Stuff from the Weekend

Remember how I bought two books to read on vacation and then did everything on vacation but read? Well, I finally finished the second one (The Strain) and good news: it didn’t piss me off like The Lovely Bones!


There’s a new show on FX starting in a few weeks called The Strain that I wanted to check out because Guillermo Del Toro’s name is attached and I love most of his stuff (he did Pan’s Labrynth). I had no idea it was based on a book until I ran across it in the used book store so of course I had to read it before the show started. Toward the end, I discovered it was a trilogy.


Why can’t I read one book and be done with it? They all have to be trilogies?

Anyway, the book is basically about a virus that’s turning people into vampires and a few people are trying to stop it from spreading outside of New York City. The story isn’t anything super original but man, I really liked it. So now I’m really looking forward to the show and feel all sorts of pressure to read the other two books soon.

Last Thursday night, hubs and I went to see Godzilla. It was ok. Not a lot of Godzilla for a Godzilla movie. Plus, he came out of nowhere. There’s another monster that is fully explained and he breaks free and is all “see ya Japan, I’m heading to San Fran” and the scientist dude is all, “let Godzilla hunt him down.”


How does everyone already know about and are ok with this giant sea lizard? I mean, I don’t expect an amazing story from a Godzilla movie but you’d think they’d explain where he came from. Then, hubs was annoyed that Godzilla never ate anything, which at first I thought was a strange thing to notice. But then, the other monster was always feeding on radiation while Godzilla ate nothing. I mean, elephants are huge but still smaller than Godzilla, right? They spend 18-20 hours eating a day. That’s right. I looked it up. So why you no eat, Godzilla?


On Sunday, I decided to check out my free credit report. These are the things I do for fun when I’m alone. Also, I hear it’s a good idea to check your credit report yearly. Since I last checked mine never, I figured now is as good a time as any. Everything looked normal until I noticed that all three credit bureaus have my brother’s address listed as one of my former addresses (nope) and my current employment is listed as Best Western. I worked there 13 years ago.

thumbs up

Some good current stuff on that report.

Lastly, you probably remember I’m running the Chicago Marathon in memory of my dad. (That’s a link to the post about my dad.) Well, thanks to a lot of you, I am less than $200 away from my goal! It’s not a goal I set for myself. It’s a goal set by the American Heart Association that I am required to fulfill. So, needless to say I was a little worried I could do it. I wasn’t sure if I could raise $500, much less $1500, so I have some pretty awesome readers and friends that have been so incredibly supportive. So thank you so much for that. If I could give you all a kiss, I would.

I’m still trying to reach my goal (so close!), so if you have the means and would like to donate, YOU CAN DO THAT HERE. Even a $5.00 donation is appreciated. ❤

Update: It looks like the site doesn’t take less than $25.00 donations. 😦  I emailed the AHA and asked about other options.


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16 responses to “Stuff from the Weekend

  1. I tried to donate but it won’t take less than $25 – can I mail you $10? Not much but it would help probably. PS. I also HATE that every book is a series now. Cmon publishers gimmie a break! Have you read Gone Girl?? I would love to hear your review of that!

    • Paula

      OMG, that is ridiculous that it won’t take less than $25. I’m going to have to update my post. And absolutely. You can mail or paypal me and I can donate it in your name.

      And yes I did read Gone Girl. I looooved it! I think the first trailer for the movie looks like crap though, so I’ll probably have to hear reviews before I see it.

  2. Sure thing – what’s the email for Paypal?

  3. AGH- that bunny GIF- be still my heart.

  4. Melissa

    Wait wait wait. AHA *requires* you to raise that much money, but they can back out of covering registration fees after you’ve committed to them? SHADY.

    But still, I’m glad people have been so supportive.

    Then again, still giving the AHA the side eye.

    • Paula

      Yep! Whatever I don’t raise, I have to cover. #scary I think that’s the case with all charities/race situations. When I talked to them, they said they have never paid regisration fees in the past, so something wasn’t communicated well on the Chicago Marathon website.

      • Melissa

        But all the other charities do? I just don’t understand. Even the smaller charities that would have less of a draw than AHA pay for the entry fee (yes, I went on the Chicago Marathon website and checked). Sorry. Clearly a lot more worked up about this than I should be.

        • Paula

          Some do, yes but not all. Red Cross, for example, doesn’t pay entry fees. That was my first choice until I decided to run for my dad. Trust me, I was worked up over it too! Now I’m all…shut up and take my money! #acceptsbeingpoor

          • I hear you there. I wish I was richer so I could have given you the 25 beans and not started this debate. Sorry about that! haha

          • Paula

            Any donation amount gives me the warm fuzzies. And now I know that I can send in cash/check donations of a lower denomination to them, so it’s all good. 🙂

  5. Tiffy

    It makes me happier than it should that you gave the BW a shout out

  6. Denise

    Hi Paula: I enjoy your posts so much….I just donated to your marathon fund in an amount to meet your goal. I was very close to my dad also and lost him 9 years ago this 10 June to cancer. I admire your efforts to honor your dad in this way! I’m a fairly new runner but I’m no spring chicken….53. We’d love to host you (and hubs) for the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon that we have here in Lexington KY every March. If you’re worried we are serial killers, we could still show you around our beautiful town, it’s a great destination race if you have any desire to see beautiful horses, eat great food, drink great bourbon, and get an awesome medal to boot. Keep up the good work….

    • Paula

      I have been speechless for the last hour and that’s hard to do! I’ve been trying to decide how to respond because it just doesn’t seem like thank you covers it. But, thank you so much. I can’t even tell you how much your generosity means to me.

      Oh, and the Bluegrass Half looks like a great race! And it’s American’s prettiest half marathon? I’m officially putting that on my race wish list.

  7. Eric just saw Godzilla too and didn’t love it. I was hugely relieved because I ALMOST went and then backed out because I’m antisocial and also to pay like $12 for a movie is insane and it better rock my world. I love trilogies because I have major issues in choosing a new book and that prolongs my anxiety for at least some time.

    • Paula

      Good point. Although, you should find someone to recommend all the books you read to you. That’s what I do. It’s got a lot to do with my laziness but I’m sure could alleviate that anxiety too.

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