American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Home Invasion)

It’s American Horror Story recap time. That means: this post contains spoilers. If you have not watched it and plan to, don’t read this.

If you missed the recap of the pilot episode, you can see it here.  Alright, here we go with Season 1, Episode 2.

The episode starts with a flashback to 1968 when other owners lived in the house. Maybe it was nursing school housing of some sort? Anyway, there was one girl (a student) and a caretaker (a nurse) at home when there was a knock on the door by a man bleeding from the head and asking for help. They let the man in. When they discover he is not really hurt, the man hog-ties the girl downstairs and stabs her and drowns the caretaker in the bathtub upstairs.

Back in present time, Jessica Lange (Constance, the next door neighbor) visits the house. She tells Connie Britton (Vivien) completely normal stuff, like how she can “smell” that she’s pregnant. She also brings Violet (the daughter) some cupcakes, but Violet isn’t home.

Dylan McDermott (Ben) and Vivien want to eat one of the cupcakes but Constance is insistent that they are only for Violet.

Ben has another psychiatric session with Tate, the creepy dude that might be a demon and briefly dated Violet until he got too creepy.

Tate tells Ben all sorts of things that Ben loves to hear, like how he fantasizes about having sex with his daughter and how he knows about Ben cheating on his wife. During Tate’s session, Ben receives a call from the woman he had the affair with. She’s pregnant and she wants him to be with her while she gets an abortion.

After Tate’s session, Ben treats a girl named Bianca. Bianca is way more interested in learning about the “murder house” than she is in being treated. After Bianca’s session, Ben makes a call to Tate’s mother to recommend a new therapist. He doesn’t feel comfortable treating Tate in his home anymore. During the call, he discovers Bianca was wandering around his house and didn’t actually leave.

That night, the house alarm goes off. Ben runs downstairs, grabbing a baseball bat and his abs, to scare off any intruders.

Ben finds the front door open and Constance’s creepy daughter in the basement playing catch and laughing it up with no one.

The next day, Ben lies to Vivien about why he needs to go out of town. While Ben is away, Vivien and Violet are left home alone. There’s a knock at the door from a crying girl with blood on her head asking to come in. (sound familiar?) Vivien doesn’t open the door but goes to call for help. Before she does, she looks through the peep hole one more time and sees this.

That’s when two other people, who were already in the house, take her and Violet hostage. They want to re-enact the crime from 1968. One of those two people is Ben’s patient, Bianca.

While the intruders are trying to get everything ready to re-enact the crime, Bianca finds the cupcakes that Constance made, gets the mid-crime spree munchies, and eats one.

Bianca instantly feels sick from the cupcake and starts barfing.

At one point, Violet trys to unsuccessfully get away when Tate shows up out of nowhere and tells her to lead the intruders to the basement.  Then Tate magically appears upstairs where Bianca is throwing up in the bathroom and gives her the ole axe-to-the-stomach. One intruder down, two to go.

Meanwhile, the male intruder forces Vivien to put on a nurse’s uniform downstairs. She takes the opportunity to knock him out cold with some pottery. Violet tells the third female intruder that the house was remodeled and the bathtub where the actual crime happened was now in the basement. Violet leads her to the basement where Tate is waiting to kill her. Two intruders down, one to go. Violet runs upstairs, grabs her mom, and they go screaming down the street like lunatics for help. Constance sees them screaming from her window.

Back at the house, the male intruder comes to and runs down to the basement to get his friends. They are both dead and the pissed-off ghosts of the dead nurse and girl from 1968 are waiting to kill him.

Constance, the maid, and Tate all show up in the basement and gather around the dead bodies. The audience realizes that Tate is somehow connected to Constance and the maid. The 3 of them agree they need to clean up the bodies if they want to make sure that Ben keeps treating Tate.

Ben sees he has 13 (lucky number?) missed calls from home while waiting in the abortion clinic. He rushes home just in time to miss all the action. He wants to know how Tate ended up in the house. Violet doesn’t know, but he saved her life, so she also doesn’t care. He’s back on her good side. Nothing like getting your life saved to forget about the raging demon you saw him become!

Vivien was upset that Ben wasn’t around to protect them. Now Vivien wants to sell the house.

If you watched the episode, let’s talk about it in the comments! 🙂

(Note: I left out a few details that weren’t 100% relevant to this episode’s story. So if you want to see what I left out, go watch it!)


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40 responses to “American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Home Invasion)

  1. Guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out how they are connected…and what’s really up with this “murder house”! It sure was nice that the guy that murdered his family has morals…I mean at least he was faithful!
    Thanks for the names, I was having trouble remembering everyone’s name. I wonder is Tate a demon or does he just have demon(s) helper(s)? Hmm…

  2. I like that by reading this I become cultured AND dont have to add another show to my DVR list. More room for Sister Wives and Dexter. Now thats a combo. Crossover series if i ever heard one.

