Sitting Down is Awesome

So, I ran 20 miles this morning. I can say that nonchalantly now because it’s over and I no longer feel like death is at my door.

Running 20 miles is hard. I cannot say that I enjoyed it. But before I get to that, I know I haven’t mentioned my workouts this week because of all the Bahamas talk, but I have been doing them.

Monday and Wednesday were personal trainer workouts but Tuesday I was in such a piss poor mood all day that I couldn’t even bring myself to run…or do anything for that matter.

So, I skipped the run and don’t plan on making it up.

Ok, now back to that 20 miler. I woke up at 2:45 (!) to meet my group by 3:50. I did all the usual things.

But this run was way harder than my 18 a few weeks ago. And not because it was 2 miles longer. The first 8 miles felt pretty great, but I was feeling extremely fatigued by mile 11.

Along with my pretzels and salt tabs, I brought a peanut butter and (sugar free) jelly sandwich and I put half Powerade Zero/half water in my Camelbak. My Camelbak was empty by Mile 11, my breathing was harder than usual like during this run, and my Garmin’s battery died at Mile 17. (It was fully charged this morning.)

You know you’ve been running a long time when your Garmin dies.

I would not have finished the run if it wasn’t for my running buddies, Brad and Lauren. Seriously, Lauren is super motivational and was doing everything she could to get me and Brad’s mind off the run. During the last 4 miles, I knew I was holding Lauren up so Brad and I told her to go on without us. After making sure we knew the route back like a true running mom, Lauren took off so fast it was like a bright flash of light with a fast wind through my hair. And then we couldn’t see her in front of us anymore.

I was really thankful that Brad stayed back with me. We took more walk breaks just to get through the last 3 miles. It was rough but we made tiny goals along the way, like we could take a walk break once we got to the traffic light in the distance. That seemed to work because we made it! Brad’s Garmin said we ran the 20 in 4 hours and 28 minutes. Now if I can only run 6.2 miles in 17 minutes, I will make my race goal time! That’s possible, right?

When I got home, I took an ice bath.

It was so cold that I wimped out and only used 2 bags of ice.

Hubs saw I was too lazy to open the bag of ice, so he broke it up for me so it wasn’t just one big iceberg floating in the tub.

Oh, and can you tell by my feet that the Band-Aid Cushions didn’t help the rash I get on the top of my feet? Next run I’ll try Body Glide and see how that works.

Right now I’m wearing my compression leg sleeves. Don’t mind my disgusting feet. They are not pretty after I run.

I wish these things went up to my ass because my hamstrings are seriously sore. I have been firmly planted on the couch since I got home and even finished the last 2 episodes of Game of Thrones. Productivity is at an all time low.

I’m proud I finished the 20 but I think the run sucked and I hope it’s not an indication of how Savannah will go. It is however an indication of what I will be doing tonight…


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39 responses to “Sitting Down is Awesome

  1. Great job! But, I switched from G2 to “real” Gatorade and highly recommend it. You need sugar if you’re running far. It’s science 😉

    • I actually can’t have any sugar when I’m running. It tears apart my stomach. Even natural sugar. I would die for some regular Gatorade and Honey Stingers on a run! But unless I want to spend the run in the bathroom (or someone’s yard!), I can’t do it. 😦

  2. Lisa

    Totally impressed! Congrats on such a huge milestone. If it makes you feel any better, my husband went out to do 20 last week…said he hit a wall at 14 and pushed himself to get to 17 and then just couldn’t go further..he then came with me to my sons karate belt test and proceeded to spend the whole ceremony dry heaving in a bush behin the studio. ;). So, in that sense- you did great!

  3. Karen

    You are such an inspiration! I love reading your posts. I am training for my 1st marathon too. The longest run I’ve had so far is 13 miles. I am very slow, but determined! I want to complete a marathon before I thurn 50 which is early December.

  4. I feel like every run I’ve had since I did my first 20 has been deathly. But hey, you got through it and it’s over with, things can only get better from here… especially if you’re double fisting all night tonight 😉

  5. Congratulations! I remember running 20 miles during my training for the Nike Women’s Marathon last year and dying. I’m actually pretty confident that it was WORSE than the marathon itself, due to the fact that I was prepared to face the grim reaper during 26.2 miles– but not during a training run!

    Regardless, be happy that you made it 🙂 The next 2 wont be as tough because you can say that you’re completing something that you’ve already accomplished before

  6. I’ve been reading your blog for a while but for whatever reason, I didn’t know you were training for Savannah. I am too!!! woot woot!!! this will be my first so… yeah.. it’s not going to be good

  7. Maybe I shouldn’t have read this? Ha ha.

    Great job on getting it DONE!

    Tomorrow’s run is going to help me decide if I should get a CamelPak. I have been so freakin’ dehydrated lately!!!

