The Other Stuff

I’m back from California and I think I brought the weather with me. (You are welcome Florida.) While I was there, I went on a run (or three), celebrated my brother’s birthday, and spent a day in Julian (< – tee hee, sounds dirty). Here’s the other stuff that went on while I was in the Whale’s Vagina.

1. Fall

I will miss running by you, tree.

2. Laziness.

My brother has two cats that look almost identical – one named Boy and one named Girl. Girl took a liking to me.

3. Scenic drives to the mall.

This was on the way to La Jolla. It looks like we’re driving into the ocean. So, so pretty. Also, there is a small town that mom and I drove through called Torrey Pines that smells like Christmas.

4.  Buying things I don’t need.

We’ll call this, “reasons I should never shop at Bebe.” I love everything in that store and none of it is remotely in my price range. I have no idea where I’ll wear this but I’ll wear it grocery shopping if I have to.

5.  Getting lost.

Driving to the mall took exactly three left turns, but my mom and I ended up getting lost on the way home anyway. We stopped to ask for directions that didn’t take us on the freeway, and found a ton of ducks chilling by a little creek. It was so cute. I would get a duck as a pet if I could. And a squirrel.

6. Seeing Joss Stone in concert.

Joss Stone came to Humphrey’s in downtown San Diego and my brother and I scored 8th row seats from a scalper about an hour before the show.

We both recognized two of her songs and the concert was still great. I can rarely say that I love a show when I don’t know the music, but this was an exception. It was definitely the best night I had in San Diego, but it’s almost impossible not to have a good time with my brother.

7.  Going on a blogger date with this little cutie.

Do any tall bloggers wanna get together with me? Just wondering…

Shannon just started a new blog, but I’ve been reading her old one for awhile now so it was destiny that we meet eventually. She likes to run, she loves beer, and she insists on posing with bats hanging from the ceiling. All things I approve of.

8. Spending a day at Pechanga Casino and Resort.

Pechanga is the closest thing you can get to a Las Vegas hotel that’s not in Vegas. Mom and I made the 50 minute drive there, which was arguably prettier than the road to Julian. Lots of adorable little towns and mountainous freeway.

My mom and I had lunch and she played the slots. I’m not a big fan of gambling and wasn’t going to play until my mom put money in a penny slot machine and made me sit down and play. One hour later, I was still sitting there having fun. I guess moms really do know best. I won a big $16.00 and plan to retire on that little nest egg.

And that’s about it for San Diego. I had a really good time visiting my family and now it’s back to real life.


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14 responses to “The Other Stuff

  1. Sara

    The more you try to resist cats, the more they want to be in your face. Cats are awesome! You should get one. 🙂

  2. Amber K

    Sorry I’m only 5’5″, but my husband is 6’8″ so I’m used to being the short one 😉

  3. Mz. Teri

    I want to party with your brother! You make his sound SO fun! Tell him to come visit you here in Orlando, and let’s all go party at Skybar! 😀

  4. What a fun trip! I want to visit CA!!!!

    And I want a pet duck.

    That dress is fab. I wonder what it would look like with a big funky belt. I can’t wait to see you wear it grocery shopping!!! 😛

  5. Lee

    I’m tall (ish – I’m 5’7) and I want to hang out with you.

  6. Good choice on buying that dress! It looks like it was made for you and when you posted that pic on instagram I thought that if you did not buy it, you would so regret it!

    Looks like you had the perfect trip: relaxation mixed with fun mixed with sweat…sounds like a good time to me 🙂

    PS. Joss Stone’s skirt = WANT!

  7. Stefanie

    Ohhh San Diego is so pretty. Looks like a fun trip!

  8. You are too cute in that dress! I’m glad you bought it! And you SHOULD wear it grocery shopping!

  9. Shannon

    That bat was lucky to have us in his fan club. Lazy fool was just hanging from a bar ceiling.

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