Nerd Alert: MegaCon 2012 (and a Giveaway)

Saturday, hubs and I went to MegaCon – a huge comic convention that comes to Orlando every year.

MegaCon is similar to ComicCon and this year there were 40,000 in attendance, so it’s awesome people watching. They have tons of booths with comics, action figures, art, DVDs, and all sorts of random things for sale. The also have celebrity guests, usually ones that I want to stalk like the creepy fangirl I am. If you’ve checked out my Celebs page at all, most of my pictures have come from past years at MegaCon.

Once we arrived, we skipped the wait for the shuttle and walked about 2 miles to the convention center.

No, that’s not hubs. That’s just a guy that passed us while walking there. Tho, hubs does have an outfit like that for “special” occasions.

We didn’t pre-buy tickets this year, so we waited in line for about 30 minutes to buy them. Sounds painful, but it wasn’t so bad. There was a lot to look at – like possibly the coolest Alien costume ever.

Hubs was super excited about this guy and I have no clue what video game he’s from.

Beast from X-Men with Miss Piggy.

Annnnnd this guy.

So, after waiting in a 30 minute entertaining line to get our tickets, we were in. The place is massive in both directions, so this picture doesn’t nearly to it justice.

Here’s a picture I took a couple years ago and I would say it’s doubled in size since then.

We did lots of wondering around, looking at the different booths, and checking out all the people in costume. Hubs bought some toys and proved just how geeky he is by telling me what most people were dressed up as because I had no clue.

So you can imagine how excited I got when I actually recognized a few. Beaker, the Swedish Chef and Prof. Honeydew!

And the Mystery Science Theater guy.

Our friend Steve rented an artist table and sold his artwork there, so we visited with him for a bit but his space was mobbed every time we came by and we didn’t get a chance to talk much. It’s hard work signing autographs for all your fans. Smile

Steve is one of those people who’s artwork is so amazing that it makes you stop and wonder if you’re as good at something as he is at drawing. And then you realize, no. No, you’re not. Once you’re done crying because of your own lack of talent, you give in and brag to everyone that you know someone with talent. So now hubs and I just practice the phrase, “my friend drew that!”

Remember when I wrote that post about the video game that my hubs worked on called Three Dead Zed? Well, Steve was one of the two lead programmers for it.

The one thing that disappointed me this year was that a lot of the bigger celebrity guests had “no pose photography” restrictions. That was a deal breaker for me. I don’t care about autographs, I want a picture with them not just of them. If I can’t get that it’s not worth shelling out the $20-$40 bucks they charge for it. So, sadly I didn’t get any new pictures for my Celebs page. 😦

I did get to see Nicolas Brendan (Xander on Buffy), Lauren Cohan (Maggie on Walking Dead), and Corin Nemec (Parker Lewis Can’t Lose). Parker Lewis is aging very yummily by the way. I came THISCLOSE to getting a picture with him because he’s hot now and I’m shallow like that.

Not my picture (source)

I did happen to get a horrible picture of Bruce Boxleitner, but the crowds were so thick and everyone was walking in front of my camera that I just gave up on the picture taking.

Overall, I had a fun time. I was bummed I didn’t see David Anders in the celebrity section because I wanted to meet him. I would have even forked over some cash to meet Lauren Cohan if it wasn’t for the stupid picture rule. Meh. Hopefully next year will be less strict, like the previous years.


Giveaway: Hubs decided to offer one of you a free copy of Three Dead Zed. It’s available on PC, Mac, and Linux (you can check out the system requirements here.) If you’d like to try out the game or up your cool factor by winning it for someone you know that loves games, leave a comment telling me what celebrity you’ve met (or who you’d like to meet). I’ll use a random number generator to select a winner on Friday the 24th. Smile


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28 responses to “Nerd Alert: MegaCon 2012 (and a Giveaway)

  1. Enjoyed the post…we’d have gone if we still lived in O-town. Mostly to support Steve, tho….costume watching would be a lot of fun! Never been to MegaCon or ComicCon or any Con.

  2. So last year, my niece was in a cheerleading competition that was at the convention center at the same time as MegaCon. We needed to find an ATM so we walked through the lobby of MegaCon while she was in her full on all-star cheerleading uniform – giant bow and sparkly red lipstick included. Being the good aunt that I am, I found many picture opportunities for her to pose with some of the people standing in the lobby. She was just a little bit terrified. I loved every second of it.

  3. Linsay

    Omer Seth Green and Ray Bradbury at ComiCon San Diego about 8 years ago-Best.Day.Of.My.Life.

  4. My Hub (who was/is a massive comic geek) dragged me once. ONCE. I couldn’t handle lines. Or paying people for signatures. Or the freaky chicks in way too small costumes. He still has 26 boxes of comics and hundreds of sketches. . . and toys (excuse me ‘figures’), but he doesn’t buy anything anymore. Now, if I could just find a way to get rid of it all.

