Running Drama

I had a really good run on Tuesday. According to my training schedule, I  was supposed to do a 2 mile easy run but I felt so good that I decided to do the next day’s tempo run instead. I ran 5 miles and I could have run more but I had to get home and get some work done. This is what I did:

  • 1 @ 10:00
  • 3 @ 9:06
  • 1 @ 9:40

I haven’t been able to run five consecutive miles, much less maintain a 9:06 pace for 3 miles in a long time. I didn’t stop to walk and I didn’t stop for “other things.” It was amazing. While I was on the treadmill, I really wished I had worn my special occasion rip-away clothes, because I was all like…

Wednesday, I went to the gym to do the easy run I skipped the day before. The schedule was 2 miles at a 10:43 pace which, on the crappiest of days, is a little on the slow side for me unless I’m running long. Knowing I was only supposed to do two slower miles must have helped me mentally because once I got going, I felt so good that I ended up running 3 miles and increased my speed for every mile (9:40 average). Then I was all like…


After two awesome runs, I was super psyched for my first long run in awhile on Saturday morning. Third times a charm, right? First I had to get through Friday’s Crossfit workout. (Not the best idea before a long run, by the way.)

No equipment needed for that workout. We did the burpees for 25 feet, which I think equaled to about 10 of them (I wasn’t counting). I was, however, waddling instead of walking afterwards because my legs were so weak. When my trainer told me what I’d be doing beforehand, I thought it sounded easy. It wasn’t. Trust me. It didn’t take long to do but it was super tiring and my butt was sore the next day.

Saturday morning, I met my group for a long run. I had eight miles on the schedule but was willing to do ten if I was feeling good. I haven’t run long in at least five weeks, so hopefully that will give you some indication of how it went.

Four miles in, I wanted to turn back but the whole group was going a different direction and it was still pitch black out. I received this email from my old group a few days earlier, so I decided I’d rather run some seriously shitty miles than get molested.

WARNING! We need to be on the lookout for “the weird Brazilian kick boxer guy” (yes, that’s what we call him). He likes to touch women and will just jump in and start running with any group. Call the police immediately if you see him (you’ll know him) and remember to NEVER run alone, even in beautiful Winter Park! So, this means, if you break away from the group for some reason, be sure someone is with you!!

By the time it was light out and I felt comfortable breaking away from the group, I was eight miles into the run and four miles away from my car. So that meant I had no choice but to do them.


I ran 11 miles, walked one, and stopped my Garmin whenever I walked. I’m really surprised I had a 10:33 average pace. It was so humid, I expected it to be worse. Either way, it was a terrible run and I hope next week goes better.

And now for the drama…

I hate my new running group. So much. I mean, I like that it’s a faster group and that my friend Brad is in it but I hate everything else. One of the pace leaders doesn’t give a shit who he leaves behind. He just keeps running and doesn’t watch out for people who may be having bad days. I was left behind at a water stop Saturday morning. It was dark out and I didn’t know the route, so I was really lucky that Brad knew where he was going so we could catch up. The other pace leader never finishes with the group. He lives in the neighborhoods we run through, so he always leaves at some point and runs back home and no one knows where he is. Honestly, the only thing keeping me in the group is Brad. I love running with him because we are basically pace twins and he keeps me motivated. (Our half marathon PRs are exactly the same – down to the second. And we ran them in different races.)

So, I’m not sure what to do. Go back to my old, slower, Brad-less group that I love and possibly not improve my speed? Or stop being a complaining jerkface and just run in the new, faster group with Brad and try to ignore the fact that the pace leaders suck and start bringing GPS for when (not if) I get lost?





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20 responses to “Running Drama

  1. Make Brad join your old group? If you hate it that much, you’re gonna dread going and that’s no bueno 😦

    But, on the bright side, your first couple of images totally made me laugh!

    • Paula

      Brad was in the old group last year (that’s how I met him), but he wants to stay in the new one because the other group slowed us down last year and we think we can get faster. So unless I drug him and bring him back to the old group, it’s not happening.

  2. Umm, that is NOT cool. I would switch groups in a second. I have a feeling that I know who that group leader is too. I think I ran a couple of runs with him last winter because I remember getting left in the dust with all the other girls. I don’t care if it is Winter Park – running by yourself at 5:00 a.m. is not safe and they should be watching to make sure no one gets left. That is his responsibility as a group leader.

