Three Things Thursday

(last night’s) Workout:  Tempo run on the treadmill – 5 miles (48 min)

That is the longest run I’ve done in a month and I’m feelin’ pretty good about it. Even the chick who smelled like a Tijuana hooker* that got on the treadmill next to me and walked at an annoying 1.5 mph couldn’t bring me down.   

Mile 1: 10:00 pace
Miles 2-4: 9:13 pace
Mile 5: 10:00 pace

The 9:13 pace was all I could manage speed wise being out of practice and all. I was really ready for that 4th mile to be over with so I could slow down, so it was a hard run.

I watched American Idol while running. I’m gonna have to say, I really like Steven Tyler and JLo on there. I see a lot of Twitter hate going on but I think they have good constructive criticism of the singers and are much better than Paula or Kara.  Plus, I am continuously mesmerized by JLo and her perfect skin.

Also, that girl Hayley has an amazing voice, but she seems really snobby. I know I’ve only seen 2 episodes this whole season, but if I get that from two episodes, it MUST be true. Right?

Now on to today’s three things. I’ve been seeing some new search terms lately that keep me amused. Here are some new search terms that have shown up on my blog that weren’t in my post dedicated to search terms.

Lame haircuts

Ok, my hair does look terrible today, I will admit. I didn’t wash it. I tried to straighten it and that made it worse. I mean…look at it.

But clicking on my picture when you are searching for “lame haircuts” is giving me a complex. At least I try to make it less unsightly by adding photo effects that little girls will think are real and can never live up to.

Foot up ass cake

I would complain about this one more, but I instantly felt better that a picture of SUAR came up in this search also. I’m not alone.

How to properly eat a chocolate Easter bunny

It’s a sad day when someone spends their time typing this instead of just opening that package and tearing that chocolate bunny a new one.

Honorable Mention: “:3c” face

The one search term that I have no idea how it’s related to my blog. The fact that “:3c” is in quotations for this search baffles me. Do I have this face? Is it a good thing? What does it even MEAN?

Do you watch American Idol? What do you think of Steven Tyler and JLo?

What do you think “:3c” face means? (Go ahead and make something up.)

*I have not smelled Tijuana hookers. Yet.


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21 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. Mz. Teri

    I’ve watched maybe 3 episodes of American Idol this season. I think Steven Tyler and JLo are ok. It’s a huge love-fest this season without Simon on the show. The judges love everyone!

    I really like Haley. I didn’t come across as being snobby to me. The other chick is boring. The wannabe rocker dude sounds too much like Adam Lambert. The deep-voiced country guy is pretty good… but I’m not a big country music lover.

    No idea what :3c means. I’ll have to ask my kids. They should know. I’m going to say it stands for mustache and goatee… like in the picture from your “Things I’m Loving Right Now” post. lol

    • Ha! That could be. I never thought of it as a keyboard symbol. Nice. JLo was really hard on that girl Hayley from the previous week.She wasn’t happy about it. I definitely don’t think it’s a love fest. I agree on those other assessments fo sho.

  2. Marilyn Fluegel

    Steven Tyler and Jlo are super they put Idol back on track……like their positive approach!!!….I love James and Scotty this year!!!!Couldnt pick an I dol as they are soo good this year!!!PAM

  3. Oh, these always crack me up! Greatness. Foot up ass cake…what the hell!

    I have got to do a post like this soon!

  4. William

    I think highly of JLo. No, not the want to be JLo, I’m speaking fo the original JLo. He is a fellow PMP, excellent co-worker, and a Winston Churchill fan. What’s not to like? Learn more by reading his blog

  5. T

    cute new profile/icon pic! see you tomorrow for maybe a little tv on the radio…

  6. Does a Tijuana Hooker smell anything like the inside of a Taco Bell? I was in Tijuana once but it was still day time and all I saw were these little kids following me around the whole time trying to sell me Chicklets while shaking them constantly.

    At least you didn’t have Mr. Clear His Throat every 30 GD seconds next to you! Dude, go get some water!! Smells do suck though. I remember one time I was next to a guy that smelled like raw hot dogs.

    My wife randomly puts Idol on now and then. I thought I was the only that noticed her skin? It’s makes her even more attractive, in my opinion.

    Based on a couple Google searches it means a cat face but that still doesn’t make sense. The only thing I can think of is someone was searching blogs for an emoticon to copy and wanted to see if your site had this particular one.

  7. I don’t watch AI, so no opinion on Steven Tyler, but Jlo has gorgeous skin! I’m envious.

    I think 3c stands for. Cute, Carefree, and Casual? 😉

  8. I don’t really want to know what a Tijuana hooker smells like. I am guessing lots of love, latex and cheap cigarettes? Either way, I will pass on that one 🙂

    Love the new display picture!

  9. Hmm, I am way too inappropriate to post my ideas for 3c. Gotta love random blog searches!

  10. I do not like haley either! I think she has a bad attitude and yells when she sings. I think Jlo is so awesome. shes in her 40’s and her skin looks way better than mine.

  11. I try to watch AI but those cheezeball group routines KILL me. Scratch my eyes out I hate that crap.

    Thanks to Sarah now I only have one “c” word in my head so I can’t make a suggestion for three Cs.

    We used to party down there in college so I probably smelled a TJ hooker in my day without realizing it. Now I’ll probably have flashbacks of TJ drunkeness the next time a smelly person gets on the TM next to me. Thanks for that.

    Question: does everyone know Tijuana as “TJ” or is that a California thing?

    • LOL! I didn’t know about TJ Hooker…except the one with William Shatner. That one I know. I don’t think he was in Tijuana on that show though. I’m going to CA tomorrow, so I will make sure that “TJ Hooker” is my phrase of the weekend. 🙂

  12. Give your ‘c3″ face a high 5. Hahahahah

  13. 3c face? Um… it looks like a sad face with antlers on top. Or horns. Lol!

    Love the glowy hair do!

  14. I think I like checking my search terms more than actually writing my blog….although ever since that shark post I’ve gotten some questionable searches…

    Today someone found me through “suck my pinis.” I don’t know how. I have impeccable spelling. I know I’ve never written that. lol

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