Everything you ever wanted to know about rabbit poop but were afraid to ask

Someone freaked us out a little bit on Monday.

In the morning, she didn’t eat much of her food. Hubs always gives her a treat and a pet before he leaves the house and she didn’t want anything to do with the treat. Girl will rip an arm off for a treat. I had class Monday night so I didn’t get home until pretty late and she still wasn’t feeling well. I asked hubs if had cleaned her litter box when he got home and when he said no, I realized she hadn’t pooped all day.

GI stasis is bad news for a rabbit and can kill them fast so hubs looked up remedies online. Giving rabbits a little bit of fresh pineapple juice was one of those remedies, so I went to the store to get some. Not a big deal usually, but I just worked all day, then went to class for two hours, and then walked 30 minutes to my car uphill in the rain. I’m not exaggerating. Ok, maybe the uphill part. When I got home, I instantly jumped into my PJs only to have to get dressed again. (The worst, amirite?) Now if you could – guess the one fruit she doesn’t like?

Freakin’ pineapple.

So we did the thing she hates the most: held her and rubbed her tummy. Eventually, she pooped a little bit (thank goodness) but it was small and not as dry as it should be. We were going to take her to the vet the next morning if she didn’t unleash a literal shit storm. But when we woke up on Tuesday, she pooped a little and was more interested in eating than before so we put it off. Hubs checked on her at lunch time just to be safe and that little jerk was fine. She even got in a little weight lifting that night.

See the rubber mat under the treadmill in the picture above? I ended up getting rid of it last night because Pants thinks it’s delicious.

That is not from one sitting. That is from a year of nibbles. And they are around the whole perimeter. I tried to cover up the edges with rugs and towels to keep her away, but she’s a tricky one.

Now she’s feeling back to her usual bunny self. Her new thing is to lay some part of her body on this hat mat (that is for eating). I buy her a bed, she humps it. I buy her a hay treat, she lays on it.

I can’t win.


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4 responses to “Everything you ever wanted to know about rabbit poop but were afraid to ask

  1. Pants is just the cutest! I’m glad she is feeling better and it was nothing serious. I always worry about GI issues with one of my cats because he literally eats everything. I mean, everything.

    • Paula

      They’re so sneaky too! You just can’t watch them all the time. We need to mount a pet cam on their collar and send the feed to our cell phones. Then talk to them through a speaker system set up through the house when they’re doing something bad. How do we get this set up?

  2. Poor little Pants. Maybe she was constipated because of the rubber mat? Also, what are you doing, send FF to the store for pineapple juice FFS!

    I do feel your struggles. If Winnie has too much wet food it’s bad times in the litter box, but if she has too much dry food it’s opposite bad times in the litter box and she gets super constipated. For smooth sailing poop-wise, she has to have the perfect ratio of wet to dry food. I feel like my life has turned into perfecting my cat’s food portions and then checking her poop to make sure it’s firm, but not too firm!
    Ah pets, amirite?

    • Paula

      FF just got home too and was all sweaty from working out. I think sending Pants to the store would have been the better option. When’s she gonna earn her keep?

      Definitely possible she was constipated from the mat. Although I try to keep my eye on her while she’s playing so she doesn’t get in trouble. We got rid of the mat just in case. There’s a fine balance with pet poop. I’m sure Winnie appreciates you keeping her in check and it’s probably why she’s stayed around so long. 🙂

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