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Last week, my job moved to a new building. This will be my third building and fifth cube since I started two years ago. I don’t know what it is about this move, but it’s gotten everyone into a decorating mood, including me. I figure if I’m going to sit in a little box for eight hours a day, it should look moderately cute.


I’m not done yet. I still want to buy a few canvas prints and maybe another fake plant since those are the only ones I can keep “alive.”

I like that cube decorating has given me all sorts of new excuses to buy things I wouldn’t normally waste money on…like rock bunnies.


Basically, some dude picked up two rocks off the ground, glued them together, and asked me to give him $5.00 for it, and I was like, “ok, sure!” I also found this kitty post it holder online that I *had* to buy because ADORABLE. I might tape some bunny ears to it.

kitty post it holder

In our last building, I shared a big cube with an older gentleman who said about two words a day, so it’s quite the difference being in a chatty area. At first, I wanted to punch everyone around me but I’ve been learning to find the entertainment value in my co-workers. Here’s a sampling of a few things I’ve overheard:

Co-worker 1: Who’s instant messaging with “Joe?”
Co-worker 2: Not me. Is this a trick question?
Co-worker 1: Oh, nevermind. It was me.

Or co-worker 1 asking: “When you say 1 through 8, does that include 8?”

Literally every day some crazy shit gets said where I feel that it has justified my coming to work that day. So I’ll have to say this move has been successful.

I also have almost direct access to my work bestie, Cheyanne. (Usually the powers that be try to separate us and for good reason). Earlier in the week, I said I was hungry and she asked me if I wanted broccoli. I looked over and saw this.


That’s friendship right there.

So, I have a cute cube, I sit near some crazies, and I can get some cube hole broccoli whenever I want. I think that’s about all one could ask for in their profession.


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13 responses to “Work Stuff

  1. Marilyn

    Your desk is SO CUTE. I love the rug. I love all of it.

  2. Your freaking hilarious!!!!! What kind of job do you do? Well your co- workers are going to love you!!!!! And adorable office! Sue

    • Paula

      Thank you! I’m an Instructional Designer. Fancy words for “I create training courseware and do what other people tell me.”

  3. Sara


  4. I’m so jealous of your adorable office. I’m not even allowed to have a desk. Also, I feel the need to share this story with you. Eric came in and said “we have an infestation of…” and I was just like OMG THERE ARE SO MANY BAD ENDINGS TO THAT SENTENCE but then the ending was…bunnies! A whole family lives in our front yard and we got to watch the little babies!

    Work besties make life worth living.

  5. Misty

    Worst. Glory. Hole. Ever.

  6. Did you ever get the canvas prints for your office? We’d love to send you some to decorate your space if you haven’t already decided. Check out our site at and I can help get you either a free print of your choice or can help you upload a photo of your own and get it printed! Seriously, this is not a joke, this is an actual human.

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