Five for Friday

This week has been busy and I have a busy weekend ahead of me but it should be fun. This is what has been going on in the meantime.

1. With all the Breaking Bad watching recently, the DVR has been neglected. We have 7 weeks of House and Once Upon a Time episodes just sitting there. So, we’re taking it one at a time and finally finished House last night. I gotta say, I’m kinda disappointed with the final episode. Not because of how it ended but because 45 minutes of the show was just a dumb reason to bring back all the characters from previous seasons. I don’t want to see Amber anymore. I didn’t like her to begin with. And while I liked Cameron, there was no Cameron/Chase interaction which sucked. And it was super obvious that Cuddy wasn’t in that group. So, meh to the final episode. But it’s definitely a show that remained consistently good all 8 seasons. Plus, the show has my Australian back-up husband (in case the others don’t work out).


Hello Jesse Spencer. Seriously. Look at those teeth. That is the first thing I look for in a man.

2. Breaking Bad season 5 starts July 15.

3. I’m going out of town this weekend, so hubs is setting up the slingbox for me. For those of you not addicted to TV, a slingbox allows you to watch shows off your DVR anywhere from any computer or mobile device. So just because I’m going out of town doesn’t mean I need to leave my sweet security blanket behind.

4. I’m doing awesome with my eating and work out plan this week. Like, awesome enough that I think THIS is the time that it will stick. Not only that but I’ve had 2 diet cokes so far, which is down to one every other day or so. It figures that this is a holiday weekend and I’ll be out of town (i.e. out of my eating comfort zone). That means, if you see me tweet or Facebook about cupcakes or cookies or fried things or buffets, it is your duty to tweet/Facebook me back damage control.


5. I’m switching projects at work. I don’t love the idea (because I really liked the project I was on) but the contract extension hasn’t been signed with the client yet so it was either that or potentially no job at all. This new project isn’t a short term thing either. So I’m happy they like me enough to place me somewhere else and I’m worried whether I’ll like it or not because I have been on my share of crappy projects.

Alright, that’s all I have for today. Hope you all have a safe holiday weekend. Now, I need to finish packing and probably take a shower since hubs just told me I smell.


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9 responses to “Five for Friday

  1. That sling thing sounds pretty legit. It might make me stress less about my DVR.

    I will be frowning over your shoulder every time you think of having anything sugary or fried. Feel my stink eye on you? Yep. Thought so.

  2. 1. Sighhhhhh….Jesse Spencer…….
    2. Hubs may have told you you smell, but maybe he meant you smelled like roses and tulips and cupcakes. Probably not, but maybe!

  3. ‘Ello lovah!
    I cannot WAIT for Breaking Bad. God I love summer shows. Breaking Bad and True Blood?! Yes and yes. And also, yes.

    Thank you for introducing me to the sexual creature that is Jesse Spencer. He is a hot tamale in a half. I am off to google image him.

    Have a good weekend, and if you see any midget strippers TAKE PICS.

  4. I miss TV. LOL. Oh well…have fun this weekend! And, I haven’t jumped back on to eating healthier yet…maybe this weekend (if we finally go shopping)…but at least I’ve done some exercising, so there’s that. 🙂
    Again enjoy your weekend out of town! 😉

  5. Amber K

    Yeah the last episode of House was super lame. Granted it was also confusing because we had skipped this whole last season (too many DVR scheduling conflicts). So I kept thinking “why is the stoner girl from Knocked Up a doctor now?” And the slingbox sounds like the coolest invention ever. Why have I never heard of this before!?!

  6. We watched the house finale the other night and thought it was kind of lame too. Could have been MUCH better. Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? That finale was kind of lame too.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  7. Verlin

    Congrats on the awesome week of eating/exercising and, more important, that you think it will stick. Wishing you stickiness (in a good way).

  8. Ella

    Thank you for introducing me to the sexual creature that is Jesse Spencer. He is a hot tamale in a half. Please keep it up.

  9. The final episode of House kind of blew my mind. I hated it. Then I hated it…less. Then I slept on it and it kind of made sense. Then I wondered — was it all a dream? Then I chastised myself for overthinking a TV drama.

    I missed Jesse Spencer, too. SO. HOT.

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