  3. You’re recap scared me.. I don’t know if I can watch this show. Did you jump during it? I can’t stand to jump during a show.

  4. I was waiting all morning for this recap;-)
    I am admittedly a scaredy cat so of course this show gave me nightmares last night. Even the commercials freaked me out – I mean, Paranormal Activity 3 – I couldn’t sleep without a nightlight after watching the first one! Why do I punish myself like this, I do not know….
    But the show is so twisted and sick, I can not help but tune in though! Jessica Lange’s character gives me the extra creepies…Like what kind of twisted mother locks her (equally twisted!) kid in a closet full of mirrors?! Can’t wait to find out her whole story!
    Oh, and I must have been really into the show because my husband grabbed me at one point and yelled, ‘Boo!’ and I jumped about two feet and almost peed my pants. He thought that was pretty funny and I basically told him to go play in the road….

    • Yes! The mirrors thing was creepy. And I love Jessica Lange’s character! So funny when she couldn’t think of anything to tell her daughter she was good at except finger painting. Hee. And that Paranormal Activity trailer creeps me out too. (The long one, not the Bloody Mary one) I’m not a big fan of horror movies once they get past the second sequel, but that one I might have to see. And then lose sleep over.

  5. Laurie

    I want to see this!!!!!! I forgot, what network is this on?? I forgot it was on last night! Bummer………..

  6. Your recaps seem like they are probably better than the show! I’m actually a complete wuss, so I won’t watch this show even though I’m dreadfully curious, but I love reading the recaps!

  7. I don’t want to watch the actual show because I think it will take away from your recaps.

  8. Kate

    You know I’m a fan!! I really don’t want to start watching it (I’m a wuss), but I’m hooked!

  9. Tiffany

    I am LOVING this show! What’s up with Tate? Is he a ghost/demon? Who the hell cares…just show me Dylan’s abs again! Creepy, with hints of Psycho and the Shining. I think Langes daughter has a hint of the “shine”. Fun and like watching a scary movie every week! Jessica Lange is amazingly awesome yet annoying at the same time! Love your posts Paula.

  10. I love your recaps. SO GOOD. I think I’m gonna watch. Spoilers never keep me away from a good show; then I’ll be able to enjoy your writing AND comment intelligently. EWR, you rule!

  11. I don’t have cable but man Dylan McDermott still gets me every time! 😉

  12. I can’t figure out if Jessica Lange’s character is trying to help them or if she’s trying to kill Ben and Vivien. Were the cupcakes laced with ipecac really meant for Violet or did she know the home invasion was coming?

    And I’m pretty sure Tate is Constances son. Remember how when she was talking to Vivien, she mentioned how she lost her other son.

    And I love how the maid is an old woman with a messed up eye, but Ben see’s her as a hot, young woman. Brilliant!

    • My friend said the same thing about thinking that Constance knew the home invasion was coming. But how could she know for a fact that the cupcakes wouldn’t be eaten by Violet? And that a home invader would happen to eat it? I thought she was just pissed that Violet pretty much rejected Tate once he got all freaky in the basement. Good call on Tate being Constance’s son. She did say she had a lot of babies and only one didn’t have Down’s Syndrome.

  13. How the heck do they come up with this stuff? This show sounds so twisted, can’t lie, I’m intrigued!

  14. Stefanie

    I am almost certain I am hooked to this show. I also had a sinking feeling after the whole ‘crack-hore-basement’ scene that Tate was a spirit/demon. This show is waaaaaaaaaaay too bizarre at this point to stop! I also like the idea of waiting until you post your recaps to watch the show, because then I can anticipate all the scary parts! Haha. 🙂

  15. Mz. Teri

    Greg and I watched both the Pilot and this past week’s episodes, last night. Even after I read your first recap, I was still like – “WTF???” While we were watching the second episode, Greg made a comment about how much Dylan McDermott walks around half naked. I said, “YES!!! And…?” Greg just rolled his eyes at me. lol

    I also think Tate is Constance’s son for the same reason “maxsdaddy” said. What I can’t figure out is if he’s the ghost of her son or if he’s still actually alive.

    And at least there’s one sane character on the show, aka Vivien. I would have been out of that creepy house long before this!

    Looking forward to future episodes!

  16. I am so glad you are recapping this, there’s no way I could watch this without not sleeping.

  17. I love your recaps! I watch the show and love going back and reading everyone’s comments. I am NOT a scary movie/TV person, but Daer Hubby insisted. I make him wait until Fridays to watch, during the daylight hours. I refuse to watch after dark. I cannot believe that American Horror Story and Glee are created by the same guy.

  18. Julie

    I love this show. Half the time I don’t know who the real people are and who are the ghost/demons.

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  25. thank you so much for these recaps! i just started watching the show and hulu doesn’t have episodes 2 or 3 so this is super helpful 🙂

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