American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Halloween Part 2)

It’s time to recap Season 1, Episode 5 of American Horror Story.

(And this post is brought to you thanks to Michelle because I’m using her computer. So go tell her thanks!)

Finally, we have an episode that doesn’t start with a flashback! This one starts at the end of last week’s episode where we find out what happened to Violet. (Remember, Ben and Vivien got home from the hospital and she was gone?) Well, the guy with the burned face stops banging on the door all of a sudden and the leather suit guy is standing behind Violet.  

Violet feels someone behind her, looks over her shoulder, and no one is there. Scared, she runs upstairs to her room and locks the door. While she’s standing by her dresser, a hand reaches out from under the dresser to grab her ankle. Good thing she hears Tate at the window and moves just in time. Creepy hand grabing her ankle averted!

Violet sees Tate standing on the lawn. He’s ready to take her on her date and tells her the banging on the door was just some Trick or Treaters who are gone now. They go to the beach for their date where they heavily inspect each other’s tonsils. Then, Violet wants to inspect Tate’s nether regions but he makes an excuse that he can’t have sex because of the pills he’s taking.

While at the beach, five bloody high school kids show up and start harassing Tate. They’re ghosts but Violet just thinks they’re dressed up for Halloween. Tate grabs Violet and walks away before they can start trouble.

Tate and Violet come back to the house to find the five high school students followed them. Violet goes outside to talk to them and the kids realize she doesn’t know “what happened at the high school.”

Tate walks outside and takes off running so the high school kids would follow him. When the kids caught up, they ask Tate over and over why he killed them and he doesn’t know what they’re talking about. (You think he’s faking or he really doesn’t remember?)

Violet calls the police to get help for Tate when Constance shows up. She tells Violet that Addie is dead and it’s her fault because she encouraged her to be a pretty girl for Halloween. Violet goes back to Constance’s house where Constance tells Violet that she can’t tell her son that Addie is dead because he won’t react well. Constance shows Violet a picture of her kids – it’s Addie and Tate. Tate is Constance’s son!

(I’m sure that’s not a surprise since a bunch of you guessed that in the comments.)

Back at the house, Hayden disappears from the front door, Vivien decides to take a bath, and the burned face guy shows up again asking for his $1000 bucks. Ben beats the shit out of the burned face guy and hits him in the face with a shovel.

Ben tells him he won’t be blackmailed and threatens to kill him if he comes around again. Burned face guy tells Ben he wants to be killed so he can come back and haunt him too. Pretty sure Ben didn’t catch on to that because he doesn’t seem to know that Hayden is a ghost even though he just buried her and built a gazebo on top of her.

Hayden calls Vivien and tells her she needs to know the truth about Ben’s visit to Boston and tells her that she needs to ask him about it. Then she ruined the newly cleaned bathroom mirror.

Vivien freaks out that Hayden is in the house, so Ben goes to look for her. He finds her in the basement and she begs him to get back together with her. He says no…and who wouldn’t? Rinse that mouth out, girl.

That’s when the burned face guy hits Ben with a shovel.

While Ben is unconscious, Hayden confronts Vivien. She’s pissed when she finds out that Vivien is pregnant too and threatens to cut the baby out of her with a shard of glass.

In the meantime, the ghost wife of the abortionist that used to live in the house unties Ben in the basement and tells him to save the baby.

When Ben finally makes it to Hayden and Vivien, Ben is forced to tell Vivien that Hayden is pregnant and it hasn’t been a year since he’s seen her. He went back to her after Vivien caught them together. (Am I the only one that missed that it’s been a year since Vivien caught them?)

Just when the shit is about to hit the fan, a hot police man shows up because Vivien tripped the silent alarm. He arrests Hayden to take her downtown but first he makes sure to get in a little hot-police-officer-flirting with Vivien.

After Hayden and the police officer leave, Vivien tells Ben to pack his bags.

Meanwhile, all the ghosts are drawn back to the house, including Hayden, because Halloween is over.

Finally, Ben leaves the house with his bags packed.

P.S. I just heard AHS was renewed for Season 2 already. 🙂

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19 responses to “American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Halloween Part 2)

  1. Uh, I love it so much! I don’t think that Tate knows what he did. Remember in the beginning of the show when he has the flashbacks in therapy with Ben? I think he repressed those memories. One of the cheerleader ghosts says she’d be 34, so Tate should be 34. That means he’s dead! I wonder how he died, and why he can meet Ben at a park for therapy… What do you think? I also wonder why Ben can’t have sex… because he’s dead? The rubber ghost had sex with Vivien, so clearly you can have interhumanghost romps… Ah! Its so good.