    Enjoy your celebration tonight. Try to stay up late enough so you can drunk tweet me when I’m on my way to Winter Park tomorrow “morning.”

  8. You are insane… ly badass! Great job!

  9. Congrats on the personal distance record!!!! I hear you on the not being able to stomach regular gatorade. It goes right through me – not a pretty sight!

    Do you like your calf sleeves? And you prolly know, but they do make full length compression tights. I can’t even imagine trying to get them on, but still, if you have someone to help you wriggle into them (and a small fortune with which to buy them!) they are probably wicked awesome. (Yeah, I just said wicked awesome… 😛 )

  10. Get your drink on! 20 miles is baller! I’m sorry to hear that it sucked hardcore. I hope you can figure out what works for your feet bc they painful!*

  11. You are my HERO! 2:45 wakeup? Amazing. Enjoy every single one of those drinks, girl.

  12. Mammabird

    You know I don’t have a Black Dress.

  13. Whoa congrats on 20 miles!! That’s awesome! Have fun relaxing!

  14. I have a similar problem with my feet after a long run. I put my regular Dove deodorant all over my feet, in between my toes, etc before I put on my socks. Works like a charm!!

  15. The 20’s are always WAY worse than the race itself. I’d be worried if you didn’t hate your life during it. Worth it, though. Way to go. I hope you’re piss drunk by now.

  16. Wow, way to go, Paula! I have also heard good things about deodorant on your feet before a run. I guess that is what some guys do in boot camp to prevent blisters. I hope your hammies feel better today!

  17. Terri

    You inspire me! I’m going on my “long run” of 3.5 today haha enjoy the rest of your day and is it bad that I think I need those socks for ay of my runs over a 5k??? hahaha

  18. Hey Paula, you did so amazing! I won’t say my first 20 miler sucked (it was actually pretty good) but my first EIGHTEEN sucked really really bad. I think my eighteen was like your twenty. I nearly had breakdown and called the whole marathon off lol! You did absolutely great pushing through especially being fatigued from your workout the wednesday before. Proud of you!

  19. AHHHH CONGRATS GIRL!!! You are incredible! I am going to have to copy your pretzel idea:) YAY FOR ICE BATHS!!!

  20. Dude. You are awesomesauce. I have almost as much desire to run 20 miles as I have to give birth to little spawns of my own. Read: zero. Then again, the furthest I’ve run is about 15 and I kind of loved it. So never say never, right? Either way, you rule. Anything that involves an ice bath deserves a serious nod. And a beer. Or 4.

  21. Katie

    This is half-@ss off topic, but . . . I’m glad it isn’t just me who can’t run when in a bad mood! I never understood when people could. I try, but being angry or upset just makes me want to quit. I can’t focus then!

  22. Way to go getting those 20 miles done!!!! I’m seriously impressed. I just can’t imagine being able to run that long/far. I also can’t imagine taking an ice bath. I’m not sure which sounds worse, the run or the ice! But anyways, you rock 🙂

  23. Stefanie

    YAY! You ran 20 miles and LIVED! That in itself is an accompishment. 🙂 Does any runner actually have nice looking feet after they run 20 miles?? I’ve never ran that far and my feet are straigh up hideous.

    Oh…I forgot to tell you on my previous novel comment, that I finished Divergent! AHHH! SO GOOD!

  24. Woot on the 20 miles… that is so crazy far. Is that the longest you are doing for training or are you gonna do 21 or 22? I think we peak at 21…ugh…

    My feet have gotten so fug after running so much. Hubs and I talked yesterday and I think after these two crazy fulls I’m gonna focus on just halfs… I think he’s tired of looking at my nasty feet.

    • Well, we get a choice. We can do 20 but we can also do 22 or 24 if we want to. Not sure how much I want to. And I’m doing the same! I think this will be my only full. I can’t say that I love the long distances. But I do want to be an official marathoner. I’ll probably focus more on my half marathon times afterwards.

  25. I just found your blog through Cely and love it! Way to go on getting that 20 miler down. I would have probably done the same thing with the ice. I can just see my boyfriends face if he walked in to the bathroom with a hunk of ice in the tub with me. Sometimes he tells me he’s not sure how I made it through 24 years alive without him!

  26. You woke up at 2:50 AM? YOU ARE SERIOUSLY HARD CORE.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  27. Whoops, I meant 2:45, even MORE AMAZING.

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  29. Whoa you guys are doing 3 20 milers before the marathon? I’m only doing one…lets see if I regret this decision haha

  30. Shawntae

    Congratulations!! I have not done hardly any running since I saw you at the Iron Girl Half marathon. I injured my knee and trying to start back again. Running 3 miles for me is a long run now!!! Reading your blog has inspired me to really push myself and get back into the shape I was in. You will do great in Savannah!


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