The Great Outdoors

Last night, the weather was only second-ring-of-hell-hot so I decided to go for a run outside instead of using the treadmill. Normally, I prefer the treadmill. It’s easier than running outside and I like not wearing running gear. I also like air conditioning and TV and toliets. Besides my long runs on Saturday, this is the first time I’ve run outside willingly in over 6 months.

You know I’ll be back.

Mondays are supposed to be my cross-training days but my personal trainer is busy with school this month. I could put together a weight lifting routine of my own, but I’m much too lazy to do that. So, I decided to go for a run since a big plate of greasy lo mein happened during my shopping trip on Sunday. Then I ate half a large pizza when I got home.

There may have also been brownies that I thought weren’t good enough to eat plain so I put frosting on them. Then I felt guilty and “chili powdered” the frosting. Do you ever have to destroy your food so it’s inedible? Because I do. I will fish that stuff right out of the garbage and keep eating unless something gross is done to it.

My run wasn’t good or bad, it just was. My legs were heavy and I didn’t really want to work out so I ignored my Garmin. I just  wanted to get through the run without having to use my pepper spray. There was a breeze on the way out, but on the way back, the air was still. It made chemical peel face feel like it was burning off. I was so happy when the run was over so I could get in the shower.

The run turned out better than I thought! I maintained the first sub-10:00 minute mile pace since marathon training began. 🙂

Mile Pace
1 9:51
2 9:33
3 9:19
4 9:35
.25 9:16

Total miles: 4.25
Average page: 9:33

Thank goodness I’m still capable of that – even if it’s for a short distance – because I really thought I lost it. Totally worth the face burning off.


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13 responses to “The Great Outdoors

  1. I can NOT stop eating things unless they’re ruined. I usually pour what’s left of my water or whatever I’m drinking all over it. Sometimes it doesn’t stop me from getting the edges.

  2. Um, I will totally fish something out of the trash or off the floor if I love it and it’s still edible. There is no shame over here. I also will compulsively eat something, even if it’s only “OK” until its gone, especially if its coated in sugar. sigh.

  3. I’ve heard friends talk about making their food inedible to stop them from eating anymore. But I just can’t bring myself to do it!!! Food is far to valuable for me. If there were also a common way to make booze ‘undrinkable’, I should probably look into that too.

  4. There are certain foods that I can’t buy (Festive Kirchen Salsa!) because I will eat it nonstop as soon as it’s in my clutches.*

  5. There’s food I can’t buy without eating all of it, but I refuse to ruin food because I am dirt poor. That is a good reason to avoid going out to eat though. I have trouble not joining the clean plate club. Also, a small amount of chili powder might be good on brownies. Isn’t chili+chocolate a thing now?

  6. I’ve been known to fish dessert out of the trash. Or subscribe to the theory that if I eat it all now, it will be gone and then I can’t have any more. Right.

    For some reason, I think I can run faster outside, too. Some paradox of the universe. Unless it’s a day when I can’t, which also happens. Who knows?

  7. I actually liked running outside better only because I got bored on the treadmill. I like the scenery 🙂

    But nice job on your run! Lo mein is TOTALLY worth it.

  8. Way to go on the run! Great pace!
    And I would be so sad if my face melted off. That would be the worst for me. And for those people that look at me.

  9. I do enjoy the convenience of the treadmill. And lately when I’ve been venturing outside for runs, I’ve been smacking into lots of swarms of little bugs. Blech.

  10. Mz. Teri

    I went for a walk outside last night. The temperature and breeze were HEAVENLY!!! YAY for fall in Florida! 🙂

  11. Ha ha totally edible!!

    4.25 miles is probably the average distance of my weekday runs! I’m like you — i enjoy running inside w the AC, especially on super hot days.

  12. The treadmill is definitely necessary during tough weather- too cold, too hot, snowing, raining, etc. But I only go on when I have to.. i get so bored!
    Awesome run Paula, what a great pace!

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