Five for Friday

First of all, thank you all so much for your comments on yesterday’s post. I mean, seriously. They were all so helpful to me and you are all amazing. ❤ I will be sure to keep you all updated once I decide on the future of my boobs.

Ok, now let’s get to some random stuff.

1. Michelle posted a link to a Greek Yogurt Pancake recipe last week. I noticed they had three ingredients (my main qualification for a recipe – it’s gotta be dumb enough for me) so I decided I had to try them.

Michelle says she’s addicted to them, but it’s all lies! I am the one with the problem. I have eaten them for breakfast EIGHT days in a row. She’s only eaten them twice. Who’s addicted now, Michelle? Hmm?

  • 6oz cup of Plain Chobani
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup of flour  (you could use 1/2 cup for a less yogurt taste if you’re into that)

I add a little water because the batter is so thick. I also add cinnamon, vanilla liquid Stevia, and blueberries because I like ’em sweet. It makes 3 big pancakes or 6 smaller ones that keep me full all morning. The whole thing is 270 calories and 27 g of protein. Yes, please.

Updated to add: Use a little baking soda if you don’t use self-rising flour. Sorry, forgot to mention that.

2.  I’m four days into my week and a half of rest from working out and good lord, I cannot figure out what to do with myself. That’s how much time working out takes from my life. I’m now bored.

3. I saw Warm Bodies last night.

Dumb, dumb, dumb. So dumb. It was cute but just…so dumb. The main girl, Teresa Palmer, reminded me so much of Kristen Stewart – facial expressions and all – that I thought they could be sisters. Then I was looking online and found I’m not the only one. The girls have comparison photos all over the interwebz.

Which reminds me, I also saw Side Effects a couple weeks ago. Hubs hated it and thought it was “contrived and boring.” I thought it was decent, but definitely a renter. I guess it was supposed to be full of twists that you didn’t see coming, but I didn’t find any of the twists all that surprising.

Has anyone seen Beautiful Creatures yet? The effects in the trailer look so cheesy that I can’t decide if I should see it.

4. I was looking at some old pictures of Pants. I think she liked her first chin so much that she got another one.

5. I’m heading to Tampa tomorrow for the Gasparilla Half Marathon. The race is on Sunday and it’s gonna be a hot one. Not amused, Florida. Not amused.

The race won’t be so bad if it actually rains. Plus, it’s supposed to be mid-80’s in Orlando so at least Tampa is a few degrees cooler. But not cool enough that I won’t still bitch about it.


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22 responses to “Five for Friday

  1. Love those Greek yogurt pancakes! I tried them last spring and they’re basically life changing. Any flavor of yogurt, plus an egg, flour, and I add some baking soda. Instant pancakes in one bowl with four ingredients. Pure genius.

  2. She has to have two chins to make up for only having one ear. And her extra chin is ADORABLE. and adds character. haha 🙂

  3. Hey!! I will be at the 8K on Sunday. Maybe I will see you but with thousands of runners I probably won’t

  4. I was going to ask why you leave out the baking soda – but now I see in the comments why. Lol. I was very concerned. I find that adding a cup of yogurt, instead of just 6oz makes it less dense, although I still add a little water to smooth it out!

    It looks like the temps for Sunday dropped a little (last I looked it had the high as 86) — but wtf on the thunderstorms? No repeat of last year, please. I’ll miss you and that race – but have fun.

    • Paula

      I’ll miss you! I wish you were volunteering at MY race instead. Would be so cool to know someone on the course. But I guess next year we can just run it together. 🙂

  5. I’m definitely interested in trying those pancakes, I’m not a huge yogurt fan, but I do like the flavor. So yogurt in something would be good.
    Well, you know I liked Warm Bodies a little more than you did. I could have waited to see it on video…it was definitely cute. I agree on the lead gal being a lot like Kristen Stewart. I thought that a lot of the movie. And, they sure had some differences to a lot of other zombie movies…so that was well, different. It wasn’t very scary at all…not that I really wanted that, but I thought there’d be more of that btwn the skeletons and well everyone. O’well.
    Bunnypants is a cute one or two chins! 🙂

  6. Logan said he made those pancakes twice.


  7. Good to know about that movie, I’ve considered seeing it & just don’t think I want to! Working out does take a TON of time, on a rest day I barely know what to do with myself, the extra hour-plusfeels like an eternity! Good luck with the race!

  8. Ali

    So glad you mentioned Warm Bodies because I really thought I might kinda sorta wanna see it someday, possibly on DVD, probably not in the theater. Now I know I don’t. At all. Thank you!

    Re: Beautiful Creatures. I want to believe it’s this generation’s version of The Craft, (which would get me super excited because hell yeah!) but the effects just make it look sooooo laaaaame. Glad I’m not the only one to think that but blog if you end up seeing it. I trust your movie-judgement despite your general disagreement with Ebert, who I love. haha!!

    And finally – Pants is so freakin’ cute!!!! Moar chins = moar cute!!

    • Paula

      I do have a deep love for Roeper. Yet we kinda still have the same taste in stuff even though you like that Ebert guy. 😉
      I will let Pants know her extra chin is approved. I’m hoping maybe she can get some furry cankles next.

  9. scooley

    I am trying to figure out which Kristen Stewart expressions you are referring to, as I’ve never seen her make any.
    We saw Beautiful Creatures last weekend and liked it. I’m not a movie critic, but I thought about the storyline for 2 days after and I now want to read the book.
    Pancake recipes sounds delish.
    I haven’t worked out in 2+ weeks and it’s killing me. I am dressed and ready for a run, and now I’m just waiting for the rain and wind to stop. It may be April before that happens, since I live in Washington. 😦
    Pants is still cute, even with two chins!

    • Paula

      I read Beautiful Creatures and liked it…another reason I’m scared to see the movie! But I might try it out anyway if you thought it was good. That means the cheesy effects didn’t bother you.
      Rain and wind is no fun for running but I’m betting you don’t miss the humidity here. 🙂

  10. your bunny Pants looks just like my bun Poppy! his color is slightly a paler grey, but he also always has one ear up, one down. too cute!

  11. I didn’t even know bunnies had one chin (although, now that I think of it, I guess any creature with a face has a chin), but I’m loving that Pants has two! Twice the cute!

  12. Michelle

    This is probably the weirdest comment ever but in the closer up picture, Pants looks like Carson from Downton Abbey. Like If Carson had an animal counterpart it would totally be your rabbit.

  13. Pam

    I saw Side Effects as well and it was pretty meh in my opinion… I saw what they were going for but like you said, you could see it all coming.

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