Thing Thursday

Tonight, I’m determined to get my tempo run in. I don’t even know what’s on the schedule for marathon training. I just know the schedule they put out is always different from what they email so I’m going to do whatever I want. I sent an email to the Marathonfest girl about it over a week ago and still haven’t heard back. But that seems to be a trend lately, but I’ll get to that in a second.

Last night’s workout with the personal trainer was a sweaty one.

  • 1 mile run (outside) with 20 lb weighted vest
  • 1 mile run with sprints (outside) with 20 lb weighted vest
  • 3 sets of 30 second fast rounds:  punching the punching bag (I got to wear my pink boxing gloves!), kicking the punching bag, mountain climbers, and jump rope.

Running and doing sprints with a weighted vest is tiring and man do you really use your ankles. We were beat after this workout.


Usually I have Three Things Thursday, but today I have one thing that’s been on my mind. Therefore, I have the lazily titled “Thing Thursday.”

You may already know that the hubs and I have 2 personal trainers. One we’ve been going to for years (Linda). The other we’ve been going to for maybe 3 or 4 months (Michael).  We do mainly Crossfit with Michael and we really like the workouts. I think they’ve been an important part of the progress I’ve made as far as muscle gain and my decrease in body fat.

At the end of every month, the hubs and I schedule our workouts for the following month. We pay both trainers in advance. We show up on time for every workout. And we work our butts off and will do whatever workout is thrown at us.

For the past 3 of 4 workouts, Michael has pushed our schedule from 7pm to 7:30pm because of another client. The other session was canceled and rescheduled during a time I couldn’t make it.

That brings me to this quasi-timeline:

  • 7/25:  I sent Michael the workout schedule for August for approval.
  • 8/1:    I still haven’t heard from him and this day was a scheduled workout. I forward the 7/25 email, mention I haven’t heard from him, and check to see if the schedule is good and if we are definitely working out that night.
  • Michael texts the hubs to see if we can do 7:30 instead of 7:00, but he still hasn’t responded to either of my emails.
  • Hubs tells Michael we can’t do 7:30 because we have company in town and need to be back at the house by a certain time. Michael offers to reschedule our workout on a day that I can’t make it…again.
  • I write another email that mentions the text, that I haven’t heard back about the schedule, and asks if he’s unable to do 7pm workouts for the rest of the month, or if it’s just today.
  • I finally get a response from Michael that asks if 7:30 is too late (it is) and if we can do Tuesdays (we can’t).
  • I respond to Michael’s email and hear nothing back.
  • Hubs got frustrated and cancels all his sessions for the month.
  • The next day, I write another email saying that I’m going to assume all my sessions are cancelled as well since I haven’t heard from him.
  • He responds (promptly) though email (AND Facebook) saying that he’d like to work out a schedule and to let him know if there are any days this month that I would like to work out.
  • 8/2:  I send him a schedule. Again. And again I ask if those days and times are ok.
  • Again, I haven’t heard back from him and it’s been 2 days.

Hubs and I have been frustrated with the time slippage and cancellations. Not only because it pushes our nighttime schedule back, but also because we have a schedule that we set every month that he agreed to. I understand that things come up here and there, and that’s fine with us. But because he has a new client, he pushes our schedule back.

We know the client that took our time slot gives Michael free back alignments (he’s a Chiropractor). We feel like Michael is picking favorites and our schedule doesn’t matter. Instead of scheduling the new guy around our set schedule, Michael gives him priority. He could have at least stuck out our paid schedule for the month and then asked us to change it up the next month, but he didn’t. I just think that’s a shitty way to do business.

Now, because I wasn’t able to make one of the reschedules, I’m out the money for that workout because I don’t know that we’ll be going back to him. The thing that sucks the most about this is that Michael a freakin’ GREAT trainer. He’s attentive, he really makes sure you use the right form, and his workouts are killer. We love them! Now, out of nowhere, we feel like we don’t matter at all as clients.

