Nothing that was sort of something

This weekend was much better than the last few. I will still lazy and barely got off the couch, but instead of being a mopey whiner about it, I embraced the lazy. I embraced the lazy so hard.


I actually feel somewhat productive because I watched 2 1/2 movies and read one book. I’ll call that good for the week.

Friday night, we watched an hour of Gandhi since hubs decided that I have no culture and need it desperately. We didn’t finish it yet, so I guess that wasn’t so productive. Then I moved on to things I couldn’t possibly learn from, the way I like it.  I was too lazy to move out of the “H’s” on Netflix streaming, so I watched two movies that started with “House.”

First up was House of the Devil. This movie was actually recommended by a friend, and with a tagline like, “Talk on the phone. Finish your homework. Watch TV. DIE.” how could I say no?

The “DIE” is in red so you know they’re serious. This movie was made in 2009. I had to double check the date while we were watching because the 80’s vibe was so strong and so well done. Really impressive cinematography. The movie itself was just OK. If you liked Rosemary’s Baby (because it’s super similar) or like movies in which absolutely nothing whatsoever happens until the very end of the movie, you’ll like this. Actually, it was pretty slow. In fact, if you want to know exactly what happens, read the tagline. That is the whole movie except for, “order a pizza.” They should add that.

I also watched House at the End of the Street.

I’m a sucker for Jennifer Lawrence. She is the only reason I watched this. Oddly enough, I still have not seen Silver Linings Playbook. Anyway, it started off like any other double-murder-in-the-spooky-house-across-from-yours movie. Then it ended slightly better than it started. Not bad, just nothing special.

To put some diversity in my weekend, I read a book. I have a slight girl crush forming for Mindy Kaling now. I hated her character, Kelly, in The Office, so I refused to watch The Mindy Project. I accidentally caught part of it one day when I was too lazy to reach for the remote and kinda loved it, so I gave her book a try.


I will say, I wasn’t expecting to like it. I made it through 30 pages of Tina Fey’s book before I couldn’t take it anymore and I love Tina Fey. This book is really similar. Except it’s not. It’s actually funny and interesting. (Sorry, I know tons of people loved Tina’s crappy book.) I didn’t care about Mindy’s top favorite funny moments on TV and film but the rest of it is super interesting about how she grew up, became a writer for The Office, and thinks Amy Poehler and Will Arnett have a really strong marriage (ha!). Now I love her even more.

So that was my productive weekend. This Friday is my birthday so it’s bound to get more exciting than that. Who knows, maybe I’ll watch the rest of Gandhi and part of Schindler’s List. Really make it a party.


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22 responses to “Nothing that was sort of something

  1. I’m happy you liked Mindy’s book. It is very similar to Tina’s book in so many ways, I’m still really surprised you hated her book. Maybe it’s the age gap?

    Your weekend sounds restful. I’m jealous.

    • Paula

      I have no explanation because I love her so much. Which did you like better, Tina or Mindy’s book?

      • I really can’t pick – I like them equally. Maybe you hated Tina because she does talk about being a mom a lot?

        Regardless, I’m so glad you now love Mindy 🙂

  2. Finally saw Silver Linings Playbook. We hated it. Possibly the only people in the world who didn’t like it. It moved REALLY slow and I almost fell asleep a few times. So. There’s my unsolicited 2 cents.

    I’ve had Tina Fey’s book on my shelf for 4 months (borrowed from a friend) and still haven’t cracked it open. Now I think I’m going to just give it back unread.

    • Paula

      That’s funny because as I was reading the book (which I loved), I thought, this movie has the potential to be really boring. If you can’t get to sleep one night, I recommend all but the last 5 minutes of House of the Devil.

      • The movie wasn’t great. I didn’t get the draw or why it was nominated for so much. Underwhelming at best.

        • I loved the book and thought the movie was OK (though I thought Jennifer Lawrence deserved that Oscar). It was SOOOOO different from the book though, so don’t expect it to match it at all.

    • I actually really liked the movie and I loved Jennifer Lawrence’s character. It’s about screwed up people, and I think in this world, we’re all a little screwed up so let’s stop judging each other. That’s what I took from the movie anyway.

      • Paula

        Glad to hear it because I still plan to see it. When it’s late at night, terrible horror movies seem to be my choice for some reason.

  3. I liked the Mindy book pretty well. Didn’t read Tina, but I thought Mindy was light years ahead of Chelsea Handler.

    You know what movie I find horribly depressing? 500 Days of Summer. And so many people loved that. So definitely add it to the birthday agenda.

    • Paula

      Ha! I loved that movie. So much so that I made FF watch it and then he told me it was depressing and sucked. So maybe we’ll watch that one again for HIS birthday.

  4. Jim

    So it only took you, what, a year to take my HOTD rec?!? The slow build is part of the genius of it, very Giallo-esque.

  5. I’ve been meaning to read Mindy’s book for awhile. I think she’s kind of awesome.

  6. I never saw Mindy on The Office (because I did not watch The Office and therefore saw no one on The Office). The first time I saw her on TV was on the Daily Show and I thought she was so frigging hilarious. I shall read her book now.

  7. Happy Early Birthday 🙂

    That cat gif is too funny!

    I kind of now want to see that movie as it has Jennifer Lawrence in it. You should definitely watch Silver Linings Playbook it is a good one. I am counting down till the 2nd Hunger Games, can’t wait!

  8. Amber K

    I liked Tina’s book, but I LOVED Mindy’s! I can’t wait until her next one comes out.

  9. You HAVE to catch up on The Mindy Project over the summer. Funniest damn TV show right now. By the final half-season of 30 Rock I shockingly found myself looking more forward to TMP each week rather than 30 Rock. I know, it frightened me, too. Also loved her book. Then again, I also loved Tina Fey’s and I love Parks and Rec (which I think you, for some reason, don’t like). You’re a tough one to please!

    • Paula

      TWSS? I do need to watch the episodes I missed of TMP! And I do like Parks and Rec, I just haven’t gotten past season 2 yet. I really, really want to get to Rob Lowe but FF doesn’t watch it with me so it’s hard to find the time. I swear I’ll try to catch up soon.

  10. Oh funny, I just read her book also, kind of randomly cuz a friend told me it was a quick read and something i would like so i tested it out. And I actually loved the book so i decided to watch the show and it was seriously hilarious. I love her now. And I actually dont care for The Office at all, which I know she is a writer on so I was sort of skeptical.

  11. Bowrag

    Go see Silver Linings Playbook TONIGHT. If your a sucker for Jennifer Lawrence then you will love it.

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