    I know that Kelly and Brittany have switched to a different group, but I’m not sure which one it is. I’m happy to find out for you.

    • Paula

      Maybe, I’ll let you know! 🙂 I just really want to run with someone I know and like already so I might go back to the old group and see what the faster runners in the group are at pace wise. The people are what actually gets me up when the alarm goes off at 4:00am, ya know?

  3. That’s tough. I think if I hate my running group it would just make me dread going because I wouldn’t want to be miserable. Could you and Brad just run together on your own and motivate/push each other to keep that faster pace? You don’t need rude a@@hats to run with who don’t even care about you.
    Great runs this week and I really don’t know how you can run long the day after Crossfit. Amazeballs.

    • Paula

      We probably could but we both paid for Marathonfest. Also Brad likes the group, he thinks they are challenging. Plus he needs them since he’s training for a full marathon this year and I’m only doing a half. So, while I did 12 miles on Saturday, he did 20. He said he lost the group in the last 2 miles but at least he could still see them in the distance.

  4. Julia

    Could you alternate weeks with each group? Also, if you are doing hard tempo work and speed runs during the week, your long run pace shouldn’t slow you down for race day. And I agree with Heather – even if you love Brad, hating your running group might turn into long run hate, which is never good.

    • Paula

      I could definitely do that! That’s one of the things I’m considering now. One of the leaders from my old group said there are a few faster runners in the group this year that maybe I could try running with.

  5. I have no advice for what you should do about your running groups (I’m a solo runner myself, and also, live in the boonies where no running groups exist), but I wanted to let you know that I had the EXACT SAME experience with my training this week. Speed work = Awesome. Tempo = FELT GREAT. Sunday’s long run? Complete suckitude with average pace of 11:30!! I’m definitely blaming it on the humidity. Hopefully the mojo comes back this week.

  6. CathyJ

    That’s a total boot on those group leads. I think sometimes these groups are created for personal validation of the leads – like “look how fast I run..oh wait you can’t see me anymore”. Bugger! I like Julia’s idea about switching between groups – so you can use the fast group on tempo run days and your good peeps group on your longer slower run days. That way you can use the fast group for what you need while maintaining the positive vibes of being in a group.
    I’ll have to try your x-fit workout…burpees kill!

    • Paula

      Yes! And burpees are even more killer with the long jump instead of a regular jump. I do no appreciate whoever came up with that exercise. 🙂

  7. Amber K

    What a tough thing. I say do what makes you feel the best. Which isn’t always easy to figure out in the moment, so take your time!

  8. Beth (Running with the Sunrise)

    I’m sorry your long run was lousy and that you’re not digging your new running group. Do you think it would be out of line to ask the leaders to slow down and stay with the rest of the group? I guess I don’t get why they got elected as leaders if they’re just going to ditch everyone. Or could you pick out a pseudo-leader for when the “real” leader ditches you? That’s a crummy situation. 😦

    • Paula

      I actually did that with another pace group once but I felt a little more confortable with them. I’d say most of the group keeps up with the pacers, it was just me and 2 other people that couldn’t make it on Saturday. Thank goodness I had them because I would have not found my way back.

  9. Brazilian kicker sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

    I love runs where you feel unstoppable. When I’m in that zone I always think about if someone tried to snatch me I would seriously tear them apart. That’s how strong and unstoppable I feel….weird but true.

    It looks like someone is getting faster….for reals.

  10. Getting left behind would make me so upset! I have zero sense of direction and would probably get really lost. Hearing stories like that makes me glad to run alone.

    King of the Hill ftw.

  11. Well I say run with Brad. He sounds cool. The rest of your group sound like douches, but one cool guy can turn it around!

    Guess who has also been running this week? Yeahhhh. Only once, but it’s only Tuesday, and I plan on doing it tomorrow. I am proud of myself because I definitely took a few week long hiatus… My pants are saying no more.

  12. Sarah S @RunningOnWords

    I’ve gotten to the point where I hate my running group. Since I’m injured and can’t do high mileage I’ve decided to drop out and run alone at least for now. The stress of being with my group made running not fun for me anymore. So I guess the question is how agro does the new group make you? If you come home pissed off every time then it’s time to go back to the old one.

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