    • Paula

      My hubs has those SAME boxes and “figures.” Except he keeps buying more. Maybe you should plan a freak “accident” at the house involving some red wine. 🙂

  5. Laurel C

    I haven’t really met any celebrities yet, but last week I did see Robert Irvine (you know, the guy from Restaurant Impossible) in the Target parking lot!! I waved awkwardly, and he awkwardly waved back! I’d say we’re new best friends now 🙂

  6. Linsay

    Kerry Ann sounds like you need your own booth at the next convention!

  7. This sounds really fun, although I don’t know anything about any of those people, shows, or games, but I LOVE anyone and everyone dressed up in any sort of costume! And I MUST get that horse mask PRONTO! I will wear that every. single. day!

  8. oh my goodness, the people watching seems worth the price of admission alone. your friend is ridiculously talented. i wish i could draw or sing or have some sort of talent people value but i don’t. and i’m okay with that. sort of.

  9. K

    Ah, but you DO have a remarkable talent, my dear, and it’s called style. I’ll trade you my useless operatic singing voice for your style any day.

    PS: Your friend is HOT.

  10. Michelle

    I’m not entering but I did want to say that I met Mario Lopez and he smelled so damn good. And I told him so. Mmmmmmmm.

  11. Amber K

    I would totally go to something like that just for the people watching! How entertaining. Although I wouldn’t have known any of the characters since I don’t really play video games unless you count Angry Birds 😉

    • Paula

      It’s not all video game characters. There’s lots of superheros and people dressed as other random things. I think you can dress as just about anything there that has to do with comics, video games, TV, and movies. There were a lot of people dressed as the joker and some really cool people dressed as transformers. 🙂

  12. Mz. Teri

    My two oldest daughters went with their friends this year. My oldest dressed up as Harley Quinn (and she tells me there were a lot of other ppl dressed like that character as well). She got to meet Lauren Cohan, David Anders, and Joseph Morgan (from the Vampire Diaries). This was her first yr. attending Megacon, and she only went because one of her best friends, who goes every year, talked her into going. I think she had a good time.

    My second oldest was dressed as a pirate… a “booty pirate” according to her. She got to meet Tom Felton AND she had her picture taken with him. She was SO excited about getting to meet him and that he put his arm around her waist for the picture. Of course she’s a 16 yr. old girl, so this was a big thrill for her. lol This was her third yr. attending Megacon.

    • Paula

      There were a TON of Harley Quinn and a ton of Poison Ivys too. The celebs are my favorite part. I just can’t see paying that much money to not get a picture with them. We did see Tom Felton. I thought he looked really old for some reason! I’m kinda regretting not getting a picture with Corin Nemec now. 😦

  13. Wow. This is embarrassing. I’m not even that good at the things I’m good at! I will practice: “My friend Paula’s friend drew that!”

  14. My boyfriend is a huge gamer! I’d love to let him try this one out since he’s been super supportive recently with a bunch of family issues that have come up! I have never met a celebrity 😦 – sad day, I know – but I’d love to meet Rachel McAdams. She seems like she’s really down to earth and I’ve loved almost every movie she’s been in.

  15. That place looks cray cray! I hate crowds, so I would have had a not fun time. Lame about the photos rule, but it sounds like y’all had fun anyway!*

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  17. This post got me all excited. I’m finally, after years of wanting to go, going to a Con this year (the ECCC in Seattle). I can hardly wait. Why isn’t it March 30 yet?!?!?

    I met the guys who play the Trailer Park Boys (Canadian comedy series) and I’ve met a couple hockey players over the years. For the Con, I’m most looking forward to standing in line to met Wil Wheaton just so I can awkwardly gush like I’m still that 14 year old who reads Star Trek novels, possibly drool on myself in excitement, and then walk away knowing that I became ‘that fan’. It’s going to be awesome!

  18. That looks like the best people watching of all time!!! I need to go to one of these! I was going to say I need to go for the celebs alone because I know all about your celeb stalking ways (and I am the same, so no judgment here), but what the hell is with the picture crackdown?! That makes it insanely difficult to do any stalking. I am the same as you, who cares about an autograph, I want a nice picture of us together that I can frame and hang beside my bed! I would have been devastated if I were you.

  19. I met Harrison Ford in the weirdest of all places–my hometown at an air show. I’m from a super small town so I was VERY surprised that he was there, but it was definitely him. Apparently he flew in just for the airshow as he is a fan of airplanes. He was super nice.

  20. Laura

    The first famous person I met was 12 years when I met Phil Jackson (former Bulls & Lakers coach) in MT. I was a waitress and his family owned a yooge lake front mansion. He would ride his motorcycle into town and eat at our restaurant occasionally. He called me “cute” when I came up to the table to serve him (I was 20), which I thought was sort of weird. His son was HOT and both of them were extremely tall.
    Most recently, this winter my husband and I were hiking in this really big urban park in Portland, OR called Forest Park and ran into Wentworth Miller from Prison Break. He is HOT in real life.
    A couple TV shows shoot in Portland (Grimm, Portlandia, Leverage) so I sometimes see famous people from afar. Steve Buscemi shot a scene literally 1 block from my house but I didn’t find out until after the fact. 😦

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