So, that’s my Thursday Thing. It’s very possible that Michael could read this as my blog posts to my Facebook page. And if he does, then that’s ok. It’s how I feel and I got it off my chest.

Have you ever had a problem with someone not sticking to a schedule?


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36 responses to “Thing Thursday

  1. Great workout! Running in the Florida heat and humidity is intense! And with a weighted vest? I’d probably You’re awesome. 🙂

  2. Ugh, that’s really unprofessional. I’d call him and tell him all of this and either ask for a commitment from him or your money back.

    Also, love the dawsons pics and captions. Too funny 🙂

  3. awww that’s crappy and really unprofessional (ditto Beth). you deserve to get your money back, it’s not your fault he’s being a flake.

    it’s a shame you like him so much other than his newfound flakeness 😦

  4. oh that’s such a turdy thing to do. i know you like michael but seriously, you are good paying customers. grrr… it’s making me angry… give me this michael guys number. i’ll totally call him and hang up a bunch of times.

    (don’t guys look so pathetic when they cry?)

  5. If he really is picking favorites, that’s kind of messed up. :/ Do you have some sort of personal connection to him that is keeping you around?

    I have problems with people & scheduling all the time! I’m a very prompt person & in Miami (where I’ve been for the summer) being on time is NEVER an option. I’ve just learned to tell everyone to show up 30 minutes before the time I want to meet, and it seems to work out in my favor. (not that this will work for you at all, but I’m just sayin’ 😉 )

    • No personal connection, we just really like him and his workouts. And it’s only one session that was cancelled that I paid for, so if I lost that money, it’s not really a big deal. I just want him to keep our schedule the way it was agreed upon. Ugh. I’m sounding whiney.

  6. I would not be cool with that. AT ALL.
    Personal trainers are not cheap. Why is the new client’s money worth more than yours? Who cares about free back alignments, you were there first!

    • I be fair, we THINK he is picking favorites. Probably not fair of me to go all judgey, but it really seems that way. Each time our time was moved, he was working out with that guy before us. The cancellation could have been something personal, I’m not sure.

  7. I would be SO frustrated!! It irks me to no end when people are not considerate of other people’s schedules. I kind of hope he does read this so he at least realizes how much he’s frustrated his clients.

    • I did tell him in an email that we feel like our schedule isn’t as important to him because we keep getting bumped. So, I did tell him (but haven’t heard anything back). This is just the long version.

  8. That would be very frustrating! I can’t stand when people try and take advantage of situations. As a personal trainer, you are paid to work around others schedules. That’s crazy. Maybe he’ll read this and realize how he’s looking to his clients…maybe (hopefully) he didn’t even realize it was a big deal and that will help repair things.

    • True, that’s possible he didn’t think moving the time was a big deal. And it’s not here and there, but all the time we don’t want to do.I thinknot responding to 80% of my emails bothers me most when he’s really good about responding usually. That’s what makes me think he doesn’t give a crap.

  9. Not long ago, after my huge weight loss and before my rebound Fat Bastard weight gain, I was seriously considering starting my own personal training business. When I sketched out the business plan, I realized that the only way for personal trainers to make a comfortable living was a) have regular customers and b) keep their schedules full. I’m literally shocked that a trainer would risk alienating not one but TWO long-term customers.

  10. runeatdatesleep

    Good for you for getting that out there! I’m about to do the same thing regarding the blog design prize I have yet to receive! I’m downright pissed off now.

  11. if anything, a simple response to your any of your emails like “you’re not worth my time” or “leave me alone” would have been adequate. that’s what annoys me the most – not that people have to reschedule, but people not responding to emails. i understand life is FULL of unplanned things, but seriously, responding to an email can take all of 2 seconds. even if it’s to say “screw you”, at least there was a response.

  12. I can’t understand it when people don’t respond to their e-mails. Do they just not check their e-mail as obsessively as I check mine? Do they just not know what to say in response? If you use this e-mail for your profession, shouldn’t you respond in a timely fashion?*

  13. It just sounds sketchy if he will respond to hubs and not to you…..That’s just R-U-D-E way of doing business. Crappy situation…

  14. Katie G

    Dump him. There are literally hundreds of personal trainers in the area that would be dying for your business–give your money to one who acts like they actually value your time.

