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I Watch Too Much TV

1.  With all the famine, disease, and poverty going on in the world, you’re probably wondering how my box of chocolates fared overnight at work.

However, I think the person got my love note because the box was in a different position this morning. (Why, yes I placed the middle part of the heart directly against the corner of a picture frame on my desk and noticed it was inches away from the frame this morning. What? You don’t do that?) I didn’t even care if they took more chocolate, I just wanted them to know I know. You know?

Oh yes I did!

2.  I went to the gym for a speed workout on Monday and it was awesome. I ran my recoveries for the first time ever. Usually I have to walk them all because I’m so out of breath. Is it even possible to be faster after only 2 weeks of speed work? Doesn’t seem right for some reason. Now if I could only have a personal air conditioner on me at all times during races, I might be able to PR again in this century.

Mile Pace
.50 10:00
400 (1/4 mile) 8:34
400 8:00
400 7:54
400 7:48
.50 10:00
4 x 400 7:48
200  12:00

In between each 400, I ran a 200 at a 12:00 pace. Slow yes, but not walking. Smile

3.  Are you sick of hearing about my shoes yet? Because I’m tired of talking about them. But I still will. The good news is that during that speed run, I had no calf pain in either leg. The bad news is, my sock was bloody from a blister. Incidentally, it was in the same place that my past Nikes have given me blisters. So, I guess I’m going back to doubling up on socks and wearing lots of band aids to try to prevent them.

4.  Did anyone notice Breaking In is coming back from cancellation?

No? Just me?

I read a bunch of articles awhile back that said this show had decent ratings compared to it’s competitors at the time so no one understood why Fox cancelled it. So, hubs and I were psyched (and confused) when we saw a commercial for season 2 last night. We love this show. It’s so funny. And it looks like Megan Mullally is joining the cast this time around (to replace Odette Annable, who’s on House now.) And really, I’ll watch anything with Christian Slater. That man keeps getting better looking and the 1980’s woman in me will love him forever. Until it premieres at the beginning of next month, I will have Pump Up the Volume on constant play. I would watch Heathers, but Michelle won’t give that back to me. *cough* I might even bust out my Christian Slater pose again.

5.  Hubs and I started watching Key and Peele on Comedy Central.

It’s on after Tosh.O and it’s a sketch show with two of the guys from MadTV. It’s actually pretty funny. Is anyone else watching this? There have only been 2 episodes aired so far, but it might be a new favorite. I hope they get some MadTV peeps to guest star on this one because I miss that show. It was so much better than SNL.

6.  I finally caught up on Ringer last night. I swear, just when you think you know what’s going on – you don’t. That show is straight-up ridiculous in the best possible way. Plus, that storyline with the teacher keeps getting more crazy. I love it.

I’m not sure how life existed before DVRs. I wanna snuggle with mine and knit it little outfits.



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To Catch a Thief

Yesterday, we had a Valentine’s Day Raffle at work, just like the one last year.

I won a box of chocolates. 🙂

I am anal enough to know that the box wasn’t in the exact position it was in yesterday when I left work. I am also fully aware that I ate or took bites of 7 chocolates yesterday and ate 1 chocolate this morning. There are 9 missing. I’m no math major but I’m pretty sure 7+1 ≠ 9.

And don’t think I didn’t immediately notice it was the best one, the caramel pecan cluster I was saving for hubs (because I ate the other one).

Whoever you are, thief of pecan caramel clusters, I’m ready for you.




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Tasty Treats Tickle My Tummy

We just had our annual Valentine’s Day Raffle at work.

The Social Committee sets up cute decorations.

Everyone gathers in the kitchen area and waits for our number to be picked to get some tasty treats, like cookies, cakes, candy, and other random assortments. This year, there was a “big” prize – two Universal Studios tickets. So, there was a big turn out.

Not that I’d know, because I never participated in the raffle before this year. *greedy*

I did what any blogger would do. I posed with all the prizes before the raffle began.

I wanted this bear so bad. We are MFEO.


Blue monkeys!

Cupcakes!  (I really wanted these too. Denied.)

Don’t worry though, I did win. It’s a good thing too because someone would have gotten their treats jacked today if I didn’t.

I won chocolate/sprinkles/nuts/coconut/red hot dipped marshmallows. Thank goodness I got these because it’s been awhile since I’ve eaten soft marshmallows and then had a red hot directly lodged into one of my fillings. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! 

I took a picture of me eating one of the marshmallow treats but hubs told me that the picture looked like a graphic artist’s delight when it came to Photoshop.

Decided against posting that one. 

Hubs also won a tasty treat. He won heart-shaped whoopie pies that rocked. 

Then he left them at my desk to stare me down.

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, so I’m pretty sure that half of a whoopie pie that he shared with me was my gift.

There was also a “surprise” prize this year – the owner of the company is lending his brand new Jaguar to someone to take to lunch with three of their friends next week. W.T.F? 

Are you doing anything special tonight for Valentine’s Day? (I’ll be eating my weight in whoopie pies and phallic marshmallows while sitting on the couch watching House and Chuck.)

Would you take your bosses brand new Jag to lunch knowing it costs more than you make in a year? (HELL no. I was having heart palpitations at the thought of winning it.)


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