Warrior Dash Q and A

A lot of people find my blog through Warrior Dash search queries, so I thought it might be nice to answer some of the “questions” I get through those searches.

The hubs and I did the Lake Wales (Florida) Warrior Dash in January and we had so much fun that we plan on doing it again next year.  Smile

Warrior Dash Reviews

What should I eat before Warrior Dash?

  • I didn’t eat anything. But I would recommend eating an hour or more beforehand like any other race. A small snack beforehand would be ok too.

Can you just watch the Warrior Dash?

  • Yes! And it doesn’t cost you anything. There are a lot of areas around the course where you can spectate, particularly toward the end of the race and there are tons of people watching and cheering on the participants.

Warrior Dash hot girls

  • God bless you for clicking the link to my blog after this search.

Do I have to run the whole Warrior Dash?

  • No, you don’t. You can run/walk it. You can walk the whole thing if you want to and finish in your own time. Just know that the race wave that runs it after yours will probably catch up to you.

Is there a lot of running in the Warrior Dash?

  • There is a 3 mile run during the Warrior Dash with obstacles in between.

Can I skip obstacles at Warrior Dash?

  • Yes and no. Some obstacles you can “cheat.” For instance, you can run or walk the sides of mud pits where the mud isn’t as deep. But some obstacles are roped off to control the flow of runners and you can’t skip them (like jumping over cars or the fire jump).

Warrior Dash hat

  • Here’s the hubs in his hat.

These hats (and the shirts we are wearing) are in your race packet. Sweeet.

I missed my Warrior Dash wave. / Can I run in a different wave?

  • Yes. We missed our wave and just walked into another. You could do the course twice if you really wanted to. No one is checking those waves.

How do they know what wave you are in at Warrior Dash?

  • As far as I know, they don’t. They didn’t check our wave at all.

Funny costumes for Warrior Dash

  • If you’re thinking about dressing up, DO IT. It’s the best part and SO many people are dressed up in fun costumes. Like me!

Warrior Dash best beard contest winners

  • I did not win despite my natural 5 o’clock lady-beard. Moving on…

How many people run in Warrior Dash?

  • A lot. There are waves of runners every half hour all day long. I don’t know exactly how many people were in my wave, but it looked to be around 200 people.

How long does it take to finish Warrior Dash?

  • This depends on your running or walking pace and how fast you can get over the obstacles. Remember, it’s a 3 mile run in dirt and mud. It took me about 40 minutes to finish.  Generally, I can run 3 miles on pavement without obstacles in about 28 minutes.

What do you do at the Warrior Dash?

Can I take a camera to Warrior Dash?

  • Spectators can definitely do this. I wouldn’t recommend it for participants, although I had a disposable waterproof camera with me the whole time and it never got in the way. I strapped it with a rubber band (that came with the camera) to my arm.

Can I run the Warrior Dash pregnant?

  • I’m no doctor, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You can easily fall and hurt yourself on a lot of the obstactles if you’re not careful. Talk to your doctor.

Warrior Dash shoes recommendation

  • Wear an old pair of sneakers (with laces) that you don’t care about. Tie them tight and double knot them because your feet get stuck in the mud. There were a lot of abandoned shoes on the course.

You can leave your sneakers at the site when you’re done because they have a shoe collection for those less fortunate. I left my shoes. Hubs brought his home and threw them in the washing machine and they look brand new.

What are some other races like Warrior Dash

Is there real barbed wire in Warrior Dash?

  • Yes, it is. And hubs didn’t believe me. But now he does:

Honestly, the barbed wire didn’t get anywhere near us even when we had to duck or roll under it. Even though it’s real, it’s set up so it’s “safe.”

If you have any questions that I didn’t cover, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to answer. 🙂  (Or you can email me at eatwatchrun@gmail.com)


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53 responses to “Warrior Dash Q and A

  1. First Warrior Dash next month for me!

  2. June 5 baby! Searching for the Dash is how I found your blog, too! Yay for mud, beer, and horned hats!

    We’re still costume-less, but after the marathon I will devote all those extra hours to googling amazing costumes on the internet.

