Monday Mini Miracles

This is going to be a new weekly segment for me (I think). Mondays suck and I’m going to find the good in them some how. Every week. Dammit. So, here is my first post of Monday Mini Miracles.

1.  I was in a good mood all day at work for no reason. This is a miracle because a) it’s Monday and b) I’m never in a good mood at work.

2.  There were 2 large drool-worthy cakes in the kitchen today at work. One looked to be Oreo upon close inspection. I did not have any cake. Nor did I check the empty box afterwards for the “frosting circle” that people leave who don’t appreciate cake. Miracle.

3.  I wanted to run all day today. Probably from all the Boston coverage. I haven’t wanted to run in well over a month. Miracle.

4. I ran. (6.1 miles, 59 minutes, 9:41 pace)

I went to Lake Underhill Park, my usual spot for night time running because it’s decently lit and populated. It’s nice to listen to music while I’m running instead of feeling like I’m going to get jacked.

The weather was way too humid for me (which makes it harder for me to breathe) so I’ll take that pace. Miracle.

Oh, I didn’t wear underwear either.

Yes, my shorts have built in underwear but I’ve never gone all “free bird” before.

Can’t say I loved it. I get really sweaty and I like that extra layer that really makes me feel like I’m carrying a load at the end of my run.

One more shot for the road.

5. Even though the scale was (way) up after a fun weekend of Peeps and beer, I didn’t care. I always care. Miracle.

6. I bought more stuff. Not so much a miracle as an “identified problem” but eh…it makes the list cuz I say it does.

I wanted a brown belt and I didn’t find one in the specific color I was looking for at the mall yesterday, so I found one online.

After the brown belt, this happened:

And this. It has sequins and I’m easily distracted by shiny things.

And this. It’s pink. I buy pink stuff. The end.

Thank you, Old Navy. I wasn’t sure what to do with my tax return.

So to make a long story short, nothing special happened but it was a good day. Smile  Now I’m off to take a shower. I hear Cougar Town is new tonight and I’m SO ready for it to be back!

What are your Monday Mini Miracles?


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20 responses to “Monday Mini Miracles

  1. Pam

    Those are some awesome miracles! I buy just about anything I see in pink, too. And I eat the frosting circle (what is wrong with people that leave it there????)

    I had a miraculously good Monday, too. Yay for not-terrible Mondays!!

  2. Hi, I’m a new reader… found your blog from someone else’s (you know how that goes I’m sure) and love it!

    Love the idea of Monday Mini Miracles, that’s so cute! Great way to start the week too. Love all the goodies you bought too!

  3. I love the idea of this blog post. I guess I don’t appreciate Mondays enough; this makes me think I should.

  4. What is that ginormous cage in the background of your undie-free pic?

    (BTW, I prefer no undies running. I’ll admit it.)

    Today was not a real Monday for me, since I don’t work Thursday or Friday. I called it Wednesday all day and got snippy with anyone who contradicted me. 😛

  5. Totally jealous of your running in a tank top and shorts. I’ll trade your humidity for close to 0C weather…deal? Ps- totally love the no running in underwear, I will admit it!

  6. I had no idea underwear free running even existed. Obviously it does, but just rarely gets mentioned. And I love the Peep Show.

  7. Learning that I am not the only person in the world who checks the box for “frosting circle” has been a Tuesday miracle for me. Thank you for starting off my day on the right foot, for giving that act a name, and for pointing out that, those people certainly DO NOT appreciate cake. I enjoy running on the treadmill for that very reason (not scared of getting jacked, or shanked in my opinion). I have those built in underwear shorts and it was weird at first but now I get excited that it’s one less thing I have to do at night. Because clearly finding a pair of underwear is waaay too time consuming for my wildly busy and important life.

  8. Stefanie

    Peep show. Bahahahahaha!

  9. Ro

    My Monday mini miracle was that I actually went to the gym. I’m usually too tired/lazy from the weekend so Monday is my “official” rest day. I have “unofficial” rest days as well. LOL AND I’ve never gone w/o the unmentionables while running. I wondered if ladies used the built-in undies.

  10. aww, twinkie…i got that shirt too. it’s itchy though and makes me in a bad mood. aren’t u glad u bought it? 😉

    belts are the at forever 21. i just ordered a super cute on online.

    my monday mini miracle? swedish fish restocked.

  11. Becky

    I enjoyed your post – made me want to think if there was something good about yesterday…compared to most of the MONDAY. I don’t get a MONDAY like yesterday often, but that was a MONDAY. Monday Mini-Miracles – PT waited to eat dinner with me…even though I came home super late. And, I finally watched Eat, Pray, Love and simultaneously fiddled with my page. 😉 You know all the MONDAY issues I had already!

  12. Becky


  13. Dude. Told you. I will convert you to Monday loving!

    PS–Excellent work resisting the cake. Not sure I would have been that strong. Especially about the frosting ring. Sweet Jesus. You are my personal hero today.

  14. Mz. Teri

    LMAO @ the Peep Show!

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