American Horror Story Asylum in Two Minutes (Episode: The Origins of Monstrosity)

It’s time to recap Season 2, Episode 6.

**Remember, this is last week’s episode.
I’m a week behind due to technical DVR difficulties. Smile***

We start back in present time. Bloody Face makes a 911 call about the two fake Bloody Faces he just killed at Briarcliff. The cops arrive to see the bodies literally hanging from the rafters.

Bloody Face calls again and talks to the cops while they’re at the asylum. He mentions that he only killed the “impostors” but they find Maroon 5 dead as well. After making some calls, they discover he was on his honeymoon and go on a hunt for his wife, who we see strapped to a table screaming.

Back in 1964, Sister Jude meets with a woman who is worried about her young daughter. She thinks she killed one of her friends while they were playing.

Sister Jude tells the woman she can’t help her because there’s no children’s ward in the asylum. The woman abandons her at the asylum anyway, just long enough for Sister Mary Eunice to have a little chat with her.

Sister Mary Eunice tells the girl she knows she killed her friend because she’s the devil and she knows everything. She also tells the girl about how growing up, all she wanted to do was to be liked and eventually she thought the only person that would accept her is God. In the meantime, we get flashbacks of Sister Mary Eunice being humiliated by friends.

The mother eventually comes back to pick up her daughter and at the end of the episode, the daughter kills her mom and two siblings but it doesn’t really seem essential to the story soooo….on to other stuff.

Lana wakes up (still chained up in Dr. Thredon’s basement) to him making breakfast.

After some initial screaming on her part,  he is all “I looooove nutmeg. It makes things so nom nom.”

And then she is all, “You are right. This is the best breakfast ever!”

Dr. Thredson tells Lana the story of how he grew up in an orphanage and all he wanted was to be loved.

When he was in medical school, he was always made fun of by the other students. One day, he saw the cadaver of a woman in class. She wasn’t his mother, but could have been because they were about the same age when they died. He realized he missed a mother’s touch, so when he was alone with the body, he tried to hug it out. Shirtless.

But she was too cold. So that’s why he likes killing women. Their bodies are warm. Only he chose Lana for a special reason. He wants her to be his mother.

A mother he breast feeds.

Ugh. So creepy.

Shelley is now at the hospital. She’s in bad shape, so they call the Monsignor to give Last Rites to a dying patient. When he gets there, he notices it’s Shelley from the asylum.

He gives her Last Rites and kills her, presumably to put her out of her misery.

Anyone else annoyed that Joseph Fiennes gets top billing in the show but is barely in it? No? Just me? Moving on.

Sister Jude receives a  call from Mr. Goodman, the man she hired to do a background check on Dr. Arden. He told her that Anne Frank’s claims were true but he needs Dr. Arden’s fingerprints to be sure.

In a flashback to 1962, we see Dr. Arden meeting with the Monsignor. He tells the Monsignor that he’s trying to make an immunity cocktail that will make the human body immune to most diseases. The Monsignor supports his testing.

But wait! We are back in 1964 and after seeing Shelley, the Monsignor doesn’t like the testing anymore.

The Monsignor confronts Dr. Arden about mutilating Shelley. He threatens to expose the truth, but Dr. Arden reminds him that if they find out about his experiments, they will find out everything about the asylum. So the Monsignor changes his mind and then arranges for Sister Jude’s transfer to another facility.

Later on, Kit calls Dr. Thredson and asks him how the authorities got his tape recorded confession because he just made it for therapy reasons.

Dr. Thredson tells Kit that he just recorded what he (Kit) remembered he did and that he (the doctor) wasn’t responsible for anything that was said. Kit calls Dr. Thredson a phony, lying, bastard which Dr. Thredson did not take well.

Sister Mary Eunice dresses up in Sister Jude’s red naughty nighty and does a little song and dance in her quarters.

While she’s there, she answers the phone and pretends to be Sister Jude. It’s Mr. Goodman on the other line, and he’s got the information Sister Jude requested on Dr. Arden. Sister Mary Eunice goes to Mr. Goodman’s place, kills him, and takes the information he had for Sister Jude.

When Sister Jude arrives at Mr. Goodman’s with the fingerprints he requested, she finds him laying stabbed on the bathroom floor. She runs to his side and just before he dies, he tells her it was one of her nuns.

Sister Mary Eunice gives Dr. Arden the information she stole from Mr. Goodman, only she kept a few things for collateral in case he double-crossed her.


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14 responses to “American Horror Story Asylum in Two Minutes (Episode: The Origins of Monstrosity)

  1. Joanna @ Running Places

    Ok, I know she’s evil and possessed and all, but I have to admit watching Sister Mary Eunice stand up to Dr. Arden was very fun! Someone needs to stand up to him!!

  2. Lindsay

    Here’s my issue, how did Lana not break her legs, or arms, or anything, when she fell through the trap door on to a concrete and tile floor??

    • Paula

      Haha, that’s really sticking with you. That was like, 4 episodes ago. I guess it’s possible. There are people that jump from buildings and never break anything. I can let it slide. 🙂

  3. I feel like the monsignor may not be long for this world. I also can’t believe they axed Maroon 5 so fast. I guess now he can make a whole album whining about it.

  4. You make me want to watch this show only so I can read your recaps and know what is going on 🙂

  5. Michelle

    Ha. I can’t belive you got a screencap of him trying to breastfeed! I was beyond freaked out by that scene.

    Also, I totally love Devil Mary Eunice. That actress is killing it this season, no?

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  7. Alright, so I am desperate at this point!!! Does anybody know the song featured in this episode during Sister Mary Eunice’s pool party flashback??? I know it’s an early 1960s song, and some of the lyrics are “tomorrow, we can… … Let them love me, but how do i know… tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow we’ll decide to go.” I have been trying to find it for weeks and have had no luck.. of course. Shazam app on iPhone doesn’t even work because there’s talking during the song. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  8. Great synopsis!!!
    Maybe you or somebody else on here can help me out with a question I have. So in this episode, during the pool party flashback when sister Mary Eunice was humiliated, does anybody know that 1960s song that was playing in the background?? Some of the lyrics are “tomorrow… Let them love me… But how do I know.” It’s hard to make out all the lyrics becaus there’s talking going on. I’ve been trying to figure out what this song is… I’ve even tried shazam on my iPhone but that doesn’t work either because of the talking in the scene! Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks!

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