health days would be good? It’s also nasty out…just think about how much better it will feel to run the 26.2 in non-sweltering heat.

    And congrats on your PDR!

  9. Pam

    See? That’s why I’ll never run a fall marathon. My first marathon was in March and I’m planning a second for January. Spring/winter only for marathon training in the south. I think you might change your mind about running another one if you did some winter long runs. I LOVED them last year. Totally different animal.

    • Yes! For sure if I ever do another one, it will be in February instead of November so the training is in the winter. I totally agree and signed up for the marathon long ago without really thinking that one through all the way. Dumb.

  10. glad to hear you’re a normal human that doesn’t like marathon training. I will let you back into my “cool kids” club : )

  11. Even when you’re having a rough day, your posts never fail to make me giggle out loud. Not at you. Just at the wit and the photos with the word bubbles.

    But you will get through this training! It sucks right now, I know. You’re in the middle of the long haul, and it seems like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. But I promise, even if you don’t ever do another full, that every day of crappy training will be worth it when you cross the finish line!

  12. I think everyone feels this way at some point. If it were easy, everyone would do it. I had a craptastic 11.3 miles on Saturday. I could have gone 3 more if I REALLY pushed myself, but I just couldn’t fathom it. I figured those kinds of runs make me stronger. I wanted to quit at mile 4. I kept going for 7.3 more. I KNOW that’s how the last 6 miles (+) of the marathon are going to be (unless I’m completely cracked out, which is possible).

    Hang in there – you WILL get through all 26.2 miles if YOU want to do it. Nobody else is pushing you though (but do you have to wait for me at the finish or hop in and run with me if you just decide to do the half).

  13. Running this summer has been ROUGH! The only good thing about running in Texas is that there’s not that much humidity.

    Good luck with the full marathon! I bet you’ll do just fine. My only advice is not not be too married to your goal time. If you finish way after your goal, you still want to be satisfied with your performance. Completing a full is ah-mazing no matter how long it takes.*

  14. I’ve had those runs before. My last long run was fantastic. Why? I took it so easy. I stopped at Starbucks and had an espresso, stopped to watch a snake on my jogging path. Who gives a shit about time. I’ll take all damn day because that’s how I roll. I roll slow.

  15. Michele

    Hey girl – I can totally relate to training right now..I’m running savannah as well and running in this crap is unbearable (i live in southern alabama which may or may not be similar disgustingness). just think about no matter how much the runs suck now it can only get better, unless mother nature plays a dirty dirty trick on us from here on out. Don’t get discouraged – training in this will pay off so much – you’re body’s going to be like 26.2 miles in 70 degree weather?! cake! ps.. you’re hilarious.

  16. Dude. I feel you. Remember my terrible horrible no good very bad 10K??? And that was just a stupid 10K. You’ve gotta keep in mind the good runs, too. I know you have them! And if you run again next week and it sucks again? No one’s holding a gun to your head. Sticking to half marathons sounds like a good plan to me. I’ll come down to Orlando and we can do the Disney Princess Half in February. Yes??? 😀

  17. I haven’t gotten into the meat of my long runs yet, and I’m only training for a half-marathon. I’m not sure how I’ll do, but just knowing the thoughts that go through my head when the tough get going….this could be a little annoying lol

  18. Man I’m so sorry that your run was so rough. I have only a small idea of what the heat must be like there and I can imagine how tough it must be. If you’re up to 18 miles next week, how come you have 2 and 1/2 more months of training?

  19. Victoria @ Running Peanut

    This is the worst time of the year to train. I think I’ve actually made myself sick from running. I only got 6.5 miles of Apopka in before I quit.

    Oh, wait. I was supposed to be encouraging you.

    I know you have a 4:30 in you. The weather is a huge part of training and it blows right now. When it’s October and later, you’ll be flying.

    Oh, and I have no idea why we are already at 18. Seems crazy to me!

    • 18 at this point in the game seems like a lot of miles, it’s one of the reasons I didn’t end up signing up for marathon fest. Too much mileage, a bit too early. But then again you guys will probably be much better equipped to run the full than I will. Ha!

  20. I hear you girl! But 100 miles in July is nothing to feel bad about! Once it cools off….surely it will eventually….your gonna be amazed at how you get your legs & lungs back! (This is what I’m telling myself anyways!)

  21. Sometimes you just need to get it out. Marathons might not be for you but once you finish you can be done and look back and feel good!

  22. This is such a tough time to train. I did a 5 mile tempo yesterday in the heat and I thought I was going to die. Heat + humidity = no bueno
    Training for my first marathon hurt a lot. I wasn’t sure I could do it. I decided to say “Screw you time!” and just ran it to finish. I didn’t even look at my watch or split times. If you decide you want to do another marathon, then maybe set a time goal. Just a thought. I think you can definitely finish the race though.
    Congrats on your distance record! That’s amazing!! 🙂

    • Yes, I agree! I’m not sure having a time goal for the first one is a great idea. I’ll be happy to finish with any time,I just really had my heart set on finishing with a time that starts with a “4” forawhile there.

  23. Thank you for this post!! I too had the run from HELL last Saturday, Misery loves company 🙂

  24. 1. Yay for whiny bitch-fest posts! Whenever someone else posts one, it makes me feel better about when I do it.

    2. Also yay for your personal distance record a week or so ago, and a heartfelt “keep it up, you’re doing great, I give you snaps for getting up at 3am to run” kudos to you 🙂

  25. Congrats on hitting your first 100 mile month! You’re going to do fine in the marathon, stop psyching yourself out. Your training has been awesome, and you’re not skipping workouts left and right. You’re putting your all into training, and that’s what matters. So what if you can’t keep up with the people in your running group – run for yourself, at your own pace. Those people won’t be in the race with you in Savannah. Not every run is going to be unicorns and rainbows, so it’s completely okay to have an “off” day. It’s your first marathon – you only get one! – so keep your head up and a smile on your face. Less than 1% of the population can say they ran 26.2 miles, and you WILL be a part of that percentage. Positive thinking girl 🙂 you’ve got this!

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