Sprints are the Devil

My vacation is over after today. I’m kinda sad about it. Even though I’ve been doing nothing, I feel like I could do that for a more prolonged period of time.

I skipped my long run this weekend so I could let my foot heal a little longer. I’ve been icing it and I can tell it’s getting better. It’s hard to not run when you really want to but know you shouldn’t. Fortunately, it’s not as hard to sleep in Saturday morning instead of getting up at 5am.

Instead, I went for lower mileage and did sprints on my treadmill at home. The workout was repeats of this:

Time Pace
30 seconds 9.0
1 min, 30 seconds Walk (3.6)
30 seconds 9.1
1 min  30 seconds Walk (3.6)
30 seconds 9.2
1 min 30 seconds Walk (3.6)
30 seconds 9.3
1 min 30 seconds Walk (3.6)
30 seconds 9.4
1 min 30 seconds Walk (3.6)
30 seconds 9.5

Those paces are between a 6:40 – 6:19 min mile and the workout was given to me by my personal trainer last year when I told her I wanted to get faster. I think it helped last year and I’m hoping it will help again this year. And before you think I can actually run fast, I cannot maintain a 9.x pace on the treadmill for more than about 45 seconds without wishing for sweet death.

I walked before and after for a warm up and cool down. And I usually crank the speed 10 seconds before the 30 second sprint starts because it takes awhile for the treadmill to speed up. I want to make sure I’m running at the right speed the entire time.

I did that workout twice in the past few days. The first time I was able to do 2 sets until my foot started hurting. Yesterday, I got in 4 sets and no foot pain so I’m thinking this week I can slip in some mile repeats recommended by Dr. Melissa McSpeedyPants.

Tonight, I’m meeting up with Michelle to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. As long as I’ve known her, I don’t think we’ve ever seen a movie together. I hope she knows I like to predict plot lines out loud and snuggle till the credits.


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20 responses to “Sprints are the Devil

  1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was SO good!

    Good luck with your sprints. I hope they make you super speedy!

  2. mmm yes sprints ARE the devil but I think they will make you fast and PR the sh*T (can I use my trucker mouth on here? I forget…) out of an upcoming 13.1!

  3. Here is the thing for me about doing nothing for two weeks. It was absolutely glorious and I could definitely get used to it… But man, if I had nowhere to be every day for a prolonged period of time, my life would go seriously downhill.
    Tomorrow is the day! Back to the grind, back to the gym, back to the healthy eating, all in one fell swoop! Or at least that is the plan…

    I need to try sprints like that, maybe it would trick me into liking the treadmill.

    Good luck back to work tomorrow!

  4. Dang girl! That is FAST! Good job!

  5. I wish I knew about the cuddling BEFORE seeing the movie. Sorry I put Tracy between us. Totally ruined our moment. We’ll have to go again because I wish I could discussed things like the NIN t-shirt and trying to remember Joely Richardson’s name (which I tried to remember for AT LEAST half the movie) with you. Tracy does not care about such things.

    Woooo on the sprints!! I’m really trying to push myself on my treadmill workouts too. I want to die during most of the workout — but they hurt so good!

  6. I am so proud!!! I can feel your speediness increasing all the way up here in Michigan. Oh yes, it’s emanating all the way from Orlando. HOT. And don’t forget the tempo runs! I feel that those are slightly less devil-ish than mile repeats. Mile repeats are the REAL devil.

  7. Hope you have a great day back to work! Those sprints LOOK like the devil.

  8. That looks like a good workout! I would probably fall down halfway through! haha

  9. I love that you said this: “It’s hard to not run when you really want to but know you shouldn’t.”

    I’ve been struggling with that so much lately! This weekend was really warm here in NY, and even though I’m trying to come back from injury, I kept pushing myself to keep going when I knew I should have stopped.So stupid. I’m paying for it today!

  10. Ha ha! Love the someecard. My husband probably feels that way…it would explain the blank stare and no response he always gives. 🙂

    • And that is the reason I started my blog! My husband did the same thing when I talked about running. I was like, well, I feel the need to talk about it SOMEwhere. 🙂


  11. Holy cow girl that’s FAST! I really want to work on my speed this year but just thinking about sprints gives me the gags LOL I need to incorporate sprints into my runs, like it or not.

  12. Paula, reading about you running that fast made me tired. Now I must nap.
    Oh, I saw the cutest bunny yesterday and thought of you. It wasn’t white and it had 2 ears, so it had nothing in common with BunnyPants other than being the same species (great story, right?). The end.

  13. I’m going crazy being injured. I went to the gym once, but I think it made things worse. I just need my foot to cooperate so I can get some sleep for once! I can’t imagine running at a 9. I am practically sprinting at a 5 though, so I guess I can’t quite compare, lol.

  14. You may have just inspired me to do some sprints. And to adopt a panda- I want!*

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