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Maybe this is just a blogger thing, but I love to hear about blog statistics of other bloggers. Is that just a blogger thing? Probably. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do a post of some of my blog statistics. So, pull those pants up real high and get ready cuz this is going to get interesting. Or possibly super boring.

Blog Facts:

That’s the number of posts I’ve published since I started this blog in November 2010, not including about five that I’ve deleted (like the accent vlog that was going around) because I thought they were lame.

That’s how many comments have been made on the blog since it started. That includes my responses to comments, so they’re probably mostly mine. 🙂

That’s the most comments I’ve received on one post, my first full marathon recap.

That’s the number of American Horror Story recaps that are in my top 20 most popular posts of all time. Incidentally, when I publish a new recap, it has very low page views but the searches for it are high and continue all year long.

That’s how many races I’ve run since starting this blog.

That’s how many of the 23 races I’ve ran that were half marathons. Half marathons 14 through 16 are coming up soon!

That’s how many views my most popular post has gotten since I posted it on April 16, 2011.

That’s how many views my second most popular post has gotten, which is more than my About page. Recently, it has been my most viewed daily post, even if I post something new.

Speaking of About pages, they are usually a bloggers most viewed page. It’s my 6th most viewed.

That’s how many people have found my blog with my most popular search term, “American Horror Story maid.” This is the picture all the pervs are clicking on with that search. Even more people (too many to count without losing sanity) have found my blog from searching a dozen variations of “American Horror Story maid,” like “maid American Horror Story” or “maid from American Horror Story.”

That search term has trumped my second highest search term, “eat watch run.” Yes, there are people that Google search my blog name every day. The fact that anyone can remember to read a blog without marking it as a favorite or putting it in a reader is super impressive to me.

That’s the number of people that have found my blog by searching, “unicorn poop cupcakes.” Tasty.


Alright, that’s all I got for you today. Hopefully you are still awake.

How do you read blogs? (I have all the blogs I read (about 50 of them!) in Google Reader.)





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26 responses to “The Most Popular

  1. Fun! I hope you didn’t have to count any of these. PS. Pervy maid picture is defintely creepy… PSS. I want to make unicorn poop someday!

  2. Haha, I can’t believe 76 people searched Unicorn poop cupcakes :P!

  3. So fun!
    I never look at my stats or searches. No one reads my blog anyway! HA!
    But you have me really intrigued. I wonder what crazy google searches bring people to my corner of the blog world….
    Love google reader. Not sure what I was doing before it. Probably searching all my favorite blogs via google!

  4. angie

    haha, the “unicorn poop cupcakes” kills me lol!!! too funny!

  5. Amber K

    No one reads my blog (except for my family and a few friends ) so I don’t usually worry about my stats. But even still I get pretty funny random search strings. I wrote a post awhile back called The Pros and Cons of Living Alone and I get a few searches for that every month since then. But then they realize I’m crazy, and they don’t stick around 😉

  6. That was fun! Stellar numbers!

    I get to your blog by typing in the url or by clicking the link on my blog (you are on my blog roll). But I have lots of blogs in my google reader.

  7. Well you are popular! My most popular post only has about 4,000 views. I love blog stats!
    I used to be big on the Google reader thing, but I have really been slacking on the blog reading lately. This is probably due to the fact that I literally have no time to do anything but work at work now. It’s good, the day goes by super fast, but I miss my blog time. So today I came here by typing in your blog address! That is how hardcore I am.

    • Paula

      Haha! I have 2 popular posts that became that way over a long period of time.
      I’ve been slacking on the reading lately too. If we could only get bloggers to post when it’s convenient for us.
      Oh, and I always knew you were hardcore. (Typoed that as hardcorn. Awkward.)

  8. These are amazing. You are a rubix cube to search engine marketers.

  9. I’m big on stats too. I just find them really interesting. I went back and checked, and my most popular post is about displaying race medals. Kind of boring, but I guess it’s something people want to know..*

  10. I used to have decent stats, but then I had a baby. I honestly have stopped checking mine because they are so depressing. I guess I’m writing for myself and not an audience?

  11. Genelle

    I have to admit, I was drawn to your blog by unicorn poop. I kid, but congratulations on the awesome statistics. You may have just written your third most popular post! 🙂

  12. Michelle

    When I blogged for a hot second (GOD I WAS SO BORING) i used to love search terms. The amount of people who searched “fuel belt make me look fat” and found my post on loving my camelbak made me feel less alone in the world.

    And for the record, I’m one of the people that types your blog name in every few days. 🙂 google reader gives me anxiety and there’s only like 7-8 blogs I read on the regular so it’s not to hard to type eat or run into the address bar and pick one of the ones that comes up!

    • Paula

      It gives me anxiety too! When I see I have 100 unread posts, I don’t even know what to do with myself.
      So you’re one of the Google searchers. I’m impressed you remember! Without Google Reader, I’d just watch Netflix streaming all day. 🙂

  13. You are also #1 in the organic search for the term “eat watch run.” That’s some quality SEO.

  14. skinnyrunner

    you, my friend, are a stud. now wipe that unicorn poop off your face.

  15. Ali

    As a professional online and interactive marketing manager, I just want to officially respond to your blog stats with DAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYUMMMM!!!!

    This is a really awesome post, but then again your whole blog is awesome. You write regularly, you respond to comments, you’re linked up with all kinds of awesome online groups that support you and who you support. Basically you do everything right.

    It helps that you’re hilarious. Seriously. I have sent many a co-worker to your blog for all kinds of reasons – keyword referrals, marathon interest, movie reviews, photos of ridiculously cute bunny… You are quite the resource up in my work place.

    And hey, if you’re going to ‘own’ a keyword, it might as well be unicorn poop cupcakes!

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