  15. I would demand he give you the money for the session he owes and then find someone else. It sucks that you like him that much and he’s acting like such a putz. I hope you can find a better trainer who treats you right!

  16. Usually it’s me not sticking to a schedule. I tend to go back and forth on things all the time. It annoys the hell outta my husband

  17. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves ever!! I like to stick to a schedule, and if thinks get off, it irritates me.

    Loooove the Dawson’s Creek references, lady!

  18. I am totally shocked at how your personal trainer is treating you and your husband. I have only worked with a trainer a handful of times, but any time you have a business relationship, you need to do your derndest to make sure that client is happy. I’d say you should be in the market for a new trainer.

  19. I’d reschedule what you paid for, and video tape the training session so you remember all his great tips for future workouts.

  20. That is really shitty. Sorry to hear that 😦 Super frustrating. He’s not even trying to work with you – if you’re going to screw someone over, you do your best to accommodate them in any other way.
    People never stick to schedules. Most people are as unreliable as the day is long. But, when money is involved, most people are a little more cooperative.

  21. Katie

    I would be frustrated too – and mostly for the lack of replies!

    My bf purchased golf lessons for me – paid upfront – in June. He had been e-mailing with the instructor, who said she wasn’t available until July. No problem. It’s still summer. He calls and e-mails in July – no replies for weeks. She FINALLY returns his call, claiming she e-mailed (never got it) that she is out of the country until mid-August. Sorry, she can do it then. At this point, we’re annoyed it took so long to hear back AND that she messed up the schedule completely. Mid-August and no communication when we paid upfront and we live in a place with very short summers? No good. I think we’re going to ask for a refund. Just not good business!

    Did he at least apologize for anything? That, to me, goes a long ways. Then, he would have to start replying and actually explaining things!

  22. I am appalled at reading this. I am a personal trainer. I would NEVER do this to one of my clients, regardless of what another client may or may not give me in return (i.e., free chiropractor services). So often, personal trainers get a bad rap for being unprofessional and it is thanks to asshats like this guy.

    I am SO sorry you have had a bad experience with this guy. He may be a great trainer and know his stuff but one thing I’ve discovered in this business is that isn’t the only key to success. You have to be professional, courteous, and treat your clients with respect. If someone calls himself/herself a personal trainer but they lack the professionalism that is required to keep your clients happy, then I’m sorry, I just call them a well-informed workout partner (that you pay).

    At least you have a great personal trainer that you’ve had for years! If you’ve stayed with her for that long, she must be doing something right!

    Are you going to search for someone else who specializes in CrossFit to replace this guy? Too bad you don’t live in NYC! I have great rates! 😉

    • Yes, Linda is amazing and we love her. We’ll always keep her around as long as she’ll have us. We aren’t shopping around for another guy. I have an update on the Michael thing, and I’ll put it in one of the next posts. Hopefully we are working things out. 🙂

  23. P.S. And what kind of sexist guy is this man? You email him repeatedly and he responds (kind of) to your husband instead of you?

  24. 1. LOVE the Dawson’s Creek flashbacks. I have all the seasons on DVD. (Who doesn’t?)
    2. Even if he’s a great trainer, he’s still running a business and as a part of that, he should have better customer service than the way he’s treating you. Trainers aren’t cheap and you should get your money’s worth!

  25. OK, since everyone else has commented on how rude/unprofessional/annoying/sexist this Michael guy is, I must focus on the Dawson’s Creek photos. Dear God, where did you find the one of all of them in white??? HI-larious! Just what I needed to perk up my day! 😀

  26. I’m sorry, what was the question? I couldn’t take my eyes off Jack McPhee in a denim button-down balling his eyes out, probably because he was just scorned by his father for coming out of the closet.

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  28. Wow, Joey’s shoes are hideous in a serious, serious way. The 90’s were sooo bad.

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