  3. I really want to do one, but there isn’t one in my area 😦 There is one in Ontario or in BC, but neither are really close to me. Maybe I’ll come to Florida in January and do it with you 🙂

  4. I’d love to do a muddy run like this or Rugged Maniac. Someday I will! I’m going to start saving my old/slightly broken clothes

  5. Mike K.

    Sounds like so much fun. I started the couch to 5K a bit late, so I missed out on the one in MD this year. I hope to participate in 2012!

  6. Running the Dash at 17weeks pregnant on Saturday. Racing with my doula/midewife’s assistant and my midwife in attendance. I’ll be one of those walk/runners everyone is passing. 😉

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  8. Mark

    Loved the dash itself – but I feel the owners are VERY GREEDY – do the math – we had 24,000 people participate @ 50.00 a head and 10.00 per parking spot, plus concession stands. I’m sure they cleared 1 million dollars in profit after everything was said and done. They donated 0% to charities. They do allow the participants to donate the used shoes after the dash. There are several other Dash type events that donate a large percentage of profits to a charity. I will look for that type of event going forward – unless the Dash steps up and starts to donate 20% of profits to a charity. I would look for another event that contributes to a charity before I signing up for the Dash.

  9. My husband is running this race today, and I found your blog for some information. Thanks so much!! I was wondering a lot of the things that you posted about. Very helpful!

  10. Alyssa

    So, I just signed up for my first Warrior Dash.. ohh 10 days (rather last minute, I know!)… And here is my question (which, according to your Q & A on wave times, I have a good feeling on the answer)… My friends are in the 8:30am wave… but 5pm is the only slot they had left when I signed up, which I took bc I’d rather run it “alone” than not at all… how good do ya think my chances are that if I show up with them in the morning, I’ll be able to go ahead and run with them in the 8:30am wave??? (or even all of us to run together – whatever the time may be?) I’m hoping “good”… since you said they didnt seem to be keeping track of waves. I’d greatly appreciate any thoughts on the matter! Thanks for all the info you have posted btw!!

    • I think your chances are good. I tried to switch waves the “legal” way, but after talking to a guy working at packet pick-up that had no clue what was going on, I just decided to walk into another wave out of frustration. We missed our wave because of the huge traffic jam trying to get into WD. No one said anything. No one checked anything. Also, those earlier waves are busier than the later waves. So, you’ll probably be another face in the crowd. Which is a good thing!

      • Alyssa

        Glad to hear it! After talking with some others and reading your Q?A, I was already “kinda sure” (haha!) it wouldnt be a problem, but the extra reassurance and actual experience of another really help ease my mind. 😉 Thanks!

  11. Glenda

    Can spectators get into the after run party? My doctor wouldn’t ok me for this run due to injury so I didn’t sign up, but I would like to go watch a couple of friends and celebrate with them afterwards.

  12. Jessica

    How old do you have to be to enter?

  13. Molly

    Thanks for the info! I am planning on doing my first Warrior Dash in May! I was wondering how they split up the waves. A friend of mine and I are wanting to run together, so do we need to register together? I know you said it was fairly easy to switch waves, but I wanted to know how you get in the same wave in the first place. Thanks!

  14. Adam

    Nice way for people to find you….I was searching “last minute warrior dash” because I have 4 days before the final deadline to sign up for east texas, there are about 950 slots left and wondered if they do a special or anything to fill if it doesnt look like a sellout. Probably not, but I do have 2 more questions…..(1) you said you kept all your stuff in the car, what about your keys? I would be very worried about those on the course no matter how I secured on myself. (2) Just 4:30 & 5pm waves are available, sounds like I could run earlier no problem, however will my race still be timed? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paula

      I’ve seen $5 off coupons. The one I have now expired on 2/27/12, otherwise I’d give it to you. I haven’t seen any other specials beyond $5 off. I put my car key in 2 Ziploc bags and shoved it in my sports bra and didn’t have any problems. A pair of shorts with a zipper would work too. As long as you have the timing chip on your shoe, your race will be timed.

  15. Adam

    Thanks for the quick reply!….As long as there are slots left I will wait a few more days or even look on craigslist. Never done any time of mud run before, looks like a blast but want to avoid paying $83 (including tax!) if possible.