    Good luck running! You are going to kill it!

    • Good point about the flashbacks! I thought Ben and Tate met at the park on Halloween morning. I guess not, then? I feel like that day has lasted forever on the show! Maybe Tate won’t have sex with Violet because he is 34 and not 17 like her and he actually has a conscience? And now I’m wondering, why don’t the other ghosts still have fresh wounds like the high schoolers? They’ve been dead at least 17 years…

      • Oh, good point about the park. Are the wounds from the way they were killed? But if so, why does the maid have a fake eye even though we know her eye was blown out? And why does Constance hate Violet? And you know how Constance walks by the murder house at one point and waves at Ben? He must be dead, and died at the house. BUT HOW? I also love that the first murder baby lady saved Ben. Maybe she’s what will keep Vivien and Violet safe. ALSO why are the gay guys so crazy about the house? They haven’t even been dead for that long, but seem more attached to the house than anyone else.

        I watch Pretty Little Liars, and nothing ever gets solved on that show so its really annoying. I like that we get some bits and pieces of the mystery in AHS. It makes it even more entertaining to watch. And that cop was a good addition to. He is so hot.

  2. I am loving this show! And your recaps. Sometimes I find myself freaking out at the silence just waiting for something creepy to happen. I’m not a fan of scary things, so this is pushing it for me.

  3. Mz. Teri

    The hot cop used to be in a short-lived sci-fi series on ABC called “V.” His name is Morris Chestnut.

    I figured Tate was Constance’s son. I figured that out a couple episodes ago when Constance mentioned something about having other children and one of them was a son. I can’t figure out if he’s a ghost though or not. I suppose that would explain why he can’t have sex. I’m not convinced the leather suit person is a ghost either.

    That’s interesting that you think Ben may be a ghost. I’m not convinced of that, unless EVERYONE living at the house is a ghost… which would simply make it a haunted house. Look at it this way – can a ghost drive a car? Ben was driving the family to the new house in the first episode. Have we seen any of the other ghosts ever driving a vehicle? They always seem to be walking when they show up or just suddenly appear out of nowhere.

    I was surprised they killed off Addie. I wonder if she will end up haunting the house now as well. My MEB thinks the reason Constance wanted to get Addie to her yard before Addie died was so that Addie wouldn’t become a ghost and end up haunting the house. It should be interesting to see what happens with that.

    • Yes, I watched V unfortunately and remember him. But for now, he’s just hot cop to you!

      I thought Constance dragged her to the yard so she WOULD become a ghost and she wouldn’t lose her.

      I don’t think Ben is a ghost tho. At least I’m not seeing anything to support that. I thought she meant to say Tate in that comment?

      Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

  4. Ohhhhk. You have lured me in. I need to start watching this show.
    Good luck tomorrow!!!!! Now I can say it 🙂

  5. Oh, yea. I’m sorry – I didn’t mean Ben, I meant Tate. In one of the episodes Constance is walking her little dog and walks by murder house. She sees Tate in the window and waves at him.

  6. I tried watching AHS.. But I got so confused. I wonder if this is On Demand… or Hulu so I can catch up. It looks like it’s a good show!

  7. Oh man, how did I not see the Tate thing coming? I might actually have to break down and watch this show, but I’m afraid it could never be as great as your recaps. And I’m a wuss so it might give me nightmares.

  8. I am in agreement with you all and think that Tate is indeed a ghost. Perhaps the reason why he can’t have sex is because when you’re a ghost, according to AHS writers, your body doesn’t perform the normal way anymore: a heart that pumps blood doesn’t exist in the same way. And if his heart doesn’t pump blood…well no blood will rush to his “area.” Maybe Tate committed suicide after all those teenagers were killed “at his hands” and that’s why he doesn’t have open wounds from whatever it was that killed them all. My theory about Addie being dragged to the lawn is that if a ghost is killed on a particular lawn/piece of land, that’s where they will then continue to haunt for the rest of their undead lives. If Addie died on the property, then Constance would be able to see still her and interact. But if she died in the street, she would be sent elsewhere. Which leads me to creepy redheaded maid and her mother. Because of where the maid was killed, she can’t leave with her mother who is now a ghost, even though she tearfully declared she wanted to.

    WOW! This is a great show!

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