    • Paula

      That’s the reason we didn’t do it again this year. Too expensive for just a 3 mile run. We paid $45 when we did it a year ago. There are cheaper mud runs. I think the muddy buddy race is bit cheaper. Good luck! Even if you pay $83, you still won’t regret it. It’s so much fun.

  16. Chantel

    I did the WD last year and immediately signed up for this summer’s dash. Found out I was pregnant about a month ago. As long as I get the ok from the OB, I plan on walking it. Obviously at almost 5 months pregnant, I’ll be walking around the blackout obstacle! Lol. No belly flops into the mid pit like last year either! Gotta find a DAMN good costume for this!

  17. yorUGLY

    My WD date is tomorrow and I am stoked! Ohio had so many register they had to open it up to a Ohio I and Ohio II – luckily I got into Ohio I. . . this will be my first 5k and my buddy and I are going as Finn and Jake from Adventure Time.
    I’ll let you know how it goes!

    • Paula

      They had to add dates down here in Florida too. Those wave times sell out fast. Fun costumes! You’ll have a blast. Good luck!

  18. Liz

    I have a friend who is unable to run and I am running it for him. He DID NOT transfer his registration to me though. He will be there tomorrow morning and is going to pick up the packet for me. I should be fine then, right? Is anyone checking?

    • Paula

      Yes, you should be fine. No one checks IDs. I don’t think you can transfer registrations even if you wanted to. Good luck in the race!

  19. Roopa

    Hi!! I signed up for one here in Alabama in October. I was supposed to do it with a friend, but I’m thinking he’s going to flake out. Do you think it will still be fun to do by yourself?

    • Paula

      Definitely! You will not feel alone because there are so many people running in your wave and so many people cheering on the sidelines. Also, I found it’s super easy to make friends there. Especially if you dress up in a costume. 🙂

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  21. Robin

    I am doing the mud run in about 7 days. I am 36 and terribly out of shape. I am only able to run about 50 feet without stopping due to shin splints. Have I made a terrible mistake by signing up? I can’t get to the excited part for the fear that I will come in dead last. Any advice?

    • Paula

      Unless you’re in the last wave, there’s no way you’ll be last because other waves start after you. You may finish with a different wave, but who cares? It’s about fun. So don’t worry about that! At my race, there was about a 1 mile stretch right at the beginning before we hit the obstacles but a lot of people walked it. You’ll be fine! It’s more about fun than running. 🙂

  22. Angie

    How strict are they on the age limit? My son would like to do the dash with me, but he’ll miss the 14 yo cut off my a month. Wondering if they require ID or anything for an iffy 13/14 year old! 🙂

    • Paula

      No, they don’t ID. Although, I’m not sure if there are any legal issues if he were to get hurt on the course.

  23. angel

    I am signed up, but cannot swim just seeing know that some swimming may be involved. Can I skip those ones??

    • Paula

      There’s no swimming unless they added something I don’t know about. You run through knee-deep water and then you also crawl through muddy water but you can touch the ground at all times.

  24. Beth joslyn

    I would like to do this with my sons age 10,13&14 but can’t find out if there is an age limit? Its fine if theu 10 yr old cannot participate but we definitely want a race that the 13&14 yr old can do. Thank you!

  25. jackie

    My brother and I are hoping to do it with some friends from work, but the wave time they are in are full, and the only other wave time available is about an hour later. Do they check to make sure you are in the right wave or could we possibly sneak into an earlier wave.

  26. Vanessa

    If you’re registered to run the warrior dash Sunday, can you still pick-up your packet Saturday and possibly run it then with your time still being recorded?

    • Paula

      You can pick up your packet early, but I don’t know about running a different day. My guess is no because the race bibs have the dates on them, but I can’t remember for sure.

  27. Rian Terblanche

    I live in South Africa and my parents have a farm. Every year we have the Oyster Festival so i thought about maybe introducing this as an event at the festival seeing as there are running, cycling, canooing and all sorts of activities taking place. Would it be possible to advertise the event as “warrior dash” or is it a Trademark?

  28. R. Beaver

    I don’t want to leave my phone or wallet in my car but don’t want to run with it either. What are my options?

  29. R. Beaver

    Do they charge for the lockers? If so how much

  30. kendel

    Do you have to know how to swim for this